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Hi, I don't know what is a problem I not make such a thing to interrupt server I browse site 1-2 days ago lastly why is access denied
hi guys I been having a problem regarding OrderOpenTime() function this ea runs only on 1 chart ***
Hi I am new and trying to learn programming Expert Advice. I have simple EA and it is running fine. eg ticket = OrderSend(_Symbol, OP_BUY, lots, Ask, 100, stopOrder, orderTarget, "Buy Order", 1,0, clrGreen); How do capture or find out when StopOrder or ProfitTarget get trigger on a given order. I
I am using #resource directive for importing a technical indicator. The code on compilation always shows the error "Unknown Resource Type". It would be great if anyone could help me. Thanks in advance
I want to draw many horizontal lines across the chart and use them as some kind of grid. I want to have a certain distance between any two of them. That "gap size" has been determined by eye. I look at it and decide whether it's good or not. My first attempt at it was to divide the chart area into a
Hi I am very new to MQL4 programming and I am try to write Expert Advisor. Here is my simple EA using RSI. It is working fine and also put order. But have a ticket id, which I want to reset to 0 (Zero) after stopLoss or profitTaken. I am having a problem to reset ticket to 0. Here is the code
Hello! So, I have Expert Advisor that doesn't work and gives me those two errors: "Unexpected end of program" and "Unbalanced Parentheses". The Problem seems to be where the OnDeinit starts, but somehow whatever thing I try to do, I get more errors that I can't manage to fix... int OnInit()  {...
I am currently backtesting an EA over a ten year period and have run into some trouble making it all the way through. I am using Tick Data Suite price history with 99.90% modeling quality and using a variable spread, accounting for slippage, etc. The EA doesn’t use any kind of martingale or grid
Hey guys, First of all, I'm a noob. So now that that's out of the way, I've got an account running with and I've linked it to the Meta Trader 4 app on my smartphone. I didn't know there even was a desktop version I could run, so I just installed the app and started trading with a friend
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Hi; Please help still learning coding, my code compiles but does not execute trades on Test, I also notice bugging button stays red, kindly correct my code
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Hello all, I need help for my code The code doesn't execute as the following condition: BUY CONDITION: -Breakout of the upper bands on M15, and when the candle on M15 closed above the upper band,confirm the condition on M5 chart(wait the next candle on M5 breaks out the upper band too) SELL
Hello Supply and Demand Traders, I have a custom expert advisor which trades off supply and demand zones.  The zones it trades off are from this source - (indicator attached below).  Here are the rules of the EA: - When price reaches the proximal level of an...
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The thread about threads: what's going around the forum everywhere ============ MT5, mql5, suggestions for improvement thread ============ Requests & Ideas The beginning Requests & Ideas, the beginning - the thread Suggestions for Trading System thread After Requests & Ideas (MQL5
I need some help. How to count days that the orders had been open including weekends and holidays. for example: buy/sell order had been open for 40 days, it should return 40 buy/sell order had been open for 20 days, it should return 20
I have written the code below that opens a buy and sell trade (a certain number of pips above and below the ask and bid price) at a specific time. How can I close/cancel one immediately when the other is opened? How can I close the opened trade if it's say X pips in profit or after a minute...
Good morning , I have a problem and need help please. I recover ... open = iOpen (Symbol (), PERIOD_M1 , 1); close = iClose (Symbol (), PERIOD_M1 , 1); I need open and close with 5 decimal places , but I come with 4 decimal places and if the string step puiedo not operate with them , and I need you
Hey, i tried to write code mql4 in stochastic's level Condition : open sell when volume[0]= close.Stochastic[3], close.Stochastic[2], close.Stochastic[1] > Stochastic.level(80); For detail picture = This Code is imposible success to compile, maybe somebody could write simple code mql4. THANK YOU
So I either do not understand for loops or visibility scope or both. I am just trying to loop through the history of my MA's and make sure they have not crossed over each other in a certain amount of time before I move on to my next criteria checks. For some reason I cant seem to get the loop to
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hi everyone. i had mt4 instaled a few month ago, uninstaled it. but when i try to instal it again, it doesn't work and send the error 0xc0000005 OR it does nothing at all. I already tried to -Reinstal windows over itself -fix the registry with ccleaner -try the cmd scannow Thank per advance for any
I am working on a new idea and for some reason I cant see why the back tester is just stopping. Its got to be something simple I'm missing. I have set up many print statements to find out where the code is stopping and I have highlighted the code where I cant get it to move past. I run other bots I
Hey there, I want to convert this indicator into mql5. It´s really difficult written and i don´t know what possibly could be wrong. It draws the lines, but when i am going to compare it with the mql4 version, i can see differences between the plots. Is there anyone who could help me further? Here is
Recently, PUSH notifications in MT4, not stable work or does not work at all. Pings are not stable, with extended intervals or not at all. I try it from different computers and IP addresses. Maybe someone knows what, why this could be? Someone, somewhere, is banning something or is MQL5 having
Everybody learns differently. I have access to YouTube and these forums and I even have the "Expert Advisor Programming for MT4" book that I refer to. It seems like nonsense that I would still struggle to understand such a basic concept. I know that. But that's all this is, is my lack of
Suppose I run my EA in the 15M or 1H time frame, and the EA makes decisions also based on higher time frames such as 4H and 1D. Does Strategy Tester "see" the other time frames? I am inclined to believe yes, searching on google suggests that, but I'm afraid there might be a "gotcha" in there
hi i get this error after closing all trades by robot orders unknown ticket number xxxxxx ordermodify plz check attached code <Decompiled Code deleted>
Hi Newbie here... I'm trying to write an EA that returns two values from a function. Can't seem to get it working... Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
Hi all, please can some one tell me how to write my ea code on cci indicator. How can i write, that if, cci 50 ( typical price)is greater than 0 on bar 1, and cci 50 (typical price)is lesser than 0 on bar 2.? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I can't find metaquote ID within the iPhone Metatrader 4 apps.   I have looked under Settings, including every single option under it.  No luck.  Could anyone help please.  Thanks in advance. 
Hello Everybody; In this EA, i need to trailing SL. There is not Trailing SL. Can anyone add to this robot? Thankss
I log into my accounts and it shows the right info, but as soon as I try to open a trade it malfunctions: it doesn't even show me the currency of the trade I'm about to open, nor does it let me change it. I've been using this app for over a year and it's never given me any trouble, so I don't know