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I tried to change the Fibonacci display color but it only changes the color of the diagonal line across the levels as in the image below. How can I change the level colors? Please see my relevant code below: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Create Fibonacci
Hi, does any artical talk about MT5 build in EA Sample ExpertMAPSARSizeOptimized? It is wriiten in pure OO style, but metaeditor is not excellent enough as Eclips or VS studio now. Sometimes i feel reading MQ5 OO program using metaeditor is just like using Notepad. :) I cant get the point of the...
Hello Community :) This is my first Topic here so i come for help .. I know there are some guys here who are very advanced . The problem i face is i couldn't compare if Macd main/signal line is above/below Momentum . I can't write .. "if(iMomentum>iMACD) " Because as you know each indicator...
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Hi, have an expert to work every symbol from a single chart and tried to build a tiny code to close at reversal signal but unsuccessful: for(int i=0;i<PositionsTotal();i++){ if(PositionSelect(SName)){ // Filter by Symbol. if(PositionsTotal()>1){ // If (symbol)
Dear, In MQL, is there any function to know Indicator call from iCustom ? Thanks in Advanced
Hello All; I have an iCustom call in an EA. It works fine in live mode. It was working fine in Strategy Tester as well - but no longer does. I have not made any changes to any of my system. The log in Strategy Tester has the following messages: 2017.08.17 19:33:18.036 file...
In MT5 strategy test, the FileOpen() function deletes the files.  Why is this happening and what is the solution, please? handle=FileOpen(FileName,FILE_CSV|FILE_READ,',');
Hello, I use ACCOUNT_PROFIT to close the positions, I would like the info ACCOUNT_PROFIT to give the result only after the opening of a new candle m1 and not at each tick. Here is the code I use: double Profit=AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_PROFIT);if ( Profit >=TP_Money )
Maybe I am confused on this. However, I found that OnChartEvent provide four inputs as you can see from code. If lparam and dparam are respectivley x and y coordinate of object in chart, then how come these two are different variable types ? Like x being long but y being double seems weired
Can we Design EA based on moving average ? I need open trades when Moving Average Cross the prices like below and is this possible
Hi All, Im trying to create an indicator that provides a constant histogram of +1 or -1 value (could be any number) for one signal. For example, when the Price closes above an MA (+5 pips) I want to create an indicator that says +1 value for ever candle thereafter and when the price closes below an
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Hello everyone, I have been reading a little about the subject in the reference guide but I just don't understand how to transcribe a simple thing from MQL4 to MQL5. In MQL4 I use the following code to read the indicator: double Main = iMACD (Symbol (), MACD_Timeframe, FastEMA_Period
Hi everyone, So i've been working on this EA for some time. However today while testing it on a live chart I noticed an issue where my EA wouldn't activate the sell stop in time. [Image 1] Notice in image1 that the sellstop was roughly around 1.33060 however looking at [Image 2] you'll notice that
I uploaded my ID-Card for Verfication and it got approved but when i open the seller window i just get the Message "Verification Complete Well done! Your documents have been successfully verified." but i cant do anything
How can I use isNewBar function correctly? I am coding for a structure that a certain order is entered only when a new bar appears with a predefined condition? How can I use isNewBar function correctly in my coding? My basic coding is below as and the expected ‘isNewBar’ function doesn’t seem to
Can Programmers Create an EA from ex4 Files? Hello. Is this possible? Many thanks
Hi guys, I was developing a function to calculate the value of EMA as i pass the source array by reference. But when i call it , it gets a lot of errors, i searched for a solution, but yet nothing. So i would be grateful if you can help. double ma1 =
Is there a way to trigger a forced update for Strategy Tester Agent Build 2280 to 2310? I have 2 systems stuck on build 2280 and 2 systems on build 2310, seems that they are incompatible with each other. Thanks. :)
Hello Have anybody MQL5 code that get all info about Symbol?! Like this for MQL4: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| The script prints information on symbol
In my EA below, I have programmatically drawn the default ZigZag indicator. I would like to access the last two fixed values of the ZigZag. How can I achieve this? I saw this post ( I'm not certain how to apply this to arrive at my solution #include
I am trying to do automated trading with a custom indicator. However, EA uses the default settings of the indicator that I downloaded from the market. In fact, it would make more sense to use the data of the indicator we uploaded on the chart. Hopefully MT5 will update the software for this
Keep getting 'tester agent authorization error' when testing anything from the market. I do not see anywhere I can ask for help. Please help me as I just want to trade with MT5. Thanks in advance
Hi guys, I have following issue in my strategy tester. There is the same profit for different order volumes. Profit is always calculated for volume = 1. Do you have maybe any advice or explanation
Hello, i need your help. Is there some ea which close my limit orders before news and reopen again after news or just some timer where i set manualy time for example from 14:00 to -14:30 will not be executed any limit order even if price hit limit order between 14:00-14:30. I need set set limit
Hello, my name is Daniel and I am still a newbie in this forum. I want to learn how to create an EA using ZigZag as main indicator and few filters to filter out false signal. So, I read this thread : After I read that thread, I have few question in
Welcome to the experts Ichimoku Index I need code buy entery when the Chinkou head is broken candle And vice versa in sell Selling when the Chinkou bottom is broken
Hi programmers I have worked up a simple Expert Adviser that should buy when condition has been met and enters a sell trade again if the condition has been met. When the conditions have not been met it should display a message saying so. Now the script compiles without an error on the editor. On the
Hi Everyone, Please I have custom indicator and I need someone to convert this indicator into an Expert Advisor for me. I will forward the source code on request. Thank you
Hi, I would like to optimize the orders for pair trading, being capable of entering and exiting a trade by the Ratio of two symbos For example: Stock A - USD 15.55 Stock B - USD 10.34 Ratio A/B - 1.5039 I would like to have a option for entering the trade at a determined ratio, for example 1.5030
Does anyone know if it's possible to program my EA to pull in data from the terminal journal (not the experts log)? I want to do this live if possible, so check the text in the journal every tick, minute or ideally when a new journal entry appears and scan the text for certain values. I'm not sure...