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Hi, I can see that the signals have a subscription fees, but i want to run this specific signal on my demo account before i put it on my live account. Is there a way to do that before i pay the subscription fees. Also i foud a signal on my demo account, it is free and since it is showing up in my
Hi people, I'm using a function to caluclate the swap automatically in the base currency in this case for S&P 500 MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_SWAPLONG) (cause MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_SWAPTYPE)=1) I would like to know how to calculate in the accoount currency. Example, in the case of the S&P500 the
Hi guys, does anyone know the variable code to pixel shift up or down in mt4? I have a indicator which can move up or down at the top left of my screen but can’t access the code. I need to move a local time clock down. Thanks for any help
  MT4 Freezing (4)
Whenever I try to customise my trade history via the "account history" tab in the terminal, MT4 freezes. Previously MT4 hasnt frozen when I've done this. And I have not added any new indicators, experts etc. Any ideas on how to solve
Hi, I'm developing a code(on MQL4) that when RSI is on vaue 72, he store on a string like "position 1". And i want to open a order when rsi has an different value but also string has position 1. For eg. IF RSI is 72, x = "position 1". if rsi is 69 and x = "position 1", open order. But not getting
Hello everyone, Here is my codes in the below for MQL 4. Whem it is compiled, there is no error but aside from some warnings. Since there is no error, i expect my code to work. However, it does not work, not send the order. " RefreshRates(); double PendingPrice = FASTma-40*UsePoint ;
  Did you see such a picture? (415   1 2 3 4 5 ... 41 42)
We often visit different forums. Several times a day, to be more exact. Sometimes, we see very interesting screenshots of the terminal. Those can be indicators, EAs, objects, etc. It would be a pity if all that treasure were lost, traders should see it! So we propose to upload to this thread...
Please help to build a simple EA which only place; one buy stop on last zigzag top one sell stop on last zigzag bottom thank you
Please guys help me: I have an EA that was coded using the icustom () function for the Super Trend indicator, I would like to know how to insert the Super Trend indicator mql4 code directly into the EA code. How do I do that
This message came up and I am looking for help to be able to get notifications on my android phone. Invalid MetaQuotes ID: Your MetaQuotes ID 'xxxxxxx' was automatically cleared from profile, because it wasn't specified correctly. My metaquotes ID # is still shown in my security profile in mql5 and
Hi all and thanks for reading, I have some questions about optimisation and mt4 : Firstly how do you guys can run optimisation of a ea for time like a year ? I have like a pretty good computer and even like 2 weeks optimisation is pretty long (idk like 15,20min , depends of the optimisation) , so
Thanks for any help on this. I just want to draw an VLine (vertical line) at each ma cross on my charts. How can I access back-data for an iMA? (I can code it going forward, that's simple, but going backwards?) Thank you very much for any help!
Hello anyone that can help. I would like to ad some programming to my EA to make it really simple for the user. I would like to have default settings for low, medium and high risk.  e.g. if the user sets the "extern bool" to true for "UseRiskPresets" and the "extern RiskType = LowRisk then all the...
Hello all, I have EA and I send oder BUY STOP or SELL STOP, but sometimes I get error 130. I use writting to log, so I can examine conditions when error occures. In the log I have: ERROR BUY STOP @ 1.94609, Ticket=-1, profit-target @ 1.94806, volume=0.63, error=130 - invalid stops current
  How do I calculate lot size? (31   1 2 3 4)
Let's say my mini account has margin of $10,000, and I want to risk 2% on the next trade (that is, simply use $200 to buy <some amount> of contracts). [I realize this is a limited view of "risk". I'm not interested in stopLoss pips, or profit targets, or whatever.] Using MetaTrader, I get the...
  Code for risk per trade? (25   1 2 3)
Hello, I have coded my first EA and I am looking for the code that will open lot sizes at a percentage of my account. Can anyone help please?
  TRIX Indicator for MT4 (33   1 2 3 4)
TRiX (3 Exponential) indicator for MetaTrader 4. The TRIX is a trend-following indicator used by triple smoothing of price and looking for anomalies and rate of change. How To Use TRIX How To Use TRIX Download here: Click here to download Great trading!
hey guys , i need this code : i have 3 positions , first position is OP_BUY with lot 0.01 , second position is OP_SELL with lot 0.02 , third position is OP_BUY with lot 0.04 , when first position closed by take profit , close second position with lot 0.01 and third position close with lot 0.02
  Can price != price ? (71   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
I'm trying to understand something strange that I am seeing so I can better code round it in the future . . . I noticed something strange happening with one of my Indicators, it wasn't doing what it should have been so I checked the code and it looked correct. So I did a little investigation and...
  trailing stop (6)
Hi everyone. I am trying to implement a trailing stop. The code compiles, but the trailing stop function is not working in tester. I am trying to call the function in the very first line after OnTick, so i would assume that the function will be called every time there is a new tick. But no orders
I search on net Rubicon EA but didn't find.. so i develop my own... I did it with my little knowledge, if someone has good idea, please share. Steps To use: 1) Download Rubicon-Indicator.ex4 (I dont have mql4 file, i download ex4 from internet) 2) Download Rubicon-Expert.ex4 3) Place...
I was looking at the Server Manager's Event Logs and noticed that two of the terminals throw the following log error from the SideBySide source Activation context generation failed for "C:\path\to\terminal.exe".Error in manifest or policy file "" on line . A component version required by the
Dear all, I hve made my own EA. My idea is to check last 9 bars abd if their bodies is above EMA than it should open order when highest high of those 9 bars +3 pips is reached. When i do a test of strategy (for 3 year period) the result is that there is one pending order sent and it isn't executed
Example: you have an M1 chart with an indicator that shows the monthly pivot. In order for the indicator to calculate the pivot, it needs the high low close data of the last month. That means if the end of the current month is approaching, you need the M1 data on this chart back to the beginning of
Hello, First of all, I would like to mention that I am not an expert in mql4 and I would appreciate very much any help about this issue that I am facing. I have spent several hours trying to solve the problem and I couldn't. The problem: I am trying to build an indicator that calculates the maximum
Hello All, I am have very basic programming skills in mql4 and I'd appreciate some help with the following code.  I'm trying to code a simple moving average that starts at daily open that has a period equal to the number of candles present on chart since the beginning of the current day (timeframe...
 Is there a way to attach or remove a particular EA mt4 script to mobile app like iPhone or Android and do the trading by enabling the EA script? If there is an option for this, kindly please let me know the steps to do this. Thanks alot!
Hi, I have several MT4 terminals trading at the same time and am trying to export RTD (Account Balance, Profit etc) from each terminal to Excel so I can monitor in one place. I know that Pepperstone and some other brokers provide this as an EA but they are unfortunately not my broker. And I think...
Hi, I'm relatively new to programing MQL4 and would like to know how to code an expert to understand the open and close prices of the previous bar? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris.
Hi I ran the following code just now: void OnStart() {//--- Print(Ask); Sleep(5000); Print(Ask); } And the ASK price was the same. EURUSD H1, FXPro Demo5 Is this the same for OnTick()? So, once the event handler is called Prices freeze