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why my mql4 program works in the mt4 that i wrote the program on it ,but it dont work in another mt4
Hi professionals, I just need to get one result per day But the result changes with condition change through the day and expert restart so please advise. Thank you
hi all, i've just learned that this zigzag indicator exists and i'm tempted to try and create a code and use it's values. However I'm not sure what codes are related to it. By this I mean I've searching the help but found only 3 articles that include the word zigzag, 1 is how to draw it, and the
I have been using iCustom with an EA i am creating to add some custom indicators. Some of the inputs for these indicators have a dropdown list of different inputs which are all words, For example some of the input option are "Open Price", "Close Price", "Median Price". I have tried writing the word
I was wondering what exactly is happening in the following block of code:    Sym = Symbol();   TimeFrame = Period();      SymPoints = MarketInfo( Sym, MODE_POINT  );   SymDigits = MarketInfo( Sym, MODE_DIGITS );   //---        if( SymPoints == 0.001   ) { SymPoints = 0.01;   SymDigits = 3; }   else...
Hi guys, I want to ask you a few questions about how to identify trend in Forex and which will be the best way to do that in my case, because if I have to be honest I really don't know what to do. It is such a mess in my head after so many articles read (+ MQL4 documentation). Although I'm a...
Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me find a version of RSI indi for mt4 that I can change the ma calculation instead of using the standard Wilders. Just to clarify, I'm only looking to change the initial calculation, not add an MA to an rsi for crossovers. My first post
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Hello, I am using <Deleted>, i have 16 identical robots across 4 different VPS servers on 16 different MT4/programs. They were running all very well, until yesterday; EUR/USD rose very hard, the result is that 13 out of 16 are almost blown up, there are 3 robots that still doing steady profits. All
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hi guys ,i run my expert on aud cad chart, and i expect that it will calculate my lot price but it comments, there is not any nesbat why
I am runnning MT4 under Wine 6.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 focal. Have already run $ wincfg to set programms' window dimensions and scale police size. Now I am facing the issue that the toolbar submenus are not aligned and spread on two lines, and within submenus icons are also split on two or even three
Hi all, I'm new here and also with programming mt4 EA. I would like to create a EA that performs following task: -Open a new sell position every minute. -After x sell position opened, the new ones are opened every 15 minutes; The total of sell positions that can be opened should be defined as input
Hi guys, Why this code is out of range? it is in init() function for ( int i= 1 ; i<= iBars ( NULL , PERIOD_M1 )- 1 ; i++) { Print (High[i]); }
Hi, I was trying to run an indicator and my settings got changed in MT4. Default folder also got changed. How do I change my DEFAULT folder back to previous folder in MT4? .. regards
Good day all. Is there someone that can assist me with a small piece of code. I know it is probably easy but I am new to mql4 and struggling. I need a piece of code that does the following: When a specific order, lets say "ordersell_1" is triggered, I need a "true" statement when the specific order
Dear colleges, in one of my tests I noticed tester hit take profit value and not close order for several candles. In many tests I saw tester trigger close order long before stop loss was hit. In both cases the order finaly closed at s/l or t/p value respectively, just not when the actual price was
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hello if you like I'm looking for help ... I would like to convert an indicator into an expert advisor
Hello, i am a beginner of mql language. I am trying to initialize an array of structs but when I compile the program the system gives an error. I'm definitely doing something wrong. This is my code: struct MaStruct { int period; int shift; ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE applyTo; ENUM_MA_METHOD mode;
Can you help me get price of ticket order mql4
I have an EA which works well in back test but does not work on a live or demo account. I see the smiley face on the corner and all the settings are ok and there's no error in journal and expert tab, please help me
Hello, I try to develop en EA for Binary Options (On MetaTrader 4 with Tradetools FX plug-in for Binary Options). I have already developped all my indicators and all the structure of the EA. On the Forex, i know how to use the ordersend(), but with binary options, i don't found any information...
hi guys how is calculated a synthetic volume in mt4 ? i know if i use Volume[1]= return a volume but i want know how Volume function calculate a synthetic volume thanks
Hello friends. I have been participating in MQL5 forums for a while now. Currently I am looking for an EA that does the following simple tasks: - EA will have 4 types of BUY, BUY limit, SELL, SELL limit order. The change of tactics only takes place when the human chooses the active ea target (We
I just opened up a new demo account on MT4. When I open the Quotes tab there are a whole bunch of currencies. I don't want to follow all of them. So I tried to delete them and place the currencies I do want to follow. However, for some reason it will not let me delete AUD/CAD. I hit the pencil icon
I have this Move to BreakEven function, it work if I only have 1 order open, but when the EA scales in to 3 orders, the other 2 order don't get modified. I also keep getting modify error 1, I know this means its keeps passing the same value but how do I Stop this. void checkforMovetoBe () {
MT4 Automatically Closes Trades Without Reason. This keeps happening. Does anyone know why? I know I am not hitting my SL and I am not hitting margin requirements
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i test some EA at my server here is the best combination that i found firebird at usdjpy M30 hans_ea3 at gbpusd H1 note for statements, fxindo-nf3 is my own EA, i have de-activated it. so please ignore it. it made around 180 pips for last week... update : sorry, i've attached wrong statement.......
Hey guys, Been posting a lot of queries here on this forum and all of you guys have been very helpful, thank you all! On the journal for the desktop version of MT4, I keep having a message pop up, please see below. Any idea what this means or how to stop it popping up every two minutes? Thank you in
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I want to create a very simple EA,based on just trendmagic indicator. ---------buy----------- long=trend magic turns blue TP=x no of pips SL=0 close=after TP target X triggered or when trend magic turns red ---------sell----------- short=trend magic turns red TP=y no of pips SL=0 close=after TP...
Ive been adding some custom indicators to my EA and have experienced a bug with the strategy tester. I am using the iCustom function at the open of a new bar. When using the strategy tester it is very slow on the highest speed and when i press stop the whole screen goes gray, which I have now
Hi, I am getting critical error ''Array out of range" in iBarshift function. I am trying to create an EA based on breakout but iBarshift function throwing error at Time[pos] field. Please check the code..regards. limit = Bars - 1 - counted_bars; // Iteration for ( int pos = limit; pos >=