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I mean some time I create an object, a text, and set it on a bar's open time and high price; some time later, I want to view this bar's information, open price, open time and so on,so shall I get this information when I just know an object 'xyz' was on it without any other information? if ok, how?
Hello, can anyone explain the difference between the ma_shift and the shift parameters? I assume the last parameter is the look back bars period based on the vague instructions explanation. I'd like to know what they both are for, in greater detail. Thanks
Hi I am running MT4 on my MAC for the first time. I have it installed in the Windows XP emulator - Parallels. All seems ok except I cannot right mouse click on anything. What the magic key combo to make a right mouse click. I am using an Apple mouse. Thanks
Hello. Have you ever uncounter this error error in cpsendloginrequest200 undefined What is it all about and how do i fix it? Thanks
Hi, I would like to use iCustom function inside custom indicator but can not get the correct values from MACD indicator. I need the MACD values for H4 time frame but my custom indicator to be attached to M5 chart. The part of the code is below. In the example buffer1 is for Down arrows, buffer2 is...
The Tester maxes out at 100 lots. Is there a practical reason for this?
Could someone please step me though acquiring a year's one-minute back price history for the gbp/aud price pair? I am computer illiterate. Well, almost. Thanks.
  buying or selling EUR/USD (11   1 2)
Is there any difference if i have a USD account and buy long on symbol EUR/USD, or if i have a EUR account?
Is there a way to optimize a back-test to work faster? Perhaps MT4 will run on multiple cores for optimized back-test? 28 day optimized back-test (with the fastest laptop i could buy at the time)... 8 core intel and only using one core for MT4
Hi,can you please explain to me how I can do the following: When a pending order is hit(turned into a market order),how to place another pending order in a fixed pip range away from it? for an example,if a buystop is hit,place a sellstop order 20 pips below it,when the sellstop is hit place a...
for example, now I have made an Indicator "x_y" and an function "x_y", and they make all most the same work---draw two lines, one connect all the low points, the other connect all the high points, and of course some of the points should be use in function start(). for Indicator x_y, I should use...
Is there a way to hide/show indicators without erasing them? I would like to be able to add trendlines/support/resistance lines on a clean chart and then turn my indicators back on. I can do this on the FXCM platform, but I would like to be able to do it on MT4.Thanks! andre
Hi, I have got a request that requires changing the symbol on a chart. I am almost sure it's possible with the PostMessageA function, but not all possible commands are known. Do anyone knows a command that allows symbol change?
the code for an Indicator #property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_buffers 1#property indicator_color1 Yellow // High Points Array Lineextern int Seek_Period=30;double Bar_High[];int init()  {  IndicatorShortName("High_Low_Two_Lines");  IndicatorBuffers(1);  SetIndexBuffer(0...
I have been using my PC only to execute trade on mt4 multiterminal platform, Does Android, ipad, Blackberry, Samsung galaxy note etc work with mt4 multiterminal
I have startet about 10 currencies in my MQL4 Window. Expert Advisor ONE ist launched only on one currency, bur it starts and stops orders in all other currency windows also. How can I control this behaviour ?
Hi all, Wich is the best approach to export indicator values or variables values into excel during a backtest?. If that is posible. Best.
Hello guys, I'm looking to partner with a coder to build some automated trading strategies for mt4. If you are interested please contact me directly : wahjaybeats@gmail.Com thanks !
When i backtest EA says error as : TestGenerator: not enough memory for 'GBPUSD5' what will be the problom?
Having a problem with getting the mt4 to link/sink up with Profit in 60 seconds I have the ex.4file int the indicator folder i also put the ProfitIn60Seconds.MT4.dll into the Libraries folder. I restarted and So once all is installed I'm only getting the trading Symbols on profit for 60 seconds,...
each time I create a new EA or Indicator by "Expert Advisor Wizard", and I find we can select "Generate from template", in which I find just several temples; so shall I add some new temple which made by myself? I have tried copy other EA to" MetaTrader 4\experts\templates ", but it never works as I...
Hello I'd like to open three different terminal. These three different company's rates, on excel DDE want to see real-time prices. examples: terminal 1 (FXDD) == MT4 | BID! EURUSD terminal 2 (alpari) == MT4 | BID! EURUSD terminal 3 (FxPro) == MT4 | BID! EURUSD Here's just one company trying to...
How to set indicator buffer more than 1 dimension ?
Good morning, For the function iMA( string symbol, int timeframe, int period, int ma_shift, int ma_method, int applied_price, int shift). If applied_price=PRICE_CLOSE, is iMA calculated on the close of the last candel or on the current price. ? Indeed PRICE_CMOSE is it CLose[0] or CLose[1] ? Thanks...
I'm building an EA trading in 15 minutes timeframe,However, I want to check the trend in daily MA, so I run the following code to determine the trend. double ma=iMA(NULL,PERIOD_D1,2,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0); Also, I add a MA indicator in daily chart. However, the value of ma is not equal the...
  ERROR 138 (2)
int start(){RefreshRates();double XAL=Ask;int EMIR=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,1,3,XAL+20*Point,XAL-1000*Point,XAL+500*Point,0);return;} iI am triying to open pending order 20 pips above the ask price. But always gives ordersend error 138 . how can i solve it?
I need 2010-2011 historical prices for eur /usd m15 and h1 datas . where can i get ?
please can any one tell me the code of mql 4 of executing trades when a candle starts? buy or sell trades is launched with a trail of 5 points aiming take profit at 50 points if buy and sell executed @ same time and if buy hits its take profit automatically sell take profit modified to 20 points?
hello,thank you for any help sometime the calculation function go wrong,whats happens???? last bug is this one, my accountequity is "<10000.00&&>9900.00" my ea must open position of 0.2 lot,but it open position of 0.1 lot ??????? here is the code...