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hi i am newbie trying to understand ins and outs of this and any help will be appreciated!! my current indicator has the following code for generating alerts, butthis alert lasts for only one beep, is there any way i can make it tobeep for 30 or 60 sec or atleast bit longer than 1 beep if (setalert...
Our company is looking to purchase resell rights to an EA (either pre-existing or a collaberative design) Please respond if you are interested
After compiling an EA, is there a way have the EA run the start() function without having to wait for the next tick?
I have come across a new number based system which I believe could be extremely interesting in solving price time dynamics. I require the help of a math/programmer to develop this further. If anyone is interested then leave your contact details for an intial discussion.
  ADX Smoothed  (1)
Dear Coders, unfortunately i`m not be proficient in MetaTrader programming language, so i need a little your help, please. I am using this ADX Smoothed coded by ROSH and I would like to add a pop up alert when the lines cross ( lines DarkBlue and FireBrick ) and the DarkGreen's line above 25....
Hello Everyone. Can anyone tell me how to start with real login? I want to start with my real login? i have an account in will my account will work in MetaTrader4. if not then which website will work and how it will work? Please answer me as soon as possible. Thanks COmmunity in advance
I am working on an EA that automatically opens a buy when a sell is closed out and vice versa.  So, no need for an object to be placed on a chart to show when a trade is closed.  The order's are closed via stop order, and I don't see any place to add a NULL to the OrderSend function to stop this....
It happens when my EA loads, the log shows: 10:21:18 MYEA EURUSD,H1: loaded successfully 10:23:43 TestGenerator: unmatched data error (volume limit 1138 at 2008.08.08 14:00 exceeded) 10:23:43 TestGenerator: unmatched data error (volume limit 1138 at 2008.08.08 14:00 exceeded) 10:23:43 TestGenerator:...
I have the daily range pip feature installed on my meta trader. How is this calulated? By each individual pip? Or by movement from open to close from a fixed point? Thanks, Fred
Is it possible to add percentage price movement in crosshair tools? Or is there any other tools to measure price movement in percentage?
Hi you all, My EA works best when I increment the lots by 0.1 after each order. I want to send it to the Championship, so I came up with a formula to stop the lots at 5. I am new to Mql4, there may be a better way, but this is all I can think off. The following code works fine with the strategy...
Hi All, Are there instance variables in EA besides external variables, or can I reset an external variable from EA code? After declaring and initializing an external variable, how can i reset the value without clicking on smiley face and resetting it manually, how can i do it inside the code?...
Hi, i have load the overlaychart from mql4 site for indication the correlation, but i want a indicator to building a spread from two different pairs or securitys. Can here anybody help me? Thanks
Hi, Is it possible to "catch up" my EA code on the server-side? Thanks, GG
Hi, Who can help me out of dilemma: restart? try over? Where" is the metatrader helpdesk: email, telephone? Thanks in advance Bern
I realize there are quite a few posts regarding importing dll's and error 126, but I am hoping someone has some input on this. I have created a DLL and am having an error 126 problem. I am calling some functions in my DLL from another DLL. I have made sure all the dependencies are in the folder...
Hi all, I am looking into writing an EA/Script that needs to open charts for different symbols and close them when they are not needed anymore. Is this function available in MQL4 ? I don't seam to be able to find a call in the standard library that does this. Is there a way ? Thank you for your...
  swap free broker  (2)
Hello, Can anyone provide me list of brokers offering swap free trading. Please let me know if you know. Thanks,
Hello, I'm testing my first simple EA. It opens an order with a stop loss some pips above the high. I would expect if in the next bar the stoploss level is exceeded it would close the order. Much like it closes the order when a takeprofit target is reached. But the stop loss does not work like I... is a free service that automatically verifies your track record as trueand accurate using the Meta Trader platform. If you are not familiar with MT, download a free demo here: is used by over 200 brokers worldwide and is used by...
Hi All I am trying to test my new EA but would like to be able to stop it running on and producing lots of data after it has reached a certain point. Please can someone tell me how to do this. Ross
I got A simple price difference indicators. Just would like to share code for the indicators like this for(cnt =limit-1 ; cnt >=0; cnt--) { Diff[cnt]=Close[cnt]-Close[cnt+1]; }
I would like to know if there is already a code or how to dynamicly color OHLC price bars upon OA and MFI indicators. SO, I would like to have: 1) If AO is red then OHLC bar is red 2) If AO is green then OHLC bar is green Or more advance: 1) If we have in Market Facilition Index: MFI Down,...
Hi, I have problems with symbols. It seems like "something" has changed the symbol tables. Instead of arrows ( fractals , etc ) I'm getting letters. Can someone help
Hello, I have disabled the option "Ask for manual confirmation" and indeed my EA opens orders automatically. But it will not modify orders automatically, and the window for Modify SL/TP options keeps popping up when there is need to change SL. Please, does anyone know why this happens and how can...
  An error puzzle  (6)
A friendly HELLO to all you good people! Trying to compile the attached file Acdat01.mq4 gives this error: '\end_of_program' unbalanced left parenthesis Clicking on the error doesn't take me to the place in the code where the parenthesis is missing ... it does show (143,1) but I can't see any...
I'm looking for a Translate English for Revers.mq4 //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Revers.mq4 | //| Copyright © 2005, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |...
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2008,an article Multicurrency Expert Advisors at the Championships has been published. Multicurrency Expert Advisors allow us to reduce risks due to their diversification. However, the present research shows that there is much to do in this field...
Hello MT Experts, I Can`t Create A Simple (Free Hand) Trendline Alert !!! Is This Possible At All ??? Does Anyone Has An Alert Yet ???  Thanks ahead
Does anyone have any expierence with the "Instantprofit" software to calculate your trade positions for the next week? Looking forward to your reactions.