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I was trying to register a VPS account through NT4 terminal and get attached error message, that no server was found. I was logged in successfully into my MQL5 community account. I an very thankful if someone can guide me how to solve this issue. Thank you very much
Hello, everyone! First and foremost - happy New Year to every single one of You!:) Wanted to ask about MQL5's VPS. In rules, it is being said that it is possible to migrate up to 32 charts to VPS, however, I need to migrate...39 charts. What could be the solution here? 2 platforms, both running the
Hi, everyone. I'm searching for an expert based on fibonacci retration, but one configurable that i can set the line of oppening order, take profit line and stop loss line. Example: My order is set before 100.0 fibonacci level, my stop loss after that, and my take profit before 61.8 [to a sell
Hi guys, I'm trying to get a value of a variable from a custom indicator using CopyBuffer without succes and I don't understand why. This is my Indicator file mql5 double CandlesticksPatterns[1];-----------------------------------------//I've set the array 1 because if empty i get error 4806 (I
Does anyone know if the new update of the Windows version will give problems with the installed EA? Regards
Regarding the EA modification, how to modify the pending order for immediate execution
Hello. I just new to EA trading. I see an EA which prefer in M1 Timeframe. I began to test it on strategy tester, but the report said that the Quality Score only 25. How do i solve this problem? I have tried to add the Historical Data for M1 Timeframe but seems doesnt work at all. The Testing
Good evening, I'd like your opinion. I am a programmer. I have recently started using MQL4 I made an EA for a specific change and these are the results in the years 2018 and 2019. I would like to know if it is a good result, what parameters are to be improved, and if this EA can have a commercial
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why any expert advisors don't work for TSE assets
how can I make my indicator that givs buy arrow and sell arrow work as an expert advisor
Hi, I have encountered an interesting issue - my live account with a particular broker has 1:30 leverage (and that's also what ACCOUNT_LEVERAGE property says), but for some instrument types (cryptocurrency-based CFDs, e.g. BTCUSD) the leverage is reduced to 1:2 instead of 1:30. Nevertheless, when I
hi all, i want to do a currency strength type of EA So, let's say i want to long EU I want to see if euro part of the pair is in also long in EJ, EG so is it possible to automatically identify Eur in the EU on my chart and then find the euro direction from EJ, EG ? hope you understand my...
What is the maximum lenght of the body that GET request can send in MQL4 (I am using webrequest) ? Also Can I extend it
Hello, i'm trying to write expert advisor to send alert signal to a microcontroller board attached to my computer in COM3. I inspired to try this when i saw video on youtube to communicate to arduino with C++ languange (code attached). I have already upload the code to arduino and it's look like
Hi, I`ve been trying to create an EA but i am having trouble with the Trailing Stop, i have tried everything and it wont work, when i compile everything is fine, no errors, but when i simulate the Trailing Stop does nothing. I would like that everytime i am having 40points gain, my stop loss would
hello Can I make the strategy tester visual mode runs faster
Hello This EA has been developed, is highly flexible and does have profitable settings. I'm (bravely/stupidly) opening it out for people to test and share any profitable strategies they might find. It's not coded for MQL Marketplace yet, so it can't be sold on or used to develop a signal service....
I used EA for trading by MQL5 VPS. But when I removed EA from chart, go out and turn off my laptop. When I came back home and turn on laptop, the EA automatically triggered one entry. Then, I stop connected to server MQL5, manually exit the entry. Then I turn on MQL5 server on Navigator tab, even
Hi traders, I just started renting an EA for MT4 platform. It required the Autotrading to be active. I click this, all is good. It turns green. Then I synchronize everything with my MQL5 VPS that I rented. Now autotrading turns off. In the journal I see "Virtual Hosting: XXXXX automated trading...
Hi folks, I'm facing some issues, because when I'm running a backtesting in "Real Tick" mode, the prices between ticks and m1 (one minute chart) are not matching. Because of that, my EA is getting differente prices. I don't know why MT5 need to use one minute data when we are running "real tick"
string symbol = Symbol(); int stop_loss = 150; int take_profit = 100; double lot_size = 0.01; int slippage = 10; double open_pip = 50; double close_pip = 18; double bid = MarketInfo(symbol, MODE_BID); // Request for the value of Bid
Hi All, I wanted to ask what some of you are getting results in Backtest. What results in backtest do you consider are good, and are enough to start forward testing? Thanks Pascal
Hi I hope someone can help me with this issue. I am migrating a chart with an EA attached to MQL5 VPS server. The migration fails with the below message in the Terminal journal: 2019.12.23 20:50:15.652 Virtual Hosting 6092025: failed to send migration data ( receive response
Since a few builds, there is never a last line visible in the chart. It worked in the past, but its gone since a while. Can anyone agree
I have a problem with an EA, I did the back test and so far so good. At the time of the wheel a "dependencies" tab appears and the message "C:\Users\Leandra\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\1DAFD9A7C67DC84FE37EAA1FC1E5CF75\MQL4\Libraries\stdlib.ex4 " With the following alert message: " string
Hello, Is there anything to do when my account is calculating the wrong lot size of the signal that I'm copying? My balance is: 6097 USD Signal Provider balance is: 215441 USD Both have leverage of 1:500 I allowed 95% use of margin Signal have a position with 1.85 Lots But my account opened only
Hello, i have a problem with pendings orders in backtest, this is my code int OrdiniApertiPending() { ulong ticket; int Magic; int Totale=0; string type; int iOrders=OrdersTotal(), i; for(i=iOrders-1; i>=0; i--) { ticket=OrderGetTicket(i); if(ticket!=0)// if the order
hey everyone I have create multiple EAs for money management and they don't trigger any trade.and because of that, the website doesn't allow me to upload them as products . Can I get a tip? thank you
Hi, How can we get the market value of a symbol in stock market using MQL5 code? My broker is Mofid Securities (mofidsecurities-server). Or how can we can the number of shares of a symbol in the stock market. Thank you
Hello i need help, I have start the code of my ea, but i have one error "int start" already use. I see who i have 2 line int start, but by which I must replace the 2nd (i am novice) can one user send to me the correct syntaxe ? thank you int ccc = 123; int start () { if (AccountNumber ()! = ccc)