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I am able to get my EAs working on any pair 3,4,5 decimal places but it would appear that I thought I understood this but obviously i dont!!! as i play with each to get it correct on any provider or currency pair. Life is easier if you know what you are doing and it appears it can be done in one way...
hi , trying to do indicator that will draw 4 horizontal lines with 4 inputs, 2 resistance and 2 support , used code from horizontal line alert file , but after compiled a code -no errors and put inputs for s/r not drawing anything , I am not a coder , will u help me with this
please help me with repainting issues,i have attached the code below
Hello world! I have been butchering custom bollinger bands for a few days now in mql4. Last night I came across this Bollinger Band on TradingView and I cannot figure out a way to replicate the behaviour onto a BB for mql4. I have applied linear regression onto my current BB's and it just never
Hi, I use below code to check daily profit. I will stop EA when daily profit reached to the target. But when I first time attach the EA on the chart and check the daily profit value, it shows account equity. I wonder why... It should be zero when I attach the EA for the first time. double
Hi, I need help to make this indicator works. The idea here is to get a Buy signal alert only once at the opening of a new candle each time the following conditions happens : - First condition - The Open price of the alert candle is above the MA - Second condition - both of the last two candles are
I have a few comments that I've added to chart and they appear at the top left corner. They overwrite 3 lines that are already there and I need to move my comments down but I can't find out how to do it
If MT4 crashes or if Windows close MT4 because of forced shutdown/restart, expert log data are not saved. It seems that MT4 saves expert log data only by regular MT4 exit or when a user chooses "Open" through menu which is opened by right mouse button click on any expert log line
Hey guys. So i have this ma cross arrow indicator that works really great. I think mladen created it. The MA CROSS indicator doesn't repaint or lag but only when conditions are met during the life of the candle, the arrow appears. Saying that, i also have this "Price MA cross indicator" but unlike...
Good morning everyone, I want my code to read the text in a label on other charts in the same workspace. I read this document: and I used this line of code: string BiasTextEURAUD = ObjectGetString("EURAUD", "Label_Bias", OBJPROP_TEXT, 0); I expect the
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hi everybody i need some help if it is possible for an indicator to have a pop window alert when the lines are crossing. thank you very much for your help
cant seems to find a search page to look for what am searching for? need help with setting up mutlitrader and can i add different broker accounts to the main account or it has to be several accounts on one broker mt4 mutlitrader app
i Have an indicator which is so good in detecting the buy and sell signal. I want to use in EA using iCustom function.. This one indicator for H1 is very good for manual trade. can any one help me to convert this in EA. double ST1 = iCustom(NULL, 0, "ArrZZx2", xxxxx, xxxxx,xx, xxxxx); double ST2 =
I am writing and EA and are using 2 custom indicators. I have used different custom indicators successfully in other EA's. My problem is that the EA does not pick up the values displayed in the data window. It returns zeros when the ame values in the data window are non zero. Here is an example from
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Hello, I just purchases a VPA from MT4 directly. I have a Price alert, but is not working (I have Push notifications enabled for my mobile phone). Someone know how can I solve it? Bests
Hello all, I am trying to understand the logic behind iCustom function, but just can't. I am new to coding, I just started to learn, and got stuck here. My goal is to build an EA based on a simple MACD divergence indicator. The code is here
Hi I need to check if mouse is on top a button object or not in chart event (or any other section that would be proper but looks like chart event is the right way to do it), how can i do this
As of last night I noticed my trade signal alerts sent push to my android phone stopped coming through. If I open up MT4 on my phone, sometimes it will give me the alerts but all the past alerts come through at once. Never had any issues with this before. Any thoughts on what may be causing this? I
If I have 2+ arrays and I want to edit etc one of the arrays, how do I efficiently assign the array so I can make changes? Lets say I have two arrays and I want to change j[0] to 10, and I've used some process to chose array "j" .... int i[]={1,2,3};int j[]={1,2};string arraytouse="j"; I don't want
Hi everybody I would appreciate if you could help me know if it is possible to install meta trader offline , I don't have direct connection to internet on my computer at work . I was thinking it might be possible to copy source file and specially use editing environment . Ciao
Hello Friends, I am new to mql4 coding and learning from past 2 months. I am trying to code MA cross counter. If MA50 cross above MA1000 then BUY CROSS =1 and same for below. But the issue is Cross Counter increased by 1 on every tick. Below is code. Please help me with this. Thanks in Advance
Hi guys, What do you consider to be the best and most important ingredients in your own system? Yes, I have used the search function. But most topics are to specific. I would like to know, what RaptorUK and the other sophisticated traders have in common. I am talking about fundamental beliefs....
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Hi, from x y point in a bar a line starts and goes to the right if it touches a bar make it stop if not let it continue. I'm trying to figure out the above but couldn't figure out the code. Thanks in advance
Hi guys,  I need to download a lot of data on my metatrader 4 using TickStory lite for backtesting, but my free space on C:  is small than the amount of data need to download. Then need to move the datafolder to another partition. How can I move the datafolder to D: or anoter disk with more free...
Hello, I Have a Multi Time Frame Zigzag Indicator Source Code. And I Wanna Ask Someone To Make It None Repaint And Add Alert For That. Note : If U Use This Indicator In Current Time Frame And Next Time Frame Together; U Can Get Very Special Signal In Intersection of Zigzag lines... So If Anyone Can
Hello, I got an indicator with moving averages and I would like to add a 200 ema and change colors of the moving averages with the following rules : If all ema are under 200 ema : moving average color is grey If all ema are over 200 ema : moving average color is green Thanks in advance for your help
I'm trying to create a dynamic Take Profit programatically. To do this I am using OrderClose() to close the order when the difference of pips are ready. The problem is that it is closing above the OP_SELL and bellow OP_BUY and I don't know why it happens. how could I fix this ? See the image
I wasn't having this problem before. It first happened yesterday after installing it two months ago. I was in the history center about to download data. A malware would seem very unlikely as I only use the web browser for email, log into my forex broker and the occasional forex related search. I
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Hi, I know this has come up many times before but I still cannot work out a generic way to calculate the account currency swap (typically USD) for ANY symbol (whether currency, commodity, equity, etc.) See below for example code which leaves a lot of questions. Here are some: (1) why is Tick Value...
Hi, everyone. I've tried to find the solution for this over multiple forums, but it does not seem to be an explored topic. The goal is to write MQL code to open a script multiple times specifying either parameters (2 of them) or some specific preset. There are going to be multiple configurations