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Let's look at the results of the tests on one and a few characters. The tests will be conducted in All ticks mode. You can use your own multisymbol EA schemes to reproduce the problem and share your results. Let us denote the problem. For example, if you test one symbol, the test time takes 1
Can you tell me if this is a realistic tester figure? And is this a good or bad result for a year with a deposit of $3,000
Hi, while backtesting, there are tons of messages that I don't need: - order performed - deal performed - position modified - stop loss triggered - market buy - market sell - deal #100 done - etc. If there are 100 of the above messages every second, it is difficult to keep track of the important...
Hi, I've come to a bit of a hiccup. In 1 of my programs, I need to make automated chart screenshots. The function for that is: ChartScreenShot(chartId, fileName, ss_width, ss_height, align_mode); Prior to that I ChartNavigate to some time in history, where bars_navigated is much larger than...
The DD% in the tester optimization is "Equity DD% Maximal", but I want to see "Equity DD% Relative", what should I do? please help, thank you
When i try this code to get the number of events; It doesnt give any results in strategy tester but it works in real data. Why doesnt it give any data in the backtest? How can i fix my code? Thanks void OnTick () { datetime start_of_day = iTime ( _Symbol , PERIOD_D1 , 0 ); datetime end_of_day =
Hello. I have code that opens a file using int file_handle = FileOpen (file_name, FILE_READ | FILE_COMMON | FILE_TXT ); ...... FileClose(file_handle); If I run it with optimization disabled and visual mode disabled, it runs fine the first time, but after that any additional runs return
I have an EA as below. I want: - limit the number of ending order = 20 (EA place ~200 order) - When there is a profit of 200 points (20 pips), shift the SL and TP by 20 pips (using CheckAndAdjustProfitableOrders () and ModifyPosition ()) - At the same time, close half the volume of active position
Hi all, My funtion: double ProfitCheck(long const magic_number){ double profit=0.0; HistorySelect(0, TimeCurrent()); int trades_total = HistoryDealsTotal();   for(int i=0; i < trades_total; i++)     { long ticket = HistoryDealGetTicket(i); long...
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I have no knowledge of coding yet while compiling an ea i managed to reduce the 15 errors to just 2, both are the same '' 'if' - open parenthesis expected '' and when i click on this error it leads me to this point in the code which i cannot rectify void tick22() {if {tick22==true} { and
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Hi, I'd like to have few infos about how that service work. I found it very convenient as you can set it up on the fly with no login on a server etc. But ... The terminal I used to sync it on : Once migration done, is it still connected on my side ? If it's still connected do I have to...
Hello I have this problem, can someone helps me to fix it? Thanks
Hi I am a newbie who doesn't know how to write the code properly and found this kind of error using ai, please help fixing this I am hopeless TT Error logs & MQL5 Respectively Description File Name Line Column 'SELECT_BY_POS' - undeclared identifier Lastone.mq5 168 29 ' OrderSelect
Hi, is there a way to let a bot trade looks like a manual trade in mql4 and/or mql5? Somebody told that there is a "self" or "shelf" attribute when you place a trade with an EA but I didn’t find anything a out that. Thanks for any hint
Hi Everyone, I am having issues with the method PositionSelectByTicket (ticket_id); After I open a new position (ctrade.Buy) and a few lines later call bool res = PositionSelectByTicket (ticket_id); it returns a false. But the position is sitll there and it is visible in the table. Any ideas how I
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I set myself a task: to demonstrate the capabilities of custom graphics via CCanvas class in a short code. Here's what came out of it. This script works in both MQL5 and MQL4. But it is much faster on MT5. Each frame is unique and does not repeat, i.e. the script is not cyclic. #include
hi. I have error in my expert. you can find my codes and errors in below. please advice me. thanks. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| crossma.mq5 |//| Copyright 2020, MetaQuotes
What is MQL5 Wizard : The MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform includes the MQL5 Wizard , which allows to quickly generate code of an Expert Advisor (Expert Advisor builder). With MQL5 Wizard, knowledge of programming languages is no longer a prerequisite for creating trading robots . In the past, it
A must ! Before using it or asking any question : please read the Online Help (Also accessible by F1 on your MT5 platform) Strategy Tester For Traders General overview of the possibilities. Overview of results : Visualize a Strategy in the MetaTrader 5 Tester The general information about
this is the MQL5 code I use: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Socket.mq5 | //| Copyright 2024, Javier Santiago Gaston de Iriarte Cabrera. | //|
I've had some code that has been working fine on a demo account ever since I wrote it 9 months ago. Using MT5. I recently moved to a funded account (live) and have run into issues. Here a snippet of my original code where I located the issue is occurring, that was working fine on demo okay. I'll
Hello All, I'm sure the answer is buried deep within this forum and I have attempted to look just didn't find anything I might be able to use. Well any ways. Here is what I am trying to do. Basically once an order is closed I want the take profit booleans to be set back to false that way the current
Hello. I have a program that opens a position with a higher lot size if there's a position open and it aims to multiply based on the lowest lot size but I'm having trouble getting the lowest lotsize. Please help double getLowestLots(){ double lowestLots = 0 ; for ( int i = 0 ; i < PositionsTotal
Is there any function to return the day of the week of today? Like: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Hello Friends Is there a way to contact 'Service Desk' for technical issues which remained unresolved on the forum? I have been struggling for almost three weeks now, since the last release of MQL on 21st June 2024 after which the problem started. Regards
Hi every one. Please help me how solve error in backtest after updating mt5 and compiling my program: Access violation at 0x000000007FFF00D6 read to 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF In forum I found several similar problem but no clear answer. Thanks
Hello Everyone, If you are an EA developer and experienced with the following: 1. Reviewing and running EA in the marketplace. 2. You know tricks and scam EA sellers use to show fake back test. 3. Avoiding fake back test. I would like to hire you for a 1-hour consultation fee on how I can mitigate
Hi, I am running MT5 on Wine (Linux Ubuntu) and I get this message in the journal tab of the 'Strategy Tester Visualization' window, "IO operation failed with code e9 (233)" The log file gives the same info, the ending lines are NP 0 13:50:34.592 Tester final balance 10000.00 USD RJ 0 13:50:34.592
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Where can I learn neural network in mql5? Or which book can I use to learn neural network in mql5 or mql4
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Hi Better has really good EA and is winning the championship Participants - Automated Trading Championship 2007 Profile Better - Automated Trading Championship 2007 What is NN ? Where are the NN threads in this forum? Can anyone here make this EA El cid