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  testing question  (1)
I have a system - not automated - a few indicators which i have saved as a template. Is it possible to test its entry points using MT4 tester - if so - please tell how. Thank you Hans
How do I get my ea to only trade during the New York Session? GMT 0800 to 1600 How do I display GMT on my chart?
Hello im trying to draw lines on a 15 Min chart at the level of the last, most recent, Up and Down fractal (using iFractals). I have enclosed a screen shot (Eur/USD) of what i mean and also the code that i have been using until now (fractallines.mq4). Suffice to say the code does not work; no lines...
hi im alex from uk and im new to this forum i have small question about mt4 i was reading about robots and automated trades but still not sure about my idea i use mt4 i have few trading account which im use at same time, i try different strategy on each i was wondering is any way how i can setup mt4...
Hi, I'm having a problem with using a function to return the lowest value of the current 5 min bar using an EA attached to a H1 chart. The problem seems to be with the timeframe enumeration. I tried finding an answer on the forum but couldn't. Here's my code: Print("val= ",Low[iLowest(NULL,5...
  3 MA Cross Formula  (12   1 2)
Good Day I just would like to ask if the formula of 2 MA's crossed is also applicable to 3 MA's? Does this code work?    double a=iMA(NULL,0,3,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0);   double b=iMA(NULL,0,9,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0);   double c=iMA(NULL,0,18,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0);      double x=iMA(NULL,0,3...
I am trying to establish the ATR as a whole number, rather than e.g. 0.00100 (ATR being 10 in this case). So far I have tried the following code all which produce 0.0xxxxx ATR values. I can use the decimal values fine to place a stop loss (Ask - ATR value) but when I need to calculate the risk for...
Hi I am a new trader in forex market.I want to know that what happens when the "Free Margin" becomes 0( or nil)???Please advise ASAP as my money is on the verge...I am a small trader trading at USD100. Leverage is 1:20. Thanks in advance.
Dear guys Is there any possible to find shift on correct chart according by GMT time.
  "Run As" window  (3)
I run MT4 Build 482 and everytime I start the application I get a "Run As" window before the app opens.  Does anyone know how to stop this window opening forever?
Hello, I have been struggling with Strategy Tester for some time and got to wondering if the problems I have been seeing are common -- or if I am doing something stupid... My problem is that I get unrepeatable results.  I have done pretty well all of my testing on EUR-USD, typically over two or...
Hi, First of all, here is the graph And here the code: bool hassold = false;//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Custom indicator initialization function...
  Candles font  (1)
I developed a candles.ttf and share it here to get constructive criticism in the form of suggestions, additional specifications, character mapping, ligatures, etc. As the font is generated through a script, lots of things can be changed quite quickly. Bears and neutrals are in lowercase, bulls are
  Simple MQL4 job  (1)
Hi. I want a simple EA coded for MT4. The EA will have some very simple parameters and logic. Will not take long. I am looking for an experienced MQL4 coder. Message me for more details. Thank you
Could someone please help with the following task. I have a two-point data set D = {(x1, y1),(x2, y2)} with X = R^n and Y = {−1, +1}, with labels y1 = +1 and y2 = −1. How can I compute w and b of a separating hyperplane from the data ?
Read var from another EA.. ?! Sometimes, I use short scrips to activate special operations while trading. To do that I need to get some values of the variables (some are 'extern vars ') that are used in my main expert. What is the recommended way to do that? Thank you, James
I trade using multiple timeframes. I always have 4 charts open at the same time and currently, when I change the symbol, I have to drag the symbol to 4 different charts. I would like to be able to change the symbol on one chart and have the other 3 charts change to that symbol automatically and
If you had 3 moving averages on the chart, and you wanted to get those values added to a double array and sort them, why does this not seem to work?: double mn1=iMA(Symbol(),43200,120,0,3,6,0); double mnArray[1]={mn1}; Metaeditor gives an error upon compiling 'mn1' - unexpected token 'mn1' -
When we open a chart in mt4, it contains the grid by default. Can we open a naked chart (no grid included) without manually turn off the grid ?
I didn't find such a place ( to post ads on coding service). Please recommend me some, if any. Thanks
  charles 2.1.8  (41   1 2 3 4 5)
could someone explain me how the charles 2.1.8a expert advisor works? please
Please let me know how can I open real meta trader4 account Thank you
Heyy guys, I've been trading for a few years now. I am currently using an indicator named fisher. The main problem I am having now is, I need to get an alert (Normal Alert and Text/SMS/Phone alert). Please do help me out here. The code has been provided below: #property indicator_separate_window...
Hi, I like to close all opened orders at end of the day. i know there is close position one by one.but i like to know is there any function available to close all positions?
See screenshot How do you get the full value of a moving average in double form?
Hi, I am experiencing some strange problems with my expert advisor. bool hasbought = false;bool hassold = false;//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Custom indicator initialization function...
New article MQL5 Cookbook: Developing a Multi-Currency Expert Advisor with Unlimited Number of Parameters is published: The multi-currency Expert Advisor considered in the previous article "MQL5 Cookbook: Multi-Currency Expert Advisor - Simple, Neat and Quick Approach", can be very useful if the...
I have an idea for an EA that is simple and elegant, and it uses NO indicators whatsoever. It simply follows the market and lets you take as much profit as you want. I need this done for free or cheap, and if it works, I'll give it away for free, to make everybody rich. Here's the idea: It opens a...
Here is my code. I want that every times I change the property "line", the old horizontal line will be deleted and the new one will be created. How to change my code to make that happen? One more thing: Sometime I start my code with value in property "line" it wont draw a line, and sometime does....