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Hello everyone, Is it possible to create an algorithm for the robot to interpret order book, price below or above, to enter or leave? I wish he could differentiate a high or low volume in the order book. Any suggestions for material to accomplish it
Hi at all, in execution of ea in backtesting optimization: - is there a way/function/parameter for get number pass of backtesting optimizzation ? - is there a way/function/parameter for get input/extern variables name in optimization mode ? - is there a way/function/parameter for terminate pass of
Hello my dear friends actually I'm trying to code an EA but I can't code the take profit part... I would like to take profit if the price hit the MA5 at that point so I wrote something like this : if(!PositionSelect(_Symbol)) { mrequest.action = TRADE_ACTION_DEAL; // Immediate
Hi there, I wrote a code to partial close orders else in profit or los at specified distance or current profit/loss by equity. The problem is that expert's currently partially closing last ticket not each one separately, I mean for example: First order: 0,03, second order 0,05, partial close 1/3
Hello, Im trying to automate a function that close position, if tomorrow is not a trading day in as specific symbol. I managed to check if tomorrow is saturday/sunday but I don't know how to check if tomorrow is a holiday for example. How can I check if tomorrow is a trading day? Thank you, Yu
I have this EA am coding in mt5. still learning Mt5 though. The EA takes multiple trade on one candlestick in the same direction, I don't want it so. I want only one trade once I have a buy signal and the take profit or stop loss is hit, no more trade untill the opposite sell signal becomes true
Hello friends, Was wondering if anyone could help me adding some code to my expert advisor. What im looking for is adding a code in my ea which will limit on how many open position. So if there is an open position, no new trade will be executed before the old position is closed Would really
I hope this finds everyone in good health. I am working on an expert adviser, but it is giving me a headache. The expert adviser open similar positions when stops or takeprofits are hit. That is, is a sell trade goes bad and hits a stop loss, the EA opens another trade immediately. Can anyone please
Hello everyone. I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I just can't seem to find it anywhere. I placed same EA on three different charts but something is not working out as expected. I used the code attached to limit the number of trades per symbol but it seems that the EAs on the other charts
i have an EA that does nothing trade related, it just displays some text, is there a easy way to convert it to a indicator
Hello, My broker time is GMT + 3 I'm looking for utilities that can excecute position at certain hour (E.g. at 10:00 GMT+3 buy 0.01 lot EUR/USD) Does anyone here know of such a utility? Thank you
  Array problem (7)
Hi experts, I am confused about these code. I have tried to create array in struct.Those initial value should be "0" in all array. but why not?How does it come from? struct line { int index[]; }; int count1=0,count2=0;line test[];void OnTick() { for(int q=0;q<5;q++) {
Hello, I developed an EA and tested it on historical data using the Strategy Tester. When I checked it with "every tick", it made a big profit, with low draw down. But when I checked it with "every tick based on real ticks" it was a losing strategy, with very high drawdown. How can it be, such huge
HI, everyone Please help to advise. My optimization too long waiting time, now MT5 agent can calculate at 27905 of 129024 steps use time feel day 20:42:52/95:44:21 time remain for 4 days (I think time 95 hour for my cpu 8 core right?) My laptop is core i7 2.8 MHz processor local 8 core agent, it
Hi folks, I'd like to know if is it possible to have an EA to autotrading using a Renko "timeframe" with my strategy. Thank you
  Simple EA (5)
Hello. I need a simple EA that will open orders if: 2 bullish candles followed by 2 bearish candles: open short order on the opening of the next candle. 2 bearish candles followed by 2 bullish candles: open long order on the opening of the next candle. The EA must have SL, TP and Trailing Options
My premiere here with this thread, I want to share my experience with automated risk management, after thinking about the issue many times, I found this OrderProfitCheck function that belongs to the MoneyFixedRisk risk management class, before writing that does this function, I put them in context
Hi, wanted to ask, if the EA is taken off the market after purchase, will i still be able to download and use the EA
Hi. I want to increase the amount I can enter on all options by another 2 digits. Eg: Now I can enter stoploss max 60000 but since my broker gives 6 digit price, I want to increase it's number to about x00000. Or more if possible. Trying to make ea work on vix index. I couldn't find a number which
Dears, first of all currently i'm using MQL5 for coding and during my coding on a strategy, i figured out there is a limited amount of history exist on each timeframe during backtesting. as an example there is almost one year data exist for H1 timeframe over back test. this means if i start from
Hello, There is possibility to put controls like button into particular field in table in mql5? If yes please give some hints. Thx in adv
MT5 question Hi guys, I'm have a button on my panel and need to call FileFindFirst() to get handle of files in a folder when clicking on the button. everthing is good at mql4, buy I want to convert my source code to mql5. I don'k know why i can not get file_handle by click event. if I click on a
Hey Guys and Girls, I'm relatively new to trading with a VPS, just need to find out how i can go in and change or add a single chart? I have 20 charts up and running on the VPS currently, I just need to change 1 Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance
I am trying a fairly simple thing and failing miserably. Sorry for the long post but this got me scratching my head. Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. My advisor is supposed to draw some trendlines. I find some pivot points and store them in a CList called Pivots. No problem here. But
Hi, I have a few questions that I could do with some help with answering if anyone has time... If I am back testing an EA on M15 is 4 months of data sufficient? (Every tick) The last 4 months have covered numerous conditions in the pair I am looking at and at a highish-frequency like M15 I am coming
Hi i'm new here. How to create a layer like this ?? Grouping layer with fixed lot.. What it called ? it opened the layer with 0.50 then grouping into 6 first layer that using same lot.. And when reach 7 it opened maybe by martingale 0.75 to 6 second layer because my current layer is like this
Can anyone help me to give some simple example on how to use SymbolExist() in EA of MT5 ? Thank you
Hello all, I found a signal provider on<Deleted> and I can't find it on mt4 in the signals tab. Why? And how I can add it? Thanks
i want to open long order base Previous bull candel and open short order base previous bullish candel. Who can help me ...thank you
Here you are my Main code: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| CloseAllPositions.mq5 |//| Copyright 2016, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|