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Let's look at the results of the tests on one and a few characters. The tests will be conducted in All ticks mode. You can use your own multisymbol EA schemes to reproduce the problem and share your results. Let us denote the problem. For example, if you test one symbol, the test time takes 1
Hello, how to detect stop or take profit ? It seems that transaction is not providing this information. This is a transaction protocol of a single in and out by stop loss: HK      0       16:28:32.544    Core 1  2018.04.03 09:00:00   market sell 0.60 Ger30 sl: 12015.81 tp: 11958.61 (11987.51 / 11987...
Hi guys, I've been getting this error on my expert advisor when writing to csv file. Below is my code. input double CommissionPerLot = 5.0 ; // Commission per lot parameter //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Expert Advisor initialization function
I backtested an EA on MT5 when I select "every tick based on real ticks ", I got a losing backtest : but when I choose "only ticks". I got a good result : the EA has a lot of positive reviews, so it's actually working live I think so why the discrepancy with real tick backtest ? I don't understand
In mql5, i made an ea that places multiple pending orders. Now when the stoploss of one of those gets triggered, i want to run a function that gets the input parameters (open price, stoploss and takeprofit) from that trade. I don't know how to start that funktion exactly when a stoploss gets
Hi all moderators and experts, I have written a MT5 EA in python, executing on window parallel under iMac M1. I use schedule function to recursively conduct trading strategies . The strange thing is the programme runs smoothly without error for most of the time, but, when it comes to 3 hours after
Hi I created a multi currency EA to work with 3 default symbols. At first the EA was working just fine until I added a 4th symbols and hell broke loose. So the issue is calculation of profits int he tester the values are just wrong. even when working with the 3 default symbols. I fail to understand
Hello, if i backtest my ea with visual mode. it trades and works perfect but if i close visual mode during backtesting or starting optimization, i can not see any trades? Can someone help me why this occurs? Thanks
I have a JSON string that I'm trying to use to make a webrequest string json = "{\r\n" "\"time\": \"2023-06-06 10:00:00\",\r\n" "\"type\": 2,\r\n" "\"volume\": 0.02,\r\n" "\"stoploss\": 1.2000,\r\n" "\"takeprofit\"
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Hi i have question about the vps execution ping, i have rented a vps that shows that i have normaly about 7.4 ms of ping ( not in the local server in the right at the bottom ), i had run a EA that need a very high speed of execution but when it tr to send the other the execution ping before that
The results are same whatever leverage I change in MT5 Tester
Hi, I am having troubles deleting pending orders when I release the EA from chart. OnDeInit() I use the following code void OnDeinit ( const int reason) { //--- // delete pending orders for ( int i= 0 ; i< OrdersTotal (); i++) if ( OrderGetTicket (i)) if ( OrderGetString (
I bought many experts on the MT5 market who gave good results in testers but put in VPS on a demo and real account they gave completely different results but, not only, by testing a month in real life and at the end of the month by repeating the test over the same period the results are always
Can someone please help me understand how to Automatically optimize my EA to a selected chart using a Python Script and the MT5 module for Python. Everything I've learned so far either 1) Simply didn't work, 2) Didn't make use of the MT5 Python module 3) Required me to learn C++ and build a DLL but
Hello, dear friends and experts. I have an expert advisor that works based on the the Trix indicator crosses. Its main part is coded as follows: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Expert tick function |
Hello everyone, Please my EA is not opening orders when uploaded on VPS but it opens on my laptop prior to migration. Don't know what could be wrong
Good night everyone, how are you? I'm trying to create an EA code that does the following task: When turned on, it sends a random order (buy or sell) to the market, places fixed target and stop. When the target is hit, it opens another order of the same type. If the stop is hit, it opens the same
Hi everyone, I'm developing a multicurrency expert advisor that trades multiple pairs simultaneously, specifying the forex pairs in an input string. I've noticed that changing the order of them sometimes changes the results as well. What can be the reason? The EA opens only at the close of the
I have about 6 extern variables in my EA and I want to back test the MT5 optimizer. I have a Rayzen 9 16 core - 32 thread CPU with 8 extra cores from 2 x intel core i7 computers in my Local Network Agent farm. I select the desired variables and steps in the "inputs" tab. It should perform a lot of
I get this error: failed cancel order #10 sell stop 0.35 XAUUSD at 1310.86 sl: 1313.16 tp: 1308.56 [Invalid stops] I assume it is because the price is too close to the order before the EA sends a request to delete the order. I use this function to delete orders, and I do check for freeze level, but
Hi to alla guys , Wile i was trying to set my EA code for a strategy in AUXUSD I get a strange value for SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE, spcifically this is my code snippet : int OnInit() { string szSymbol = "XAUUSD"; bool selected = SymbolSelect(szSymbol, true ); // select in market Watch bool found =
if (mPosition.Profit() > 0 ) { double ask = NormalizeDouble ( SymbolInfoDouble ( _Symbol , SYMBOL_ASK ), _Digits ); double bid = NormalizeDouble ( SymbolInfoDouble ( _Symbol , SYMBOL_BID ), _Digits ); double oldSl =
Hi, I have recently purchased an EA and have been using it for a few weeks. I double check the EA page to check for update and found it is not available anymore. I wonder what do I do if I want to install this EA to other computer please? Can I download it from the market somehow? Or can I copy the
title... for now I've done this: To create a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) from Ta-Lib, you can follow these step-by-step instructions: Download Ta-Lib source code: Visit the official Ta-Lib website ( ) and download the source code package suitable for your operating system. Extract
If you have a good strategy and are willing to share it, I can write an advisor
Hi @all. Maybe someone can help me. I've got an indicator, that sends me notifications when to open/ close positions. Is there a possibility to automate these orders out of the notifications
Hello everyone, I am trying to count pending orders placed by an EA. There is a very odd result -134545644 or so. This function runs in OnTick() function. Can someone help to get the correct result? I've included the code below. Thanks! int ordersTotal = OrdersTotal (); // Total
hey guys, i have a simple code that i to want make a bool custom function that looks for 2 simple patterns and if there is a pattern, takes true value (and print hello) and if not False, but when i want to code it with switch cases it gives me error. i only want it to take a number and bring it to
I'm running some optimizations on the MQL5 Cloud Network and many times it only utilizes 200-500 of the thousands of available agents. Is it possible to have it utilize more agents to get the work done faster? My guess is that the network only wants to allocate 5% or so of the agents so that other
Hey Guys, I'm pretty new to MQL5 and I'm trying to get the high and the low ONLY ONCE from 12:30 AM to 3:30 AM and then take those values after 3:30 AM and find the next new high/low. Any help would be much appreciated! datetime ExtractTime( datetime when, int hours, int minutes) { datetime sod