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Hello everyone, I am testing and EA that I coded for trading EUREX futures. The EA works fine with the simulator but I am struggling to make it work live with the broker Ampglobal. I discussed with them this issue and they said that it should be a problem with MT5. The point is that every time that
How many mt4 I can run on metaquotes Vps , any one know it
Hi everyone, I wonder if it would be possible to run the strategy tester in visual mode from mt4 in a VPS provided by mt4 ? If i'm asking it is because i am backtesting my strategy over 10 years and i calculated that it will take arround 300 hours with my pc. Thank you in advance
hello, is it possible to watch severals pairs with 1 EA on 1 chart. exemple : the EA is attached to EURUSD D1, check on every pairs for the lowest volume of the period and send alerts. if someone can point me to the solution that be great, Thanks & Cheers
Hi everyone Could you tell me where I am wrong with this code I receive a error with this code. //--------------------------------------------------------------void Mail(){if(TimeCurrent()>OrderOpenTime()+1*(300*timeclose1)) { SendMail("Information", "\nBalance: ",AccountBalance(), "\nAccount
  iCustom (4)
Hello everyone. For a while now, I have been trying to learn how to use iCustom. I have limited sources and I get stuck quite often. I really need a workaround on how to let my EA know when a buffer plots an arrow, or detect the colour change. A sample code will be highly appreciated. Save a
Does any one know if there is a way to check the Mql5 username of a logged in user? I realize that we can use the TerminalInfoInteger to retrieve a bool about whether there is a connection to the mql5 community using the TERMINAL_COMMUNITY_CONNECTION identifier and also whether there is any data...
Hello, int ticketId = OrderSend(...) always returns 1 for me inseatd of a (fake) ticket number. Is the the correct behaviour for backtests? I want to select the (just) opened order to read some information from it.
Hi I need function wich return True if it is Currency Pair?! examples: IsCurrencyPair = TRUE if Symbol() is EURUSD IsCurrencyPair = FALSE if Symbol() is GOLD IsCurrencyPair = FALSE if Symbol() is JPN225 IsCurrencyPair = FALSE if Symbol() is XAUUSD IsCurrencyPair = TRUE if Symbol() is USDCAD
I have trenline EA and want to optimize this. How can modify trendline code because optimizer cannot read trendline
Hi everyone Everything is right in the email test section And I get the email test in my email But in coding I think I'm wrong and I don't get an email from an expert. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+int start() {double
Hello Guys, I am new to MQL, so sorry if my question would seem stupid to you. The question is as follow: I want to program an EA that uses two conditions. Step 1: Check if the first condition is fulfilled Step2: Wait for the second condition is fulfilled Step3: If fulfilled during defined time or
Hi there. Does it possible to create martingale EA without changing one source code? It means, can I use martingale EA just to add martingale source code
It's very important for backtesting ECN account
Hello everyone, I am using a martingale, now I urgently need to source other kind of EA. Especially multi pair EA. Anybody has it? Kindly let us know. Thank you
Hello All, I have been working on this EA that is to send alerts when at certain time of the day. It works on tester and will keep up with the days of rise and fall and send alerts based of what price had done previously. basically when I run this EA on multiple pairs it doesn't keep up with the
Fellow forum members, I am starting to think about making the move to MT5 from Mt4 and before I get some of my stuff coded I would like to ask more experienced users if what I am looking for is possible to backtest on MT5. I know MT5 has the ability to backtest multipair strategies but i am not too...
i am back testing an ea and i am getting bad results due to this "modify error 1" (check pics) at first it said in the journal logs the problem was an indicator and now that i check again in tester logs it only specify's an error, but anyways does anyone know what it means?? where can i search for
What would cause my topic to disappear from the listing
Hello everyone, I am new here and I have no idea of the rules, If I crossed anything please do let me know. I would like to ask regarding the best EA in the market, like what is the top rated/ best sellerEA that is working well? I have no idea of anything so can someone please help me out like what
Does anybody have any solution for activating a given chart using its ID in MT5 using mql5? Suppose that we have 10 open charts in mt5 and we want to activate a given chart using its ID using an EA, what specific code can achieve that? I searched in the forum but found no solution for mt5
Hi, I'm placing BUY_STOP and SELL_STOP orders. E.g. SELL_STOP oder gets Position/Ticket # 11 When SELL_STOP order triggers, the Open Position has also the Position/Ticket # 11. Now I want to change the the TAKE PROFIT value of this Position. To select the order to be changed, I use this command
Hello, One of the excuses I have got from a seller for his robot not performing was that I was running multiple robots on the same pair. He said I should not run more than one robot for one pair in the same account (even different ones). I find that rather limitative since everybody trades heavily
I've put the following together to try and alert me when a candle on a certain timeframe close above my Object Line it sends alert etc...However at the moment it just spams me with alerts when price is above or below my line. So the alerting bit is fine but it doesnt seem to be taking the timeframe
Hi. I have a question on mql5. I need to create an array of multiple Mqlrates for example array [0] [mqlrates_1]; array [1] [mqlrates_2]; It would be a multidimensional array. I've tried a lot, but still can't. Thank you very much
Hi all, It is my first time running a VPS on a demo account and I have a slight problem: I have bought a VPS for 1 month and would like to test 3 EA's on 3 separate accounts - Is it possible to do it without having to pay for another VPS? If so, could anyone please let me know how to di it? Many...
Hello everyone. Is there a way of calculating how many of the last six candles were bearish or bullish? I 've tried but I keep getting the array out of range error
I have an old code MQL4 indicator, I want to use it to create EA but in new MQL4 language. How to change this part of the code from int start() (which returns value) to be void OnTick (which don't returns values) ? int start(){if(Bars<=10) return(0);ExtCountedBars=IndicatorCounted();//---- check for
Friends, I'm having trouble trying to save times & trades data to a text file. I am trying to save this data in real time, but always the last trades executed in the market are appearing repeated. If I use the Print () function to display in the console the last volumes of executed orders, they...
Hello, I try to read out and compare price at fixed time every day. I use few time/date/string management functions, however I got stuck at StringToTime conversion, instead returning number of seconds passed until requested hh:mm:ss it always returns seconds at 00:00. For example with the following