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atthebest 2009.11.26 12:36 

Hello ,

this EA is shwoing great result but i am sure that it needs some tuching tunning ( i guess playing around with its codes or adding others )

Please have a look at it i am sure it worth it - i hope so -

attached is a forward test of this EA for just 5 houres or less ( when ever i get good profit i close it and start again )


atthebest 2009.11.26 12:58  

sorry forgot to add EA & SET THAT I AM USEING

eur usd


sin.set 1 kb
sinai.ex4 8 kb
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2009.11.26 13:13  

It is necessary to have mql4 file (source code).

atthebest 2009.11.26 16:18  

As requested,

the mql4 attached

sinai.mq4 5 kb
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2009.11.26 17:05  

It is just 2 MA indicators crossing EA ...

It can not be profitable for long way as 2 EMA crossing ( SMA period 2 of close and LWMA period 13 of low) can profitable just for few hours only.

I am sorry.

mcmalach 2009.11.26 17:30  

sounds like you might have just gotten lucky but ill take a look anyways theres always something that can be added to help out im sure then again im no programmer

Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic 2009.11.26 18:31  

If I may hop in :


These are the parameters that the ea used for test (the sin.set file). I commented every parameter that I think needs to be commented in order to explain exactly what was that EA doing (and what will it do in the future)
MA1_Period=1 MA2_Period=1
in both periods periods are set to 1 which means that no moving average is going to be calculated but a price for a chosen bar is going to be used
MA1_Method=2 MA2_Method=9
method 9 does not exist : ma methods are the following :
0 - simple moving average

1 - exponential moving average

2 - smoothed moving average

3 - linear weighted moving average

when metatrader is supplied with invalid parameter for ma type it calculates SMA (simple moving average)
MA1_Price=5 MA2_Price=15
price 15 does not exist price types are the following
0 - close

1 - open

2 - high

3 - low

4 - median (high+low)/2

5 - typical (high+low+close)/3

6 - weighted (high+low+close+close)/4

in cases when supplied with invalid parameter metatrader uses close for price






So, when looking into parameters the EA is trading when close crosses typical price (as I said, no MAs are calculated). The gains from the run so far are coming from the fact that stop loss is set to 150 pips and take profit is set to 10 pips. What it means is that one loosing trade is going to "zero" 15 winning trades. So the win/loos ratio should be 15 to 1 in order to make it break even (meaning it would need 92-93% winning trades)

Taking into account that the EA is taking positions more or less randomly (that kind of a price cross is close to that) it will achieve percentages far bellow the needed percentages and that way it will make it a non-profitable one


at the best, I hope you do not mind this way of answering to your post, but I hope that the most important to you is to avoid some mistakes and the purpose of this post of mine is that : to prevent an eventual error that could cost you money



atthebest 2009.11.26 19:29  


i really appreciate your posts and thank you alot for clearing me out

with all respect,

atthebest 2009.11.28 05:35  

Request for an EA !!

Hello every one

would appreciate it if you could write an EA for the attached Indicator

with this idia :

TF = 1M ( can be changed by the user from the settings )

if the candel closed on red then :

Enter with the next one ( sell) @ 0.01 ( first lot can be changed by the user from the settings )

profit = $ ( enterd in the settings by how much $ as a total gaind )

if the order went against us and the next or thired or fourth and so on changed its colore to <span style="color: Yellow;">yellow

then we enter on the next candel after the <span style="color: Yellow;">yellow one with @ 0.02

and wait for the total open orders to be in profit with = $ ( enterd in the settings )

hope it is clear for you

Thanks in advance

mtkhreb.rar 5 kb
pic.jpg 91 kb
Mladen Rakic
Mladen Rakic 2009.11.28 07:27  


at the best,


It always helps when one knows what indicators are doing to find an appropriate system So these are the Crystal ball and the Wonderful stop line but in more "readable" form.
Crystal ball is a cross of :
  • ema(5,close)
  • ema(8,open)

with an addition that the second ema can be a bar that is not the current bar (that is the crystal ball parameter in it : a bar to which you want it compared) In one word it is almost (but not completely) a MACD

Wonderful stop line is a sma(10,typical) from 2 bars ago


Will check some eas already posted on TSD but I think that there are already ones that work according to rules set by these indicators

PS: there is an easier way to save pictures in metatrader - from file->save as picture choose the one checked like on the picture above. It will save you some time (you do not need to hide details of account or any data that you do not want others to see since only the chart area is shown that way (like on the picture attached)) and it saves you some intermediate step you have to do otherwise



Walander 2009.12.12 19:11  


I was wondering if I could request a average range indicator that can be based on any custom range based on time.

Hence you can find any daily range for any timezone. Or any range of time size back a custom amount of periods.

So an example of the indicators goal would be able to calculate the range range of say, "8:00" to "17:00" for x periods back.Or the average range of the US EST close day for x periods.


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