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hi If there are 10 seconds left until the bar closing, I want to do something, like get position... how can i detect 10 seconds left to 5M bar closing??? i have no idea,I couldn't find codes
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Hi ...Whenever i put a 2nd order for the same currency different size it assign automatically the same stop loss and take profit of the 1st order .Try to change it same think both orders having same SL and Tp . Anyone had same issue and know the Fix
Hi, i'm trying to get the value of the candle of the last MACD cross. I found this conversation that might work for me, but it seems it's for mt5 and I need it for mt4. I attach the code found so you don't need to look for it :) int find_XX_cross(int iBeg=0){
for example,I open a chart window of a symbol, can I change the symbol of the chart window by keyboard upwards or downwards according to the market watch list.I mean when I press a certain key, the chart window will show the next symbol. Thanks!
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enjoy any suggestions, please? there are lots of comments in the code, not really complete sentences and such, just notes about the thought process
Good evening All I am new to the whole MT4 setup and just started using it - have been using IG Markets platform for a while. I want to show a line with daily Closing prices in the same window and scale as the Candle Sticks. Looks like MT4 allows either of the two but not both. Maybe someone knows
Hello everyone, I have successfully coded a script that opens positions with a difference of 150 points. My EA opens a buy position every time "Ask>=Price of last buy opened +150_Points" while(Ask>=B1+(X*PositionB)*_Point && Buy1==1) { PositionB=PositionB+1; OrderSend
Hello everyone, I am having a hard time writing the perfect code for what I want. Basically I have the following scenario: Candle 1: 12:00:00: Indicator value=5 12:03:24: Indicator value=5.2 12:04:59: Indicator value=5.5 Candle 2: 12:05:00: Indicator value=6 12:09:59: Indicator value=8 Candle 3
Hello guys!!! I found an indicator here on the fórum that return several errors when I try to compile it and I have no clue how to fix those errors. On the same page, seems that was the file compiled already, but this one seems to have errors on the alert generation. The arrows itself change when I
Hi Folks,  So I'm setting arrays, in particular I want to remember which pairs and profit for that pair per individual trade, which appear to be a problem already.  I can't seem to have a String and Double Array, so Pairs[string 1][ double 1][double 1]; or Pairs[1][1][1] appears to be not possible?...
Hi, I downloaded the Dukascopy 1D data (Bid and Ask) form the JForex platform and I am trying to import it into MT4. I want to backtest using this data and I don't know if I should download the 1M data and then transform it to all timeframes? My strategy is only for the daily chart and I will
hey guys, I want to use f12 in backtesting and learn price action at the same time. Is there a way to switch between mtf without the chart skipping into the future? Or what would be the best way backtesting with mtf? Thanks
Hi, I have an issue with MT4... I opened a SELL position on GBPUSD with SL and TP and MT4 closed the position 8 pips above TP. As a result, the trade ended as a loss. I have attached the trade history and the journal. Trade number is 44846559, GBPUSD SELL with SL 1.24826 and TP 1.23287 The trade was
Hi, First of all, sorry for my bad English, bot does anyone could help me here please ?! :) I would like to know how to use my EA on my own VPS H24 ? Is it possible or not ? How ? I want to be able to drive my own EA on my own VPS H24, but how? I will have to connect my EA to a lot of trading
Hi... I need to limit number of opened orders in an asset AND limit one order per candle too. See my code... it's allowing more than one orders per candle. I fixed it to allow 2 orders, but only one per candle: input bool LimitBar=true; // Limitar 1 ordem por vela?input int MaxOrders = 2;int...
I am not able to make web request to an API using WebRequest from a script, I always get back an error 5203. This is the code, that I think is as simple as it can get. I am using MT4 build 765. #property copyright "just a test"#property link      ""#property version   "1.00"#property strictvoid...
This indicator is working except for that it will not update on each new bar. I have to reload the indicator for it to update. I know the solution is somewhere in the Start function, and because i am not a programmer I have failed to try and fix it. Could someone tell me what section of the code to...
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie who recently started learning MQL4. I've been struggling with the problem below for quite a while now without success. Basically what I'd like to achieve is having the OBV indicator with a moving average in a separate indicator window. I used the OBV.mq4 for a start and
HI, please give me some advice. Below is the code sample to select the 2nd oldest opened order. I want to do similar things. I want to put ticket number and order profit in 2-dimentinal array. For example, [Ticket# , Profit] #12, $12, #14, -$1, ....... I see that I can use for next roop code to
Hello I am backtesting an EA and a strange problem is happening to me. When I set it with autolots for 0.01 lot for each 500 balance, with 10,000 starting balance, it works perfectly backtesting in "Open Prices Only " mode, no 131 error or any kind of issues. Now, with exactly same settings, but
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Here's something interesting that I saw on the Wave59 website. Modified Lomb Periodogram. The red oscillator reveals the relationship to the dominant market cycle. Wave59’s proprietary version is intelligent enough to know when it's confused. The green histogram indicates the level of error so you...
I am trying to understand the logic behind the half-trend indicator so I can port it to python. But since I don't know much about MQL4 , it's a bit difficult to understand how this indicator works. Can somebody explain it to me please ? Thanks
Hello there My EA requires counting the bars after an order has opened (measure MACD values against a 'sloping' (changing) value (not the signal)). This is what i thought (my problem): get the Order Open Time - OOT - (in seconds),datetime OOT=OrderOpenTime(); get the current time - Bar 0,    int...
Recently upon starting the terminal, not all of the indicators are loaded. Also, every icon has a gray diamond symbol which indicates the MQL4 file is not present. Upon checking the indicator folder, all MQL4 and EX4 files are present. After trying a bunch of things including a new install of
Hello, I want to compare the Bid and the Candle open price at the beginning of each candle, in EA. If Bid goes 20 Point(or more) higher than the Candle open price, Take a position. If Bid goes 20 Point(or more) lower than the Candle open price, Take a position. and And then wait for the next candle
hox i can put extension and indacatorsby ig market on mt4
My MFI expert advisor. If the position is in the overbought or sell zone after closing, it opens a new position immediately. Idont want this. I want it to open when the MFI indicator exits the overbought or oversold region and re-enters. What command should be added? Help please
I couldn't get in touch with the author , therefore I decided to ask in the forum to help me understand some function : Thank you in advance, please bare in mind that I am not professional IT or trader. so I am just an amateur, but I like to study more in Mql4 and EA, so please help me understand
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hello guys. I have a question. I wan put my system like a provide signal, but when i check a sllipge is so bad for other trading server. Dont know why.? Do you think it help me when i rent VPS from mql5? Do you have some experiences. Thanks for advise
i have been looking at tutorials and basic stuff just trying to figure out how to close a order i created this program which should both open and close a buy position each tick input double l=1; void OnTick(void) { int p = OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,l,Ask,3,0,0,"buy",1,0,Green); bool