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Hi all, I thought I would test out a signal provider and assumed with my limited newbie know;adge that once i'd configured the signal in MT5, it would automatically trade on my account as and when the signal provider traded. However, they have traded today and my account did not follow suit. Am I
I have a EA which after i setup, clicking onto the autotrading button and it turns green and has a smiley face, trade starts running and so on. But after I right click on the server and clicked onto synchronise experts, indicators and signals option, the autotrading button on top turns red and the
Hi, i am having problems coding this simple sentence where we look back X number of candles and take the lowest value. Than take this lowest value and use it as SL in an open buy order. im thining of using this line to find the value Low[iLowest(NULL,0,MODE_LOW,10,1)]. It starts by looking at
Hello I have an EA running but the developer has said it might not be taking trades becuase of the 'freeze' level. I was wondering how I check this and make the necessary adjustments? The EA is a scalper. If anyone could help offer advice I'd be very grateful. Thank you very much
Hello, I am using an infinite loop with a "Sleep" on my "OnStart" because I want to keep track of my positions at all time. The program works great so far, however, once I stop it, the "Sleep(5000)" (which is 5s sleep) seem to brake, and my infinite loop is getting called thousands of times in a few
struct myMqlTradeResult: MqlTradeResult {public: bool isSuccessful; };//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
Good morning, please can you give me information about EA or Robot to manage brokerage operations? Thanks
Hi guys, with my EA I would to know the profit about the 5 last close position, but I have a question. Why this one works if(OrderSelect(OrdersHistoryTotal()-5,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_HISTORY)) { Print("Profit is ", OrderProfit()); } else Print("OrderSelect returned the error of
Team, I understand that the equity curve in the strategy tester shall indicate the correct amout of margin and actual gains or losses that would be booked on a trade account. The equity curve would deviate from the account balance curve whenever positions are hold overnight. If that is correct, then
I'm trying to do the first tests with my new multicurrency EA, but the tester makes an error and the test doesn't start. The mistake is this. Basically, I'm trying with only two currencies and there is a problem loading the second currency indicator. Where did I go wrong? 2020.05.01 21:45:25.428
Hi, Im using a paid signal wich is automatically enter positions of 0.01 lots even that i have more then 10000 in the account i would like to raise the risk to 0.25 or more the way i chose it i spoke to the author of the signal and he told me i should contact mql5 and ask them how to raise the risk
Hi all. Please help to add limitation for per bar/signal. Currently it opened alot of order per signal (buy/sell condition). Thanks alot #include <stdlib.mqh>#include <stderror.mqh>extern double SL_Points = 10;extern double TP_Points = 50;extern double Trail_Points = 10;extern double Trail_Step =
Hello, I'm having a stupid hard time setting one position by signal. Signals are both buy and sell. They're based on 2 strategies : flat & trending (which I got inspired by one of the incredible articles on the site). What I did is setting magic numbers to track which signal created the trade : int
Is there a tool for me to set trailing profit? It should move like trailing stop in reversal. Instead of changing the stop loss level, it changes the take profit level. Example: If buy position is 1.08273, and I set trailing profit at 100 points and take profit at 1.08300. If price is at 1.08173
long chartID = 0; string msg = ""; chartID = ChartOpen("GBPUSD",PERIOD_M1); //msg = msg =+"chartID = "+IntegerToString(chartID); string mysymbol = ChartSymbol(chartID); long pixelvalue =150; if (ChartSetInteger(chartID,CHART_WIDTH_IN_PIXELS,pixelvalue)== true ) msg = msg +"\ntrue"; if
Hi guys, i have got an idea to break losing streak of a trading system. lets say we have a 4 consecutive losses, then we will skip two trades after first losing trade. is it possible to code such thing? only disadvantage iam seeing here is you miss two profit trades if you dont have a streak after 1
I Need Profitable Scalping EA , Please Help Me
How can I detect if account is real in strategy tester? AccountInfoInteger(ACCOUNT_TRADE_MODE) always returns ACCOUNT_TRADE_MODE_DEMO for my real account in strategy tester but in live trading it returns correct value. Testing on Roboforex MT5 account
I am trying to simulate slip by I change the delay setting from 0 ~500 ms , the result always between 0.00000 ~ 0.00003 ? It's far from real world trade with broker. EURUSD,2020/01~2020/04 Is any thing I miss? MqlTradeRequest Request = {0};MqlTradeResult Results = {0};Request.deviation =
Deal all, I am trying to optimize my EA that uses a dll. I have read that I can't use local network or cloud network agents when using dlls: The issue I have is that I can neither use more than 1 local agent (out of my 4
First of all thank you for all traders and EA builders who read my problem. I have faced problem to create EA. That is: How to create series?. If current close price is higher than previous close price cond1 series takes 1 value, else cond1 takes 0 value
So I have created my EA and am running it now as paper trading. In order to understand how it behaves does it contain various Alert() statements in the code. This helps me to understand when it detects certain signal changes, when it takes trades, print error messages (if any), how the account
Hello guys, Iam pretty new to this MQL5 coding, but I manage to make my own EA in last 3 days and it seems to be working very well. Iam now fixing some issues to improve the EA. My problem is that when is one trade closed by stoploss then alogirthm open new trade in current cadle (if coditions
hi guys, wondering is there anyway to use fileopen with absolute path?! as far as i see in help document any sort of path result with error even if it means same subfolder as using file w.o absolute address i tried with local address & network path same result getting this error Failed to open the
Hi ! I'm wondering how to do that ...:/ the warning appeared @ the last update //--- preparing a request MqlTradeRequest request; ZeroMemory(request); //--- placing an immediate order request...
I want to copy (follow) a signal without closing my existing transaction after subscription to trade signals (when the synchronization is done). Generally when the synchronization is achieved existing signals are automatically closed by system and we lost money. I would like to continue to carry out
I'm wanting to use MQL5 virtual hosting to run an EA I purchased in 2016, but when I try to set this up it fails with "Migration to virtual hosting failed: old EX4 file version." Then it tells me to recompile the EA and migrate again. But I am not the EA vendor -- I don't have the source for it
I am doing a lot of testing with an EA based on MA crossover.. and it seems that whatever I try to add, (a condition / indicator) it affects the results negative in stead of positive.. a lor less profit and more drawback! Who has the same experience? Is the simpler EA most of the times the better EA
im new to coding mlq5 and as a beginner i tried to make a EMA (exponantial moving avarage) bot that shows a BUY comment when the price was going under the 50 EMA line while the 50 EMA was above the 100 EMA and the 150 EMA. even though there is no error in the code in backtesting it does not show
Hi Apologies if a solution has been posted elsewhere, grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction. (Also The problem encountered is that I'm trying to extract the values for an indicator, the stochastic oscillator in this instance. However the values returned are outside of the expected