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Need some advice before I request the EA to be programmed. The basic criteria as per below and I want to know if this is achievable and open to suggestions if this will be too complex for one expert to handle. Can be traded with or without a filter - The filter is an indicator based on higher non
got new issue! sorry to keep asking for help but this one is just simply weird! MA crossover wrote million times by everyone here... here is my code but instead of MA crossover i use EMA & AMA cross over i tested as usual work very quick with MA crossover but as soon as i change it one of them to
Good morning, i need to know how much the platform will automatically pick up the next renewal of VPS rent. Is the value under Price column in My Subscribsion tab? Tyvm for your answer
#property copyright "objemmanuel"#property link ""#property version "1.00"input int TrendPeriod=5;input int SmoothingCoefficient=2;input int HistoryBars=5000;input int stopLoss=100;input int takeProfit=100;input double volume=0.01;enum orderType{ orderBuy
  iBars() takes forever (11   1 2)
Build 2190 My platform was crashing when I ran my code. I slimmed it right down to this input ENUM_TIMEFRAMES TF_Lowest = PERIOD_D1; // Time frame 1 (Lowest)string SymbolArray[];bool FirstTick=true;//+------------------------------------------------------------------+void
Hey guys just got weird issue well i solved other way i wanted to collected all pairs Close price on end of each day i used iClose(_Symbol,_Period,1); i used SymbolInfoDouble and MqlRates instead query finished quickly! wondering is there some issue with iClose in MQL5?! i didnt have this sluggish
I am testing an EA with Visual mode enabled, the issue I am having is that everytime I run a test the visual mode opens in another tab, how can I run it from the same window everytime without manually having to close the previous windows before running a test
Hi, Is there any way to retrieve the account owner's name in the Strategy Tester when testing EAs? Running AccountInfoString (ACCOUNT_NAME) in the Strategy Tester returns "Tester" instead of the account owner's name. I'm running MT5 2361. Thanks
I've been trying to test my socket connection using tester, as I will need it to communicate back and forth with Python. But it keep returning 4014. What I found in the documentation (, it cannot be called from an indicator, I've made it as an...
  EA Martingale (2)
Buongiorno, Chiedo indicazioni per trovare un EA che utilizza Martingale. Chiedo anche quali broker ti consentono di negoziare con micro account e leva finanziaria almeno 1: 500 o superiore. Infine, ti chiedo se conosci la possibilità di testare la possibilità di due o più incroci contemporaneamente
I have mt4 on my pc. the broket account is live on MT4 and working. as i am selecting to buy a signal from MQL5, it is asking to download MT5. however, i think that it should automatically give me option to download from my existing MT4 platform that is running. The signal is not compatible with
Hi coders ! well for a start, I'm not much of a professional coder, I'm still learning and I'm also sorry for my English language, i just hope you'll understand. thanks OK. so i have this EA I've been working on for some time now on MQL5, The problem is that it takes multiple trade on one candle
Hello, I am experiencing a real challenge in order to use the <name removed> with Metatrader 5. Thanks for your help
Hello, I'm just wondering if i follow a signal which trades UK100, would it works with an ECN account? Wondering because the symbol i have is FTSE100. Would it be traded
Hi, I am trying to migrate my chart ea on my vps server mql5 but its not getting successful. Can I try a bit far server like 7.841 ms? Coz all nearby 1.984 ms couldn't able to connect
I have an EA running that has the potential to open a new pending order with each new candle that gets created. I'm now trying to delete the oldest pending order that was created so that each currency only has one pending order at a time. However, I'm getting error 4108 when calling OrderDelete()
Hi all, I am trying to create an EA using the wizzard but the custom indicator i want to use is not visible in the drop down menu. Can someone help me with this? Many thanks
is it possible to convert EX4 file to MQ4 file.
Hi, I have two EA trade the same product, each EA sent a buy market order to the market with different comments (EA1BUY1, EA2BUY2) , however, MT5 combine my two trades as 1 position (netting mode) and if i am trying to find whats the comment of my position, it always return the latest trade comment
Hi!! I am testing two EA at same time but I can not identify which EA open each order...Would you mind to tell me which code shall I include in the EA code in order to identify each order in MT5? I mean, I can see this in my MT5 EURUSD, Buy 0.01 1.09046 --> 1.09474 2020.04.09 16:00:02 SL = 1.08645
Hello, I am making an exit strategy automation code, I started it as script but then thought that it much better to be EA to use OnTick() event handler but the problem is that it keep opening trades when I run it or when a trade is close !!!! I think this comes from auto generated code in OnInit()
Hey guys, What I'm trying to ask is how can I make a loop work for : for (int i=0; i<arraysize; i++) If (price[i] >price[i+1] & & price[i+1]>price[i+2].... I've been trying over and over but just can't figure out how to code it. Thanks
Hi everybody, I just want to make that seem to be a simple calculation to obtain the difference beween two MA decimal Values. I want to substract like this : First Value - Second Value Here is my code: double CurFastMAValue=NormalizeDouble(fast_ma_buffer[0],6);double
Hello, according to the MQL5 documentation it should be possible to determine whether an account is under the netting or hedging mode the following way: AccountInfoString(ACCOUNT_MARGIN_MODE_RETAIL_NETTING); Unfortunately this only produces a compilation error — any ideas, please
Good Morning! I am trying to put an EA on the market, but the validator does not accept it. In addition, the validator does not say the cause of the problem. The only error message is: "test on EURUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on NZDUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on
Hi guys I need help to edit this moving average stoploss EA. What I need is to have the MA take profit function too. In simple words i need that all orders get closed when price touch (or almost touch) a SMA. Could you help me please
Could someone help me to activate more then one expert advice strategy on one active account please
I am trying to optimize my EA did the first part took like 7hours for 10000 iterations now i am trying to do another optimization it is taking over 300 hours for just 10,000 iterations please what might be the problem
Hello ... I find a problem when I put the DLLSampleTester script on the chart I activated allow dll imports The following error appears in the experts tab - unresolved import function call - thank you for your help
hello good day, i´m trying to send some simple data from my EA in mql5 to an API. i wish send the follow string "id_ea=2&symbol=EURUSD&operation=SELL&value=1.3142" a my index.html void Enviar(){ string url=""; char post[]; char result[]; string headers; int res; string