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hi guys what is the correct bid / ask usage when closing buy or sell orders: is the correct ? OrderClose(OrderTicket(),OrderLots(),Bid,slippage,CLR_NONE); ----- buy orders OrderClose(OrderTicket(),OrderLots(),Ask,slippage,CLR_NONE); ----- sell orders thanks
Hello, I'm gathering price from CSV and want to convert it from string to double. The flow is like this: double price = StrToDouble(FileReadString(handle)) When I use Print to show the converted number it gives me correct value. For example 98.567. But when I want to place order with this price -...
Hi, I am trying to make the distance of the take profit the same as the stop loss distance. The stop loss is based on an indicator and I need to get the distance of the open price and the indicator to duplicate this distance for the take profit? Can anyone help me please?
Does anyone know how to protect ones code when making a self written EA available for commercial use? Could you advise me on how I can protect my code so it isn't copied when I distribute the EA commercially? Any help would be great. I know that when I have bought EAs commercially they show as...
Excuse me, I met a problem and wish you experts could give me a hand. I have made a user-defined function, and I want to assign a shortcut key, for example, alt + space to it. Whenever I press alt+space, the function would be called. Is it possible? Thank you so much!
MQL4 there a manual in Spanish?, If there is, where I can find?. Thank you.
Is there any way for an Expert Advisor does not run at each new tick?
Hello when i run a ea on the my chart, did broker can see my ea code base or copy a version of my ea? thanks
Hi, I am trying to create an EA based on Heiken Ashi bars. The logic is quite simple: To check the last HA bar, if a new bar opens as the same colour as the bar that just closed, then open a trade.. But I cannot get it working.. Any ideas folks.. void TechnicalAnalysis2(){    if (iCustom(NULL, NULL,...
Hi everybody, I am getting some 130 errors placing pending orders (sell stops and buy stops). The funny thing is that, for ECN compliance, I am opening all trades without initial stoploss or takeprofit, to later update the ticket and set the proper stoploss and takeprofit levels. Therefore, why is...
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Hi everyone, I need some help with a construction indicator: the indicator name is: Life2 Moving Average website is: Here is my code, but I have a error in loop calculation. #property indicator_separate_window#property...
Hello. I can't get the correct time at backtesting, for example if I'm at 4H timeframe I only can get the datetime when the bar opened (with Time[0]) but not the current time (at the backtesting, not local or server time). I have tried to use iTime function to get the minutes with the 1M period......
Hi, I wanted to know if is possible change the trailing stop in a open order in MetaTrader4. Can anyone help me to know how to do?. Thank you.
Dear, I would like to code in mq4 a function that can give me IP address of PC that use EA. I've searched on Internet but I've not got solution for this issue. Please support. Thanks you.
  LOCK EA  (1)
I want to lock my ea with trading ac no, pls anyone help me or mail me if you give me best i can pay u
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hello every body, i need a help if possible, i trying to create EA Can work in the following form: sell and buy every 10 points move and don't repeat the same order on the same price if the previous not closed. thank you for your help :)
Hi Guys Ok, about 2 years ago downloaded and installed Trendlord to my axi trader mt4, goes ok. I have opened another account with ICM (broker) using the mt4 downloaded from their site. I have trendlord loaded into meta editor, all the code is there, but it will not load/appear under the Navigator
MQL4 is possible to know which is the minimum required stop loss for a currency pair?, Is a factor which may be different for each broker ... but what can be known in an Expert Advisor?. I searched the manual and saw nothing about it. thanks
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Anybody please tell me from which sites or which source do I know todays EURUSD market will up or down, or what this week's market target? If market will goes up or down then probably which point? Where do I get all this information?
Dear Community, I am searching for thepossibility to get the market open time of the broker on Sunday or on Monday.There are some brokers who begin the trading at 23:00 on Sunday, but there aresome which start first on Monday at 00:00. Is there some possibility to get themarket opening time with...
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Does anyone have a opinion on which EA on this forum is the most successful? I am new to the forum -----there are just so many it is difficult to find the good ones-----of course I am not saying that they are all good. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this.
Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this problem and also come up with a work-around. I'm wondering if I publish my workaround to this issue if the folks at BT would then break the workaround in version 5. I hope not... (Who knows, my workaround might not even work in version 5?) Drop me...
  MFE-Profit Correlation  (11   1 2)
Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to code MFE-Profit Correlation in mql4?Many thanks.
Hi all, Sorry to trouble you I have spent the last 12 hours trying to create a robot for MT4 using java/jdk etc. It is supported by intelli J. I have made some good headway but get the following Exception in thread "main" Invalid user name or password:
Hi, i'm a newbee. i want to place a time based order with the price on that time.pls help me providing EA. For example, i want to buy 1 lot at 13.00hrs with TP 50 & SL 75. How to do? Thank you.
Hi Coders! I'm testing my EA with the tester. The simple backtest and the visual mode work perfect. But, when I use the optimization, I always get zero results for all tests. Here is one of my Optimization Results: 4    0.00    0  0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00%   OrderSize_FixLots=1.0   StopLoss=0...
Yo, I wanna know if it's possible to compare 2 values in different time. I mean, I want to know if In current time the close price is higther (or not) than the close price 5 minutes before, for exemple. I try it but it seems it doesn't work (iClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_M1,0) > (iClose(Symbol(),PERIOD_M1...
Hi Guys, I am trying to code an EA based on the triangle formation (breakout) but struggling to find an indicator to work with. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one? Cheers!
  EX4 files  (1)
Hi, does anyone knows how to open/edit an EX4 files? They usually reside in the experts folder.
Guys, what unbelievably stupid thing haven't i done here? I just want to draw a vertical line between 2 points at a particular bar position (bar 5 in this example). It draws a line but the full height of the chart and at position 1!!! please can anybody help. ObjectCreate("cc", OBJ_VLINE, 0,Time[5]...