MQL4 and MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 platform update will be released on Friday, July 23, 2021. This version provides error fixes and platform stability improvements. The new build will be available through the Live Update system
The MetaTrader 4 platform update will be released on Friday, May the 14th, 2021. The new version provides the following changes: We have significantly optimized platform operation under Wine on macOS and Linux : Fixed display of emails, news, chats, as well as of Signals and Market sections. Fixed
Hello everyone, Please excuse my somewhat limited technical knowledge as I try to describe my problem. Before the recent update I used the EA Install v1.23 utility to build install packages. I used {metatrader}\experts\indicators as the destination folder for the installer to put the ex4 file into...
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Hi, Mr. Guru could you please help me to constantly refresh an ea after each tick movement. I have tried everything, But I just can't make it refresh constantly. What lines of code must I insert to keep an ea and indicator refresh after every tick? Tnx
Hello I am trying to draw Arrows Based on another indicator's signal from higher timeframe, but the problem i am facing is that it draws the arrow on multiple candles For example : If I check the arrow visibility on W1 timeframe and have the my indicator draw the arrow on D1 timeframe it will draw 5
i get 3 error i dont have the font necessary to run the scrpt on my computer, so i had to trabslate it from russian, i didnt write the code, nor do i know how to write mlq, it is far too comlpicated for me, when i looked into the help folder to try to get an undertsnading, i realized it would be
I want my indicator to open and write to 2 files but the indicator opens and writes only to the first file. I use the names and handles like this to write and open the file. First I define variables in the global scope: int handle1= 0 ; int handle2= 10 ; string name1=ABC; string name2= XYZ; then I
Hello, I wa looking at some EA builders and I can't figure one thing out. When using a Moving Average , there is a MA Shift cell and a Shift cell. I understand what MA Shift is but not what Shift is. I've seen it in another editor as "Back Shift". Any ideas
I didn't find any ChartGetInteger() function showing if the crosshair is enabled. Are there other possibilites?
hi i am a poor customer but looking for A class coder to code my demand /supply base EA with the help of Demand supply indicator.. plus i also need to add alert in the indicator project is very complicated but i cannot afford more than 60 $ ..project may require 100 $ .. but i cannot afford more
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Hi, I this thread I plan to represent some interesting EAs with Casino Games Strategies (Roulette for example). In the 1st version I don't use any technical analysis. The main feature is Money Management for the Roulette. Try to optimize inputs for best performance. Very important parameter is...
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hello, my case now is I purchased EA from market and cant load it in my mt4, ‘C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\xxxxxxxxxx\MQL4\Experts\Market\name EA.ex4’ other EAs are fine. Im using MT4 ICmarket. reinstall several times already
Alphabetic Index of MQL4 Functions - MQL4 forum (2009.12.18 08:55) updated for Build 600+ AccountBalanceFileFindFirstIsExpertEnabledSendFTPAccountCompanyFileFindNextIsLibrariesAllowedSendMailAccountCreditFileFlushIsOptimizationSendNotificationAccountCurrencyFileGetIntegerIsStoppedSetIndexArrowAc...
Hi :) Please could someone be so kind as to attach mobile push notifications to this MT4 indicator? Indicator is in attachment. Thank you
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Hi! I'm having a very strange problem when trying to access the close price of the candle in another timeframe. Sometimes the value comes right, but sometimes it comes wrong. Any idea what might be happening? Code: input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES     UseTimeFrame  = PERIOD_D1;Print(iClose(Symbol()...
Hello, I got this code from this forum and I've which should let my orders only be executed once its been 2 Hours since my last trade closed. However, If I run it then my EA does not make it's first trade at all. I've forced it to buy using the OnInit Function and closing it when the Ontick Function
Hi friends, Hope you are doing well. my full question is: How to detect last tick of week for my broker to protect margin against next week possible "Market Gap". In other words by detecting this tick, my EA would be able to put TP/SL or Pending orders when current candle has no more tick to reverse
Technical Support, I have not gotten any response on this issue and I have been battling with it for months now. . I had successfully created and uploaded 2 signal indicators with a custom indicator say for instance custom A indicator and loaded them on Mt4 and it appeared on charts. The first one
Hi, I recently opened a demo account on MT4 (android), and recently installed the PC version. However, I cannot login to my account via the metaquotes-demo server on the desktop version? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
Hello moderator/support I have been having some challenges with loading new custom indicators i created for myself onto charts. I found out that ill have to reload and overwrite chosen indicator into the custom indicator build software to enable me create a new custom indicator and load onto MT4. as
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Hi Mr Tools, This might not be the right place to post this thread. But since I don't know where else to post it, I posted it here anyway. Would you please be so kind to look into an EA I created ? KST is an indicator I downloaded from this forum. In my opinion, KST has not got the attention it...
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Hi guys Does anyone have a planetary cycle indicator, I mean the graphs of the planets that the indicator plots on the chart on the MetaTrader 4 platform Example as in the picture م
hi. I downloaded Demo-MT4 on iPhone successfully and login without problem however i am having login issue on windows desktop . tried many times and believe type correctly the login number and password.. still error 'invalid ' i have no clue what went wrong. thank you for help
Hello, the timeframe parameter of iCustom is not taken into account. Calling Period() always return the timeframe selected in the strategy tester. If the timeframes don't match, the indicator returns the value 0. The function call: iCustom(_ Symbol, PERIOD_M5 , "Heiken Ashi" , clrRed , clrLime
Hello, I use an indicator with arrow signals. No, I can't use the icustom function, because it's arrow objects and has no buffer values. I am writing an EA, but how to find out, if the signal is a BUY or a SELL. Thank for helping
I have been having series of issues with my MT4 application. I downloaded platform from the broker and loaded indicators into them and other files/templates. But as time went on it started to slow my PC resulting into sometimes freezing my PC when there tends to be a little volatility in the market
Hi, guys i'm working Trailingstoploss function that i would like it to be 2 step trailng system. This how it should works. Let say it's OP_BUY OrderOpenPrice = 1.0000 Stoploss = 0.0010 // 10 pip OrderStopLoss = 0.9990 ; Trailvalue = 0.0001 // 1 pip The first step trailing should be at 1.0010 or
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I have this EA program that I purchased. Have been running a test on it since about 5/26/09, so far it looks good, My Stats report, do you think there is enough testing on this to accept it as usable in live trading or should I run it longer before I got live?
Hi, In MT4 Backtest there is always different type of drawdown and i always get confuse which one to notice. Can anyone explain what the difference and which is main drawdown. 1. Absolute drawdown 2. Relative drawdown 3. Maximal drawdown 4. Peak drawdown
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I test me EA on my own broker it works okay. But when I send in for validation I get the following : test on EURUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on NZDUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on GBPUSDcheck,M30 there are no trading operations test on XAUUSDcheck,Daily there are no...