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what is stoplevel &freezelevel and how does it affect trading? Some say it affect your trading but in what way? Please i need an explanatory answer. Thanks
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Please help me.I am not a programmer. I really need help inbuilding a strategic AE in my three consecutive candles. signal began to appear two (H1) candles in oppositedirections. at least the second candle opening price equal to the closingprice. Case 1: If the first candle down, second candle up,...
Hi today my broker got v434 and after updating from v432 to v434 my EA did silly things - long used save settings causes now crash in Tester - and some Mt4i scripts do also not more work. I wonder why a update to v434 dated 3 Set 2012 is not mentioned at this forum at all by Metaquotes member here!...
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i just start learnig how to coding, and somehow i managed to finish 1 EA. So i BT and the result is pretty fair, but when i try the EA in demo acc, i get some problem... here what i get invalid lots amount for OrderSend function, i try to solve the problem by myself by reading some forum posts, but...
New article Fundamentals of Statistics is published at Every trader works using certain statistical calculations, even if being a supporter of fundamental analysis. This article walks you through the fundamentals of statistics, its basic elements and shows the importance of statistics in...
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Hello, I want to add in my code multiple tp function. total = OrdersTotal(); for( i=total-1;i>=0;i--)   {     OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES);int type = OrderType();if(OrderSymbol() == Symbol() && type==OP_BUY && Bid>=tp1){    OrderClose(OrderTicket(),0.01,MarketInfo(OrderSymbol()...
I have been using the search features here for a while to look up the documentation quickly, but every search I input returns some default page about how to enter search criteria. I can still access all the documentation, it just seems to be the search feature thats broken. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Hi All, Could you please recommend/advise about the BEST Support and Resistance Indicator that was ever used by you. Thanks in advance. Regards K
Hi, I am trading several pairs and on each pair I have two orders. How can I close the opposite one if one of these two is triggered? Do I have to crawl thrue the Order-Pool and get the Order-ID and close it? Is there a simple way to do that? Thank you in advance! Kind regards, John
Hi, 1) I'm finding that it typically takes about 0.5 to 1.0 seconds to execute a market order on MT4. I don't want to turn this into a review of brokers but am asking if anyone else has been able to achieve anything approaching HFT (eg perhaps sub 0.1s) using MQL4 and MT4? 2) I have a trading...
is it possible to open an order without getting ticket back from the server? if so what can i do without ticket?
I created my ADX EA that makes orders when current ADX crossesline 25 but the problem that I have is multi-orders when TP is set to 5 pips. I am looking for a solution to stop EA in Tester for next 3 bars whenTP was reached. Thanks in advance for help.
    for(int sd=0;sd<500;sd++)      {         if(OrderSelect(sd,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES)==true)            {              Alert(sd);           }      }I run the script,THE ea OUTPUT 1,2,3,4,5,6,,why ,why it not output 0-500;     i have seven tickets
Hello At the buttom of this post is a script for lotsize-calculation based on free margin. I would very much like to combine it with the attached ParabolicSAR -EA. Anyone can do that? It would be a GREAT help. void BuyOrderRiskFixed2() { double profit = 0 ; datetime lastCloseTime = 0 ;
Hi, I have some problem, I have function that in a specific way compares two arrays (same size). I have big 2-diemntion array data[1000][8]. How to call my function? fnCompare(data[0], data[1]); It doesn't work. How to get this eight-element array?
New article Exploring Trading Strategy Classes of the Standard Library - Customizing Strategies is published at In this article we are going to show how to explore the Standard Library of Trading Strategy Classes and how to add Custom Strategies and Filters/Signals using the...
Hi, I'm using a indicator who gives me 3 colors. How can I read that color and set an "if" to buy or sell? exist a function ColorGet()? Please, Regards, Bruno
Hi everyone, i need help to add time filter on this EA. I only need: MON = TRUE/FALSE; TUE = TRUE/FALSE ; WED = TRUE/FALSE ; THU = TRUE/FALSE ; FRI = TRUE/FALSE ; SAT = TRUE/FALSE ; SUN = TRUE/FALSE ; TRADE FROM = 8 ; TRADE TO = 16 ; Thanks if you can help me... Gianluca Ferri
Does anybody know if the "Skip Useless Results" setting is stored in an .ini configuration file, so that one can set its value while Optimizing via the command line? Thanks in advance! :-)
Hello, I am new to this forum. I have followed the instructions of several videos about email/sms setup in MT4. I keep getting invalid address. I use these same settings in Ninja Trader without incident. Can anyone help with this. I like the platform but I need the email/sms alerts to function....
No problem with statement like this: Comment(Bid); But there is a disturb in case like this: string subject="Bid = "+Bid;SendMail(subject,"");// Result in: Bid=1770.12000000 instead of 1770.12 // the result would still be the same in case of replacing Bid by NormalizeDouble(Bid,2) or by...
This is my code. I want to partial exit on Fibonacci 38.2, 61.8 and 127.2%. After TP1 partial close, my tp2 ant tp3 values becomes 0 and below if conditions becomes true because Bid> tp2 and tp3. But really Bid is < tp2 and tp3 and he have to wait while second condition would be true. So, how to...
Hi guys, I am newbie and try to run an EA in a rangebars chart but this hangs after a while. it opens 1 position and that's all. Nothing more. It does not even close it. Some people claim that EA's don't work at all with range bars. If this is the case then rangebars and renko are useless....
have any one see this problem. are this one is only with me? see one picture and than second picture
Hi, how can i create the 2 Bollinger Band indicators, ( Bandwidth and b%) on metatrader platform. 1. the formula for b% is: (Last price - lower BB /upper BB - lower BB), BB = bollinger band. 2. the formula for Bandwidth is: (upper BB - lower BB/ middle BB) is anyone else...
#property indicator_separate_window#property indicator_buffers 3#property indicator_color1 DimGray#property indicator_color2 Lime#property indicator_color3 Reddouble price[0],G[0],R[0];int N;int init(){   IndicatorBuffers(3);   SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_LINE,STYLE_SOLID,1,DimGray);SetIndexBuffer(0...
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Here is the job. A mql4 programmer wanted to code an expert advisor that can make a computer get up and walk on water in high heels.
if my broker is using 5 digits and i want the slippage set to 3 pips i have to send 30 on ordersend() ?
Hello, Newbie, I created my Stochastic EA to learn MQL4. Sure , my code could be more beautiful , but it works. Below the code for opening a Buy and closing it. Seeking to improve , my question is as follows : You can view on the same bar , I get several Trades when I have a small "TakeProfit"
Hello forum, would someone mind telling me if there is a limit to the number of "if" functions you can use in a section of code, and if yes, what the limit is. I am getting the following as an error when compiling my code: "if" too complex expression error I have had the code compile successfully...