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When I attempt to backtest my EA it does not generate any results, message in the journal ' There were 1 passes done during optimization, 1 results have been discarded as insignificant' Does anybody have any advice or solutions Thank you
if using agents or multiple cores for optimising parameters, more than one year. Mt5 generates \tester\Agent*\temp\bar*.tmp files. every run. It slowly gnaw/nibble SSD storage. In mt4 read only fxt files was a solution. How about mt5 ? if using multiple cores,mt5 generates files for every local
I want to prepare an EA that will send limit orders as market orders whan price is rached. Example.In Eur/USD price is 1.16593 and is going down and the EA want to buy at 1.16574. When price reaches that price, the EA sends a market order. The problem is to avoid ANY negative slippage even if there...
This is my line of codes. However it is not working, any help would be greatly appreciated
hi I've wrote a simple expert that runs(buy and sell) correctly on EUR/USD backtest but in mt5 strategy tester when I change the symbol to Iranian stocks symbols it doesn't work and I can see in visual mode that the price and RSI and CCI go to buy or sell condition but it doesn't do the job! I've
Hello Traders! Im new here and i have one question. its posible to convert one indicator mql4 file ( i think its a source code) to use at mt5? how much money i need pay for this work? Thank you in advanced
Hi, I am trying to use the buy and sell indicators from a purchased indicator with a password using iCustom. I have tried using the code below in the strategy tester with the response in the journal of "Your License is invalid". Putting the license in the first spot after the name of the called
I need your help, I'm using python to program an adx indicator processor; Sofar, I can accurately calculate the ADX-Wilder but I want to calculate the ADX instead. The ADX-Wilder indicator is described here: and the ADX here but I don't
Hi, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am currently refining my EA that detects signals at the beginning of a new bar. What it does internally is, roughly in psudo code: if( Volume[0] == 1 ){ // run some code, here I run some dummy code on a few forex pairs I'm interested in and force
Good Morning Guys, I have searched on forum but i can't find the solution, i am pretty new to coding. I have made a simple ea, a simple triple ema cross. But there is an important condition that i need to be true, here is how it should work; Ema 20, 50, 200 When ema 50 cross the 200 (above or
Hello, I have some questions regarding optimization in MT5. My Account currency is in USD. If Im optimizing any USD pair - for example EUR USD, GBP USD, AUD USD - the optimization speed is okay, but when im optimizating any other pair that is not USD, the optimization process is really really slow
hello, I'd like to run many test with different parameters and/or on different pairs automatically. for example I'd like to test my EA on EURUSD2012 and CADCHF2011 wihtout having to manually restart backtest at the end of the first run, in this way I could let my laptop work overnight and collect...
I would like to optimize a set of parameters for multiple currencies and multiple timeframes in MT5. I don't mind using the MQL cloud or any other cloud if possible... Is there a way to do it automatically? I understand MQL5 if I could do it from the code. Is there a 3rd party software? Thanks
Hi, just trying to do a simple MA crossover EA, but im new and cant understand where the problem is. If anyone could help me i would apreciate it. Thanks! #include<Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade trade;void OnTick() { string entry =""; double
I've a code that determines the deal profit of the last closed deal below. How do I modify it to return the profit of the deal before the last one e.g deal 2 in history and the one before e.g deal 3? My code for the profit of the latest code: // Profit of the latest closed deal:double deal_profitY()
I just started studying mql5 and i want to write a program that open a position at the opening of a bar and close it at the close(in 5M timeframe, so after 5 minutes). for the opening there are no problems, but running the backtest i notice that it stops after opening the first order; can anyone
I am trying to run walk forward optimization usually my total steps list is around 220k results and I found this warning but test shows as completed, is this fine or should I think some results are going missing
Hi I have a expert advisor that could not migrate into MQL5 vps. It gives me a message that says I need to recompile that file first. How do I recompile it
Hi.. in mql4 double arrowup = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(),indi, 0, 0);if(OrdersTotal==0 && arrowup!=EMPTYVALUE){//Open order Buy} How do i make it in mql5 int arrow;double arrowup[];int OnInit(){ arrow = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(),"arrow"); if(arrow < 0) { Print("The creation of pipsbreak_handle has
Hello all! I want to set an info panel on my EA, and I want it to have a rectangle as a background with text over it. Now, everything seems to be OK, but when a line of text gets larger, and my code tries to read the size, the ObjectGet() function returns 0... you can find below the code responsible
Let's say I have an EA that is optimized to trade USD/EU. Can the EA use an account balance that holds Bitcoin as its asset to trade
Im looking for some advice on how the Magic number will affect my EA. Currently i have my ea using the same magic number across all 6 of my chosen currency pairs. I also have the max trades open on the magic number set to 1. Will this stop the EA from open 2 different currency trades at the same
I want to create advanced Correlation EA.. who have already experience with correlation system pls contact me... or who already have best correlation system pls contact me
Incase anyone wants to suggest I go to the freelance section, please note that I already have and I don't think it advisable to pay an extra 30 for a feature I am not yet quite sure if it outcome I want to initiate trade at the open of the next bar candle after my conditions have been met. Been
Hi this is the code I have for opening a SellLimit order double sl_distance = NormalizeDouble(m_latest_atr * atr_multiplier_sl, _Digits); double lot_size = determine_lot_size(sl_distance); double price = NormalizeDouble(latest_candle.low-150*_Point, _Digits);
because Mt5 can backtest more than one pair at a time, I want to learn mql5 to for creating a grid trading ea. But I don't know where to start, should I just learn the code itself or the Mql5 Wizard?
Hi Everyone, Long time reader first time writer. I'm working on an EA that uses Heiken Ashi candles and needs to know if the previous bar was bearish (red) or bullish (white). There is a buffer for close and open price and I have variables that update for previous bar close and open based on the
I am having an issue where I go to my VPS where I have MT5 running around 50 EAs, each on their own chart, and find that 30 or so will have removed themselves from the charts. What could be causing this? Thanks
Hi friend, I am new to Mt5 coding. I need help to add a functionalityto this EA.  when signal is generated it opens new position at the next tick price. // I do not want this  It should open position only at the opening on next candle. Here is the code is have #include <Trade\Trade.mqh>#include...
Hi, I get Off quotes error every time when I run my EA on a VPS server (MQL 5 London 03 6110220) and it tries to place an order (see attached picture of log), but not when I run it from my PC. Do you have any suggestions on why this happens and how to solve this? /Lars