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ok this solution working fine (not complicated)
is there any such software out there I can buy ..........that ....... <> has a short list of Expert advisors on the LHS . Within each EA you can specify different setting combinations. <> has a list of currency pairs on the RHS and it will just automatically ( feed in strategy tester ) test ( in...
I know some multi timeframe indicators works this way in the strategy tester. So we can use the MT4 as a trading simulator,I mean the market replayer. Generally, we can the "strategy tester" to replay the market. but during that, we can't change the timeframe. it's so so bad. Can we just write a...
Bonjours, I have a quants technics that can be easyly programed on EA. I already have the indicator of this technic and all the details. If you are a programer and interested by write this EA, It can be a good one for back test. Thank you
I need some advice, I using ObjectSetText to display some value on chart. Since the text in using 'string' format the value I want it to be display as only a whole number without decimal point and round down value. How should i go about doing it? i.e value at 2.6, display as only 2
dear traders, Ive been checking this site out, fxcm very good company, their forex system selector looks very good, automated fully account with them, their stratergies some of them %95+ sucsess, over a year of trading, I think the results are not of backtesting, but of actual...
This is a corner case failure of ZigZag that has only been identified with FX Solutions MT4 Euro 4H. The Day and 1H (allother timeframes) work fine Other broker platforms operate correctly as well. All tested platforms are build 225. The condition is reproducible using the simulator FX Sol build 225
Hi there. I am a professional software developer with 15 years experience at developing software. Recently I have been programing my own Expert Advisers, Scripts and Indicators. As far as having a profitable trading system goes I have not achieved that yet but I do know how to program and test my
I am trying to use a custom indicator to take the trading decision. So I am expecting a "1" for buy and "2" for Sell. How can I implement that?. I tried to add another buffer, but unsuccessful. Also tried to return the integer using return(x). My iCustom calling is working fine and inside the custom...
Hallo, i wonder is there opportunity automatically to check performance i mean profit from different EA installed on same terminal
dear traders, Quite a few times I have came across subjects where users of this forum are trying to sell stuff. here is a recent one : or, if you cant find it, its called 'MQL programing bootcamp', in the forum section what do you think about this? I think Its...
idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!! SimonTrader, Peter.Picone, get off this website you stupid idiots!! don't sell us your crap!! this is not a place to advertise!! SimonTrader, Peter.Picone, get off this website you stupid idiots!! don't sell us your crap!! this is not a place to advertise!! SimonTrader, Peter...
Hi. People from Europe. 1) I have a strategy which is worth the effort to write me 2) I want to share with people who want to join a team 3) I want to cumulate trackrecords from this strategy so to grow up a strong credibility If you have at least 3,000$ and - are a disciplinated trader, very...
Hello, I need a little help to code the RSI of this expression average ( (open+close)/2, length) instead of the close. length being declared as an input. getting confused and would really appreciate the push ! many thanks Daniel77
When I try to do screenshot of of a custom indicator, it shoots the chart without the indicator. Is it possible to shoot a custom indicator somehow? Thanks.
Hi, I the past weeks I have some trouble with metatrader. Actually I use a live account on fxcm and metatrader decmo account. But when they run at the same time . But when I start running backtest on a strategy my laptop becomes really slow and after after minutes I have to reeboor since it is...
Hi - Know of any good threads that I could be directed to regarding code for scaling in? and/or setting up Limit orders? I'm trying to covert from easy language (Trade Station) to MT4......not easy. Need some cheat sheets... Much appreciated.
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Hi all, i want my EA to trade on a 5mins chart, but part of its signal comes from 30mins chart, so i want to know if it is possible get the value of the stochastic signal below,when the code is actually attached to a 5mins chart.thanks for any comment
Will this EA monitor open trades for the chart and close half the trade on reaching a certain target profit and move the stop loss to plus 10 pips of the opening price? Have I missed anything in the code? How could I stop it acting on the half closed order the next time the tick runs?...
I'm a newbie to programming and have a couple of questions that I might hope someone can answer.Please if you only know the answer to 1 of the two questions, simply reply to that. I'm sure another one of you kind experts will chime in on the other. When using the COMMENT(); command in MQ4 how does
If you have seen script like this..please send me a link where I can find it!
Hi everybody two days ago a convert custom indicator into EA, and here is the code but i need a little help i receive 1 mistake, and don't know how to receive this problem! //| This MQL is generated by Expert Advisor Builder | //| http://sufx.core.t3-ism...
i'd like to launch metatrader 5 but my computer refused to do so. Is there anything that i can do? why my computer consider MQL5 a virus Win32/Themida ?
I was running a 3 day optimization and while my platform was in the middle of this optimization, I made some changes to my program and compiled it. Would the Optimizations from that point on use the newly compiled settings or the old settings? I would think it would still use the old settings....
Hi All, A little help please - Is there a function that will check to see Order has been closed out due to s/l or t/p? I'm struggling to see if a trade has been closed out, is there a trade status? I tried to see if (OrderClose() == true) would work but that function as I see it to close the trade...
Linux is becoming increasingly popular in large and fast trading systems. Serious business can not tolerate surprises from the trading platform . For all who trade a stable (Linux) platform is better than windows. It is well known that no trading platforms are available for Linux. Java charts and
I want to write an EA so the user can enter trading times using local time instead of broker time. I've seen people reference the kernel32.dll and other system dlls. Does anyone know which dlls and functions I can reference to get the local computer's DateTime.Now?
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/*** create a positive integer for the use as a magic number.** The function takes a string as argument and calculates* an 31 bit hash value from it. The hash does certainly not * have the strength of a real cryptographic hash function * but it should be more than sufficient for generating a* unique...
Hi all, If you trade using a 4 digit broker, can you share your broker's name with me? I want to test some code but it seems that all the brokers I try use 5 digits now :) Thanks