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Let's look at the results of the tests on one and a few characters. The tests will be conducted in All ticks mode. You can use your own multisymbol EA schemes to reproduce the problem and share your results. Let us denote the problem. For example, if you test one symbol, the test time takes 1
Hello friends How I get 99.9% modelling quality on MT4 build 950 ???
Hi all. It is my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) that I can follow the instructions here to build the equivalent of an EA in python instead of MQL5, calling the python functions on that documentation page to handle all the broker interaction, and all the other logic and calculations
Hi. The following code gives buy or sell signal with alert when bSetup or sSetup equel to 5 , respectively. I want to have buy and sell signals with alert when sSetup or bSetup equel to 5, 11, 13 and 15. Can anyone solve the problem
I posted another similar question but maybe it's too complicated. Trying here for a related, but different/simpler question... The MQL5 documentation on this page gives an example of a python script that can communicate with a broker, get some ticks and other data, and then operate on it -- all in
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Hi, I'm encountering a data loading issue when trying to backtest on UK100 symbol. The errors log from the journal is shown below. Looks like the error is "Cannot add tick event (events' array size is 35782656)" I also encounter the same problem when trying another broker account. Any ideas what is
Ussually, It happens several times, that once a forward simulation has been carried out, when you press "Start simulation" from forward window, the terminal hangs. do you know how to fix it
Hello Everyone I have a problem in optimization passes. I've searched a lot but non of questions nor the answers in the forum was the one solving this problem. The problem is that i have some bool parameters in my inputs which when they are set as false there is no need to optimize some other
Just to tell a not so grave bug i have had for a while now : in the tester, when optimizing some parameters of an EA, dots results are being plotted on a window, the bug is : if you close some window in the background, the current window stops displaying dots results. Even the optimization
How To Make EA Trade Only Once A Day , Please Help Me If My EA Open Trading Method Execution Is Correct And I Want It To Only Execute Once In That Day And Not Allow My EA To Open Other Trades And Not Fixed Time To Open Trades Of The Day Can Someone Tell Me How I Should Do It , Thanks A Lot
I want someone to help get asimple free code for mt5 with trailing stop ..actvate after profet with stop & step...and with stoploss and take profet ...thank you in advance
I have been trying to program various strategies and have been able to figure out how various timeframes react with various strategies. Some of these are particularly good with metals which I can't figure out why. so any ideas on this situation? Also since I trade forex only, I notice than randomly
Does anyone know of how to obtain a reliable arbitrage EA for Mt4/5
//+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Margin Leverage from the broker - for better calculations on big accounts.| |
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Hi there community, I've got a doubt on this lines. double GlobalTarget =(((Positive+ PositionsTotal ())/ 2 )*Equity)/ 100 ; double TakeProfit=GlobalTarget; if (Positive> 0 ){ TakeProfit = NormalizeDouble ( GlobalTarget /Positive, 2 ); GlobalTarget =GlobalTarget/( PositionsTotal
Hi There; I've written a system on EA that hopefully executes multiple symbols concurrently. I=t works perfectly per individual instrument. just need to find a way to execute it properly on multiple symbols. The error starts at ticket 50+ for 2 instruments on the backend. meaning i'm able to
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Hello, I am working on being able to input an array of values into a moving average function to be able to create an MA of any set of data basically. But before I get to that point, I am trying to improve my knowledge of arrays as I feel under-developed. I am simply trying to put the Ask value into
I have plan to Handle scenarios may cause Expert malfunctioning. This is Error codes may return in the run time. However, I want to handle these errors and some may not even Return errors. I made this topic to be a start point for something big and every one who is willing can contribute. I will
Hi Can anyone help to initiate trade when price is above MA and high of three bullish candle breaks
i am trying to figure out how i can replace these call functions in my EA so that i can submit them for mql5 market. i am new to coding so i know the easy way of doing it by using user32.dll then it allows me to A) close trades or B) turn off EA trading in total The ea i am building is for Trade
bool MarketClosed() { bool closed= false ; MqlDateTime STime; datetime time= TimeCurrent (); TimeToStruct (time,STime); datetime date_from, date_to; bool session_exist= true ; uint session_index= 0 ; //--- get over all sessions of the current day while (session_exist) {
I bought an excellent mt4 expert, it works very well in the moments in which the trend is not very directional but when there are certain periods with very strong trand in a certain and constant direction it must be stopped otherwise it goes into OTM. I would like to know if there is a way to stop
Hello, So, when the price gets to your limited order price , but the limited order is not executed. Every day I see a few of them. I am assuming my order is far back in the book queue and never gets a chance to be executed. But, how do you handle this condition in your EA ? I see some options: 1)
Hi, I ask the more experienced a doubt since I have not been involved in MQL4 programming for long. Up to now I have used Alpari data at 90% for backtests, but seeing that everyone recommends doing them at 99% (Since I understood, the difference is considerable) I tried to download the data from the
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Hi, I've written an indicator that works pretty well when I need to trade and want to convert it to an EA. Clearly, the indicator is using the OnCalculate event and the EA the OnTick event.  However, when I convert my indicator to an EA it doesn't work as I the original indicator does and I...
I've been trying to code my strategy into an EA and i use all symbols and all timeframes when using my scalping strategy, i've been trying to do the same with the EA and end up with some error, i am still a little new to coding and my code may be completely wrong but someone help me out. If im using
HI, I'm a newbie. If I purchase an EA, can I install it on several MT5 on the different computer? All the MT5 will be logged on to my mql5 account, btw. Please help. Thanks
Hello, I'm currently developing support for multiple Symbol experts and I'm facing the following problem: Given the expert is attached to a chart, the documentation for OnTick says: > The NewTick event is generated only for EAs upon receiving a new tick for a symbol of the chart the EA is attached
hi how to do " Shift end of the chart from right border" in EA?
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So today I just connected my account with MQL VPS through MT4, it deactivate the Auto Trading and traffered the ea to the VPS. The VPS is currently running one Ea but I have another Ea which i want to run in the same account but that ea requires DLL which is not allowed in MQL VPS. Will it be a