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Hi!, So i am knew to mql5 and coding in general and i was not able to find a conclusive answer for my question. The thing is, when i use: input double takeprofit = 200; or input int takeprofit = 200; my backtest results returns the same, but when i use Fast genetic based algorithm the
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2016.07.16 18:16:23.479 2016.07.14 23:59:00 failed market sell 0.02 EURUSD sl: 80.00000 tp: 50.00000 [Invalid stops] Good afternoon! I just finished to code my EA and I insert a fixed SL and TP, I stared with values like 20/25 and I tought the error was the small number, so I tried 80 and 50, as...
Dear coders i need coder for my EA
Hello everbody... I found this code here... but it doesn't work to MT5... Does Someone knows how to do the equivalent code for this? #import "user32.dll" int RegisterWindowMessageA( string MessageName); int PostMessageA( int hwnd, int msg, int wparam, string Name); void keybd_event( int
hello is there any way to make the sleep indefinitely? actually i am running two EAs on 2 different charts and first ea is only needed during the first few seconds of initialization, after that i dont need that Ea anymore i know " ExpertRemove (); " function but it removes the EA , i dont want it
hello I am going to test my strategy and I got error 4014 for opening new deal, Kindly let me know, bool Trade( int direction, double volume, double PivotStoploos) { ZeroMemory (Request); ZeroMemory (Results); ZeroMemory (Check); Request.action = TRADE_ACTION_DEAL ; Request.symbol
I tried several ways, using if (LastAccountBalance <AccountBalance ()) {do something}. But I couldn't do it at all ... I already have the EA, which I coded myself, I just want to know how or what I would use so that if the last order is Loss the next order will set the TakeProf the same amount of
I'm new and I'm trying to move forward. Please help me. 1) I want to open only 1 position for this signal using "if function " but I couldn't. :( 2) I have more than one signal. and I have a separate shutdown signal for each signal. So I think I need to record the ticket number and I need to
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Hello  i hope any one help me in this problem  i have expert EX4 i want to decompiler it and get the code mql4  if there any protection tool  to used it with ex4 to add licence code and account number or expairy date 
I'm wondering what happens eventwise when we stop the strategy tester. Is there no event triggered when this happens? Let me explain: My EA opens and writes lines to a file. The file is closed at the OnDeinit() event. All is fine when I run the EA till the end, but if I stop it by clicking the stop...
How import/load and unload a dll in expert(EA). If you have a source code or example please upload.
Hi, I have a problem with my EA. It's calculateting the 21,13 and 8 eMA and it should give a Buy signal if the 8 - 13 - 21 are on top of each other in this sequence and a Sell signal if they are beneath each other. I hope that you get what i am trying to say. The thing is it works if i check for a
//--- input parameters input int StopLoss= 30 ; input int TakeProfit= 100 ; input int ADX_Period= 8 ; input int MA_Period= 8 ; input int EA_Magic= 12345 ; // Ea majic number input double Adx_Min= 22.0 ; // Minimum ADX Value input double Lot= 0.1 ; // other
How do I make an EA to trade exactly the same on "open bars" and "Every real tick" settings on history? I did create a function that only allows the EA to trade on the first tick if (iVolume(Symbol(),PERIOD_M15,0 )!= 1)return; But I get a diffrent equity graph than when setting the settings to
Hello I am new to all of this. I have a trading strategy I am looking to automate but I need to make sure of something first. Can you code custom position sizes based on the amount you have in a trading account? Such as 1.3 % of your account size? Thanks
MetaTrader Trading Platform Screenshots EURUSD, H1, 2020.05.30 GT247 (Pty) Ltd, MetaTrader 5, Real trailing stop should be less than take profit
Hello folks, Is there anyone have tried this? Could anyone show me a part of an example code? I'm coding an EA using 5 minutes chart and depending of the conditions, it will open new orders. As a result all the orders time are opened by multiple of 5 minutes: 0,5, 10, 15... But now, I'm trying to
Hi, I can't seem to get these events to fire. I'm trying to write to a file but it does not output and the Print() function does not output anything to the log either. If I place the same code in OnInit() it works fine and I find the file with the output. I am using a 4 core processor and no local
Hello, i am still coding my EA but there are some questions that i wanna ask to you all because I am an amateur in this MQL5 language. Sorry for my bad english xD The questions are: 1) How to give a certain time interval for EA to execute buy or sell? Example: I activate the autotrading on
My brother and I built a BOT, it works awesome on his computer but does not work correctly on mine. It will not close out positions when it is supposed to and just does not seem operate correctly. We both are using Windows 10 and all our settings in the BOT are identical. Any ideas
Hi all, I've attached the EA that I'm coding. It keeps coming up with "not all control paths return a value" - I''m not sure how to resolve the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Hello everyone, I am trying to code a function to return the accumulated daily Profit/Loss, but I cant make the code work. Can any guru here be so kind to help me? I Appreciate! double ProfitAll( datetime & XHoraPrimeiroCandle, double & XProfit) { int err= 0 ; if (IsFirstBar()) {
Hi, I am using an EA which is working great for long and short positions combined. I am looking to trial an account with long positions only and a separate account with short positions only. However when i select either long or short positions only in the common section, it will either not open a
Hello everyone, I am cracking my head here. My code simply does not execute the SL or TP orders. They appear on the testing graph, but they are not executed. Can anybody help, please? Thanks. //IMPORTAÇÃO #include<Trade\Trade.mqh> //cria instância chamada "trade" CTrade trade; input int lote = 12
             I have a pretty good EA (mq5 ).Now I need the Time filter.Where can I find the code for the Time filter (mq5) or a sample EA with the Time filter code in it so I can do it myself ?               Please help ( not by the Wizard ).Thank you.
I wanna put whole my deposit to a position my code is working for currency pair like EURUSD buy cryptocurrency pair like BTCUSD give me invalid price error. Can someone tell me what i did wrong? double PriceOpenSell= NormalizeDouble ((AccountBalance/ 100000 )/Ask, 2 ); double PriceOpenSell=
Hey everyone! I recently started trying to program my own EA, and discovered this new world of expert advisor programming. I've programmed in Python and R in the past, as well as a bit of C++, therefore I am not too lost so far. However, I would like to create a mechanism that requires a specific
failed CTrade::OrderSend: instant buy 0.01 EURUSD at sl: ..... [ invalid volume ] Hello masters. I am new among you. When I try to put stop loss on my little robot, after a while I get this error. Can someone arrange this for me as it should be? so that I can learn something new. I apologize in
Hi everyone! So basically I'm coding an EA that places one trade depending on a given signal, and that trade runs just perfect. It places the trade when it should, and it changes the stop loss to breakeven once the first take profit target is hit. I want to code it so if the stop loss is hit
HI everybody, someone can help me with a simple EA