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How can I set Mt4 to create an email or text alert when a trade is executed
I am trying to code a simple indicator which finds the first retracement. For eg, if 50 ema goes above 100 EMA and RSI level crosses above 30, it should show arrow. Only the first RSI signal aka first retracement. It should ignore other ones. What am i doing wrong
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Dear all, I Need to Create Expert Option & MT4 Indicator with Buy Sell Alert. Indicator Will work at all time frame. Means Current will Change accordingly. I want to Use EMA13 & EMA 48 for Crossover Strategy along with MACD as buy sell Exit point. MACD Setup 9-12-26 EMA 13 Cross above EMA 26 and
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hello, i have windows 7 in 64 bit and i cannot install any platform because they are in 32 bits, someone have solution excepted downgrade my windows in 32 bits please ? thank you
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hi everyone I wanted to know if it was possible to have the sniper pattern on mt4-
Hi, Kinda stumped on basic question here. Simple though to who knows. In a EA, when you have indicators say one from D1 and a few others in H4 and M30 say as an example. What is the accurate time frame period for the tester to test in? In a case like this, what I have been doing is downloading the
Hi dear, I heard that I can use below cods to open the position once new candle opened : if (iVolume(Symbol(),time,0)<=1 ) int tiketbuy=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,lot,Ask,5,Ask-(st*Point),Ask+(tp*Point),"Aras",1111,0,clrGreen); OR if (Volume[0]<=1 ) int
Hello Every one, i want to take profit of 1 dollar from my trades opened by EA, but it takes my manual trades also into consideration also other EAs positions too, kindly help me out, i am new on MQL
Hello, for MT4 How can I backtestan advisor for weekly charts? I have only 1M, 5M, 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H, Daily Weekly, AND Monthly is missing, how can I add them? Thank you
Friends, Greetings to all, I'm newly using MT4. I got multiple time frame RSI of 1,5,15,30 min on my chart. Its giving me result in data window on tick in 1> first column latest value of RSI 2> second column value of RSI where ever the mouse pointer goes which keeps on changing as the cursor moves
Hello All, How do I put Moving Average Indicator in the RSI window? When I try to do it, Moving Average shows up in the main window, not the RSI window. I am using MetaTrader4. Thanks so much for your help
Hello, I have tried several times to download the MT4 platform from the site The MT4 installer is downloaded but MT5 is installed. Why
Hi everybody. I am curious to know whether there are any rules regarding what you can input as a name for a .ex4 file? I have three EA .mt4 source files. When compiled into a .ex4 (with no errors), one of them runs perfectly live and during backtesting, while the others stare back at me blankly
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hi i wana to create a ea about momentum pls help me to do it! when i type this: double m=iMA(NULL,0,28,0,MODE_SMMA,iMomentum(NULL,0,40,PRICE_CLOSE,0),0); Comment(m); mt4 is shown 0.0 for me please tell me whats wrong with this
Hi, I am trying to put a 20 sec delay after STOP LOSS hits and wrote some code about it but it fails, where am i wrong, any help please? Orange highlighted area is the part where i am trying to put some delay int start() { //---- double MaCurrent; int ticket, total; if(Bars<20) {
I understand when you switch EA or maybe restart MT4, the EA's parameters are loaded automatically from the saved config file. Also, when you are just editing the Expert, tweaking its properties and doing tests, the changes you make are persistent between iterations. But just now my EA began acting
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hi to everyone, i have a problem with my mt4 , after i add indicator or EA with ex4 to my mt4 folders i cant see them in indicator list and i just can see it in expert list and when i klick on it ,says that is not an expert so uyou cant run it. even in meta editor i just  see mq4 files and none of...
Hi forum, Can somebody please review my code. Im currently trying to developing a lot martingale strategy for expert advisor. And stuck at the problem now. As you can see in my piece of code its a not working one . I'm not sure how to use the Array and For Loop for my code problem ( Yes, im a noob
Ok ! I'm having a problem being able to draw multiple arrows! Basically, if there's a higher high or higher close candle, then one of two functions will be run in the Draw Arrows functions area. I'm trying to add a number to the name of the arrow, so I can have multiple names draw multiple on the...
Hi I need to call the up arrow and down arrow, in this indicator, can someone help me please Thanks in advance //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| !!!_2019_C_Blocks.mq4 |//|
Hi everybody! Is that possible to use the data of another currency in an expert advisor? For exaple I would like to create an expert advisor which I would use for the EURUSD, but I need data for the prediction from anothor currencys? Ergo I wouldn't use the Close[i] prices of EURUSD but for examle...
Hello, Could you explain to me why this code sometimes return ATR=0? string orderSymbol = OrderSymbol();double ATR = iATR(orderSymbol, PERIOD_M15, 5, 0);if(ATR == 0){ Print("ATR=0...FAILED...RETRY..."); return false;} orderSymbol can be different from graph than the one the EA is attached
Please tell me what is wrong with my code on the snippet below, after compiling there is a warning that says I 'OrderSelect' and 'OrderClose' should be checked and when I execute the EA on my chart, it does not close at the specified points. void CloseBuyPositions() { for(int i=OrdersTotal()-1;
Hello, I have installed MT4 on my VPS ( not the mql5 VPS) and tried to login to mql5 community. Although my credentials were correct, It fails and gave me this message 2020.05.08 Signal: '230701219': failed get list of signals, connection error 2020.05.08 Signal: '230701219': failed get list of
i have tried all i can just to grab data from this custom indicator, its "<Deleted>" and i want its value to be use in my EA by getting the buffer, but i dont know wether its because of the parameter or other cause, i have successfully get buffer from other custom indicator, but this one is not.. i
Hi, I'm new, but learning lots I have searched, but none of the solutions worked for me. Here is what I wrote for it, but the result sometimes results in not enough money? Any specific flaw in my logic? I realize I am not including a risk here, but just want to make sure I am on the right track
Hi there, I'm stuck with this thing. The idea is to generate an arrow object at current candle OpenPrice, when previous candle Open & Close is completely outside the range of 2stdv. The code works once, but wont work "every Tick". Thank you! extern int BBPeriod = 20; extern double BBDeviation =
I'm new to forex trading but have a background in programming. I have a strategy that has been working reasonable for me but it involves a lot of staring at the screen waiting for just the right time to open a position. I'm working on an EA to automate this but I need to get the values of D+ &D-...
Hey all, I'm currently working on a custom Hull moving average (HMA) indicator that detects and labels local minimum and maximum points of the Hull curve. At first glance, this modified indicator seems to work well (see images below), tagging HMA minimum points with a green buy signal arrow and HMA