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Hi I want to upload my EA to the market i get a error at the Automatic validation ( When i run it on back test or real accound i dont get any error ) the code is double optimallotsize( double PercentLossFortrade, double EntryPrice, double StopLossPrice , string SYMBOL) { if (PercentLossFortrade> 5
I have a script that launches the Meta Trader terminal and runs some EAs on a regular basis. For this, I use an MQL config file that I run this way: C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5 \terminal64.exe /config:path\to\MetaTrader\folder\config\custom_config.ini The problem is that the Meta Trader window
Hello everybody, Please i want someone who can help me to make automatic trade from FiboPivotCandleBarMT5 indicator. The indicator send me alert and i want to make to algo trading. thanks for your help Please download the file down
Hi.. I´m doing Walf-forward optimization and I´d like to know if there is some criteria to pick a better configuration from backtest to run it on foward. I´m trying to find this procedure to use it in the last backtest optimization, on pre-living. Then, a better configuration can be picked up to run
I can't remember if I ever could change the input parameters just before starting to debug. It seems that I can when using real-time data but not when using historical data (which I always use). But it's not a big deal because I thought I could just change the value in the source and recompile. But
Dear Members I am a bit confused about what method to use in EA for indicators. Read few articles on this and come to conclusion that 'Implementing Indicator Calculations' inside the EA is best practice. However while going through this article '' on the forum
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Hello, after several hours of searching on google, Youtube and on the forum I finally found a way to export the mt5 data to Excel thanks to a small MFC application (DDE server), the problem is that the code allows to have only the name of a company that serves the account , the server time the
Hi everyone. I wonder how in the world the dealer can run the trade using EA. So when I hover to the running trade, It shows tooltips like image attached. Anyone have an explanation
Dears, I´ve executed my script in strategy tester mode, and found out that the same script, when executed in different times, is giving different results. The point is that, doing the same test several times, there are times I´ve got 3 trades, and there are time I´ve got 21 trades for the same back
I have a very specific object that i had watched in a youtube video I want to draw a chart like this on my template with all the symbols in my market watch and if a sell condition is executed it should display "SELL" in the respective symbol and timeframe. Any ideas
I am new to MQL. I am looking for a simple multi symbol multi time period EA template which can be used as a template to create new strategies? Suminda
NOTE: The continue operator passes control to the beginning of the nearest outward loop (while, do-while or for) operator, the next iteration being called. please CORRECT Me, if I am wrong ... for ( int i = ( int ) MathMax (prev_calculated- 1 , 0 ); i < rates_total; i++) { double vol;
i bought an EA from MQL5 platform. when my computer updated then EA not working waste one activation. is there is any solution for this
Could anyone make a EA that is one of my own signal ways (merging RSI with Moving average in MT5)
I have a custom indicator that I want to delete it when some actions happen and add new one with different inputs. Also if its possible just change the input of my indicator. // for example delete the first one and add another one or just modify the first one iCustom ( "GBPUSD" , PERIOD_M1 , "ticks"
Hello, I would like help with the optimization of an EA on MT5 I have a very complex EA that requires very precise optimization. It is a multipare EA, which works on the 28 pairs at the same time. Backtest work perfectly, using "all Tiks", and even the customme pairs I imported from Tick Data Suite
Hello everyone! First of all, forgive me if this topic is repeated, but I did not find anything similar. I was wondering if it is possible to rebalance and redistribute optimization work based on fast genetics when some agents finish before others in a generation . I have a local network with
I've been coding EAs for a few months now, and using different indicators to detect trends. Eg multiple moving averages combined with ADX, or RSI combined with Bollinger bands. In the forums, I often see people discussing using "MTFs" (multiple time frames) for their trading systems and EAs. How
Hi, I have MT5. I've written a nice algo that works quite fast. I wrote a program to try different settings. It closes and opens MT5 on each run so I can change the settings. I can run it overnight, but after about half an hour of multiple tests it slows down so much I have to reboot my computer. In
Hello, I have created an moving average in an EA. how can i add: input int shift=-15; positive or negative ? input int shif=- 15 ; int handle1; int OnInit () { handle1= iMA ( Symbol (), PERIOD_CURRENT , 10 , 0 , MODE_EMA , PRICE_CLOSE ); return ( 0 ); } void OnTick () { //--- double
Hello, what do you think is the better way to manage your stop losses when you trade real stocks and NOT CFDs. 1. Send stop loss directly within your market order so that it lies at the broker/exchange side 2. Or manage stop loss within your code (virtual stop loss) meaning when the price reaches
I need a help how to lock my EA/Script based on my login account number and one broker only such as "FXDD" ? example: my login number in my broker "FXDD" is 12345 , and I want my EA/Script can run only in that login number and FXDD broker. please help NOTE: better if you can give me an example of
Hello trades and experts Could anyone make a EA that is one of my own signal ways (merging RSI with Moving average in MT5)? best for all
Here is a step by step guide for buying, installing, testing and using a Metatrader 5 Expert Advisor (Robot, Bot are whatever): 1. First make sure that you have the necessary funds required for your purchase in your MQL5 account, its always easier to pay with your MQL5 balance, than using a credit
Can anyone help with this request pls. Is there any MQL5 script or EA which can be used to restrict no of manual open positions for an account at a given time. For eg. 4 open positions at a time. Thanks in advance for your help
To be clearer, If I gave a developer the expert advisor file can he/she remaster it for a newer version of MT? Just have some thoughts for the future. Thanks
I would like to validate EA input values (i.e min. and max.). Is this possible? I would like to enable some inputs based on the selection of one other (i.e. enabling one option would enable some other inputs). Is this possible too?
In the watch panel, testFunction() could not be evaluated. While testVariable returns properly the value from testFunction() (1234) //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| test_expression_not_evaluated.mq5 | //|
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hi how can i make a demo version of my robot? I don't want the person I send to see the codes on my robot. I just want it to use it for 1 day. how can i set them
hello when conection is green/red robot can open trade? Green/red means a direct connection to the server