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Hello to everybody. Please, can someone help me in finding a post in the Forum? I am sure that something exists but i am not able to find what i need. Well, i am searching for an EA, a simple trailing stop that give me the possibility to add the commission paid for the trade. I mean, for example
Can you please write here, from your experience, what are your best precautions to add to an Expert Advisor code lines, so it will resume the best way, after restarting the metatrader4/computer? In other words: What are the scenarios you may think that could happen after EA starts working again, if
Is there a way to generate new strategies automatically using any methods in artificial intelligent? Any such articles would be greatly helpful. Reasons are that there are exponentially many indicators we can combine, but it is hard to get one with lots of trades while having good trading results.
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Hello, I'm new to mql5 so please bear with me. I found an indicator here on codebase that I like but to call it into an ea I need to know the parameters. I don't know how to find that. Can someone help me? Here's the indicator
Hello, I am doing backtestingand I would like to know the maximum drawdown in pips for each of my trades. I was at first looking at the MAE, but it's not what I want because it's in USD (or currency of the account) and so, it depends on the lot size. (even when you set the backtest in pips) I would
Good morning, I am building a function to know if the last closed deal by an expert advisor was profitable. So I am iterating deals until finding one that matches the magic number, type and deal comment desired. However, I am having trouble using the HistorySelect() function, as I don't want to use...
Can you adjust lot size's for automated trades copied from experts on mt5 ? If yes, how would you go about doing so ? Thanks in advance, Cheers
Good Day guys, because I didn't find a definite answer (and maybe this answer changed based on the different MT5 versions) I am going to ask here: Is there such a thing as remote agents over the internet that I can assign to my strategy tester (not the MQL5 Cloud Network, I use a custom symbol). I
Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm finding it a bit difficult to search for. I have an expert that writes out a lot of information to CSV files. The problem is, if I forget to turn this off before I start optimization, it will write these CSV files for every thread that it uses. These then
I have just switched to an MT5 hedging account and it seems that the Strategy Tester either does not work correctly with it or I am doing something stupid.... A very simple EA that literally places a single pending order with a SL & TP it does nothing else at all, no other code, no indicators etc
I was curious to know whether there is any service which allows you to pay for servers with MT4 or MT5 on an hourly basis in order for running backtests? Ideally, these servers need to have 8 cores or more, to run an optimised backtest which can take days depending on the number of parameters and
Hello I am developing an EA to trade in the market. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to code into the EA so that when it is running, and suddenly the VPS failed and the EA was disconnected. Would I be able to run it again so that it would continue its task before restarting?? I hope I
Good Afternoon ! Is there any command in MQL5 to clear to MT5 ToolBox Experts tab ? Thank you ! Marcelo
Good Afternoon, Anyone knows why I cannot use the structure below @OnInit() since it works perfectly on OnTick() ? The idea is to check handle management BEFORE receiving the 1st tick and realise it will not work due to lack of history. if(CopyBuffer(i_handle,0,0,6,i_buffer)!=6)   {...
Hi, I've downloaded several free EA from the Market (Download and Installation function) and they work fine on that specific computer. But when i manually copy the .ex4 EA file from one computer to another from the expert folder the EA will not load. To get it to work on another computer or vps
Hi I have subscribe to a signal and its opening multiple trades when the signal only opens one. Its also opening lots way to big than set in the settings. The signal provider is on the same broker as me. At the time of trade opening his account balance was $500 and mine was$1300, I have set my
I just bought an EA for the MT4 platform. But when I click "Install" it doesn't work. I can't install my EA. Can you please help me
Hello , in my ZigZag.mqh file when I compile I'm receive the following errors : 'Create' - unexpected token, probably type is missing? ZigZag.mqh 72 10 'Create' - function already defined and has different type ZigZag.mqh 72 10 'Calculate' - unexpected token, probably type is missing? ZigZag.mqh 89
Hi, I've written a piece of code that creates a linear regression object on the chart based recent swings. I then need to use the values from the upper and lower channel in my trade criteria. When I run it in visual backtest mode, everything works fine. When I turn off the visual mode, it stops
Hi there. My EA (a kind of grid) is start to trade with 0.01 lot but Market requires that it must open trades on every symbol and every broker. 1. If I don't trade, if the minimum lot of the symbol is higher than my trade than I get "No trade operations" error in validation. 2. If I try to trade
Hi All, My signal is not yet strong enough to be shown in MT4. However i have some friends and they want to subscribe to my signal. Is there a way for them to subscribe to me and copy my trades? Even if the signal is not to be found in MT4 terminal
I am subscribed to a provider but i am not included in his trades. I can see from his records that he traded 19 hrs ago but i haven't seen him for four days. Please advice how to contact him
Hi guys, Would someone be kind enough and tell me how long I should be prepared to wait for an EA that I have already paid for in full via MQL5 community? My understanding is that the minute the funds are transferred, the EA becomes available immediately for one to use. I tried to register the EA I
Hi guys, My BE Stop doesn't work, trying to find ... :( Please help Best regards BE Stop doesn't work#include <Trade\trade.mqh>CTrade trade;void OnTick() { double Balance=AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_BALANCE); double Equity=AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_EQUITY); double
Hi , i have an own ea , its working on monthly 30% to 50% , so am sell my ea , so how to set password , like , my ea are buy 1 person , use 1 account and 1 person only , don't set unlimited accounts , Please help me
Dear all, In MT4 we were able to hard set for example a max of 10% equity DD for the optimization process. In MT5 they do not have a direct feature for this so I was figuring out how to code it. Right now I have been using the following code but getting an error. "Genetic pass 0,506) tested with
Hi, Here is the code : //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| LearnCAppDialog.mq5 |//| Copyright 2018, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|
Hi Guys,I am looking for an EA on MT5 that is capable of auto closing any open order when a profit amount is reached. I can only find some for MT4 Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hi, Please help me with this I dont know how to fix it. double OnePip = 0; if (TradeSymbol == "JPY") {OnePip = 0.001;} else OnePip = 0.00001; This gives me at non JPY pairs OnePip = 1e-05 How can I convert 1e-05 to number 0.00001 for calculations ? if (OnePip == 0.00001) {Calc_Lot =
Hello guys. Iam trying to achieve increasing lot size for future order (long or short) when current order (long or short) is in negtavie profit. There can be maximum of two current orders in the same time. I've got so far: double LotSize=0.01;bool CanOpenBuy=true;bool CanOpenSell=true;void