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Hi Forum, since last week (2020/10/05) my MetaTrader 4 is not able to connect to any broker server or datacenter anymore. After I start the MetaTrader 4, the login into the MetaQuotes Account works fine, so the internet connection at all is possible, but the login to the broker server is not able
Hi, I'm trying to use EA on H8 but it seem not working in H8 offline chart. So, my idea is to use EA on H1 and get value of H8, just no idea how to check that H8 already closed or not. Thanks in advance :)
Hello, Would anyone tell me why I get zero returns? Here is the code: double highBollingerArray[ 10 ]; double lowBollingerArray[ 10 ]; ArraySetAsSeries (highBollingerArray, true ); ArraySetAsSeries (lowBollingerArray, true ); double highestWaveBollinger = iBandsOnArray(highBollingerArray
Please forgive me, I'm relatively new to using the Strategy tester. I'm trying to test an EA I've written to implement a strategy on GBPCAD.  But when I click in the "Symbol" box on the Strategy Tester Settings, I get a drop down list of Symbols, and GBPCAD is not there.  I see no options for adding...
Hi, When I try to create an Array Buffer of type 'int' I get the compilation error "'SetIndexBuffer' - no one of the overloads can be applied to the function call": #property version "1.00" #property strict #property indicator_separate_window #property indicator_buffers 1 int BufferIndex[];
I am creating a radio button group in a separate indicator window on my charts but having difficulty with some of the settings. My code so far: #property indicator_chart_window #include <stderror.mqh> #include <stdlib.mqh> #include <Controls\Dialog.mqh> #include <Controls\RadioButton.mqh> #include
I am a US trader, so fifo applies. Using MT4 with IG Broker (us). Goal: Take multiple long positions on EUR/USD Different lot sizes each trade (to get around fifo) Different stop loss and take profit for each trade Issue: New trades update previous trade SL & TP to the current trade Previous trades
Dear all, I hve made my own EA. My idea is to check last 9 bars abd if their bodies is above EMA than it should open order when highest high of those 9 bars +3 pips is reached. When i do a test of strategy (for 3 year period) the result is that there is one pending order sent and it isn't executed
Hallo MQL Team, it is possible to create a yearly Chart botton for this beautyfull platform metatrader 4 ? Kind Regards balduin
Hi i am new to mql4 and EA building and came to know about this Stratergy and build it but there is a bug. Bug is ,it works fine for some day but after the day or two it starts to act strange i build it to take order on open trades SL so it takes lots of it like a lot. so Hoping anyone can fix it or
Hello, Im having some trouble building trend lines around a RSI indicator - what seems to be the problem is the "time" coordinate for setting  lines. The result is :    This is the first time i build such indicator ! Hope you can help ! The code is below :    int limit;   int...
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why i'm tired ? ho, let me think.. maybe because people ask questions without providing deatails or maybe because people ask questions that can easily get answered using a quick Search (top right corner on every page) or google or maybe because people are lazy and don't wanna spend their time to...
Hi all. I was wondering if any of you could explain as to why, as seen in the attached gif, in my indicator that as I approach anywhere near the chart shift arrow/triangle pointer thing (i.e. that grey triangle that shows if you have chart shift enabled) - some sort of incorrect, but temporary
hi guys i try to read a memory mapped file with Dll but i have some problem i try to load with this scriptin mql4 //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Standard
I’m having issues with my EA that I’ve spent coding over the past few weeks. Simply put, when I run a backtest it works perfectly, but doesn’t open trades when I tried to put it on my live account. My broker is XM (pretty sure it’s STP) I have autotrading enable etc, just wondering if it’s something
Attached MFI-EA. How can I get an existing trade to close when a reverse signal is received? This feature should be optional. I'm waiting for help
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I want to get Contract size value, how can i get it? There is no Market information identifiers for this. MarketInfo()
ive setup my bot on mt4 and loaded my presets but it keeps reverting back to the original input data. how can i fix this
Hello i got a question about indicators and shift. Using a chart with a 15 min timeframe, i would like to retrieve, - the last rsi value - the 4 last TICK value for the rsi 15 min chart For now i'm using that for ( int i = 0 ; i < IND_RSI_MEM ; i++ ){   drsi[i] = iRSI(Symbol() , 0 , 14 , PRICE_CLOSE...
Does anyone know what the problem is? No arrows appear. #property strict #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 2 double UpArrow[]; double DownArrow[]; //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Custom indicator initialization function
I have following code to get a list of values (double's type) in array. extern double Input_Double = 30.0 ; extern double Max_Tolerable = 2.0 ; extern int Input_Multiplier = 10 ; double iArray, iWaktu, iIndex; double ArrayAspect[][ 2 ]; int start() { int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();
Essentially what I'm struggling with is creating a boolean to find when my custom indicator isn't returning a value. To provide context, I'm using a Hull EMA indicator that has 2 modes (Up and Down). when the line is up, there is a HMA up value, and the HMA down is blank, and vice versa. (image
I am trying to create an EA, and encounter a problem where all if conditions are not satisfied and it still process the code to open the order. //for Buy if (emaT_Slowl > emaT_Slowestl) { if ((Close[ 2 ] > bb_MainLower2) && (Close[ 1 ] < bb_MainLower1)) if (get_VolumeIndicator > 0 )
Hello, Does the slippage parameter in the OrderSend() affect the Stoploss or is it just used in the entry price? (I'm concerned that if the slippage parameter is also used by the StopLoss and the price jumps beyond my (stoploss price + Slippage) the StopLoss order will not be activated) If the
The attached function library and include are used to create a MessageConsole directly on the chart, and the messages scroll upward from the bottom left corner of the chart. The messages can be color coded per user specifications, and the user can specify the type and size of the font, and how many...
#property copyright "Copyright ฉ 2016 Tor" #property link "" #property version "1.0" #property description "This Expert Advisor loads the News from the site without using .dll" #property strict input int AfterNewsStop= 5 ; // Indent after News, minuts
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hello, Do you know for reliable indicator/way to use Range Bar Chart type on MT4
How to increase the free space between the MT4 candles? As shown in the chart below (this is not MT4). Could it be possible to create a script for this
Is there any way to code the Bid price that was like 3, 5 , 10 , 20 seconds ago ? ( I mean in less than a minute ). Honestly, I found something similar, but coded in the old mq4 language, here: But what I've found doesn't work in nowadays mq4 language. Can you
hi guys i run this code void OnTick () { MqlTick last_tick; //--- if ( SymbolInfoTick ( Symbol (),last_tick)) { Print (last_tick.time, ": Bid = " ,, " Ask = " ,last_tick.ask, " Volume = " ,last_tick.volume); } else Print ( "SymbolInfoTick() failed