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I found the indicator MS-Candle-Index ( please refer to the fixed SmoothAlgorithms.mqh at ). How I can use the indicator to access the strength value of the last closed candle (i.e index 1) of a given timeframe within my EA
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Terms and Conditions: You describe (you provide) the idea. I place an open MQL5 code in this branch. I place this code in a CodeBase. I specify the author of the idea and the author of a MQL5 code in a code. The coding services are provided "as is" and you use them at your own risk. List of ideas
Hello, I'm playing around with my first advisor. I am using a stochastic indicator. I created the handler for it: stochastic = iStochastic ( Symbol (), PERIOD_M1 , periodK, periodD, slowing, MODE_SMA , STO_LOWHIGH ); And now I want to get the values for Main and Signal. I read about
Hi all, I was wondering on how to add an indicator to the dropdown menu in the expert advisor generate paramenters of signals module. You can find attach the pictures. Let me know! I believe a lot of people have the same issue
Hi all, I have this code for the moment : double HigherBar = iHighest ( _Symbol , _Period , MODE_HIGH , 100 , 0 ); double LowestBar = iLowest ( _Symbol , _Period , MODE_LOW , 100 , 0 ); double HigherPrice = iHigh ( _Symbol , _Period , HigherBar); double LowestPrice = iHigh ( _Symbol
Hi, As said in the title , I would be curious to know if mt5 would recognize and be able to use two processors (like 2 * intel xeon as example , seems the most common for dual processor config,) for optimization ? It may not be that useful because 1 better processor could be as powerful ,and as a
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why when downloading ea can not from the browser, there is writing like this
What commands do I need to add? For example, I want to close the EA that day when the profit is 10USD
Hi, I'm sure this is a basic programming misunderstanding on my behalf - I'm getting a 'constant expression required' error message when compiling.  I simply want to create an array based on extern inputs to the program. I've tried putting the code globally and in a function but getting the same...
#include <Trade\Trade.mqh> CTrade m_trade; COrderInfo m_order; CPositionInfo m_position; void OnStart () { m_trade.SetExpertMagicNumber( 1 ); m_trade.Buy( 0.01 , Symbol (), 0 , 0 , 0 , "script" ); } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ This script places
Hi. All I spent nearly 8 hours to find out how to change spread during backtesting and optimization. I googled everywhere even thinking of using paid software on the net. Please don't do that. MT4 has a built in feature so you can change spread during backtesting or optimization. Just sharing...
Hey All, I'm new to MT5 and just learning the ropes. I want to backtest a strategy that uses buy and sell signals based on a market profile indicator I bought on the market. For instance, buy when price crosses point of control or value area high or low. Is there a relatively straightforward way to
Hey guys, I am fairly new to EA programming and programming in general. My Ea is based on manual strategy that I developed. I tried to connect my if statements with variables, for example if the filter condition is met the filter int gets set to 2 and if the int is 2 than the open position
Hi ladies and gents.  I want to add an EA to the market. I've done all steps, the last one do not let me through - automatic validation. When I submit all data, and EA especially, for the 'human' validation, the system says that my EA does any order on the test data, so I have to improve it.  The...
same pair , one ea running on 2 charts with different setting for each , how to know each one performance ?is there any way , ea has magic nu , set different for each one , but i would analysis each setting performance
Dear MQL community please help me out we build an EA bridge for binary options and it should be working fine but after each first contract it closes down the EA and says array out of range in (1962,24) I hope anyone can help me out... Thank you in advanced <ex5 File Deleted>
SOLVED long NewMinute[]; //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Expert initialization function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int OnInit(){ ArrayFree(NewMinute); ArrayResize(NewMinute,2); }
I just noticed that MetaQuotes' own Commission () -function no longer works, because its code is... double CPositionInfo::Commission ( void ) const { return ( PositionGetDouble ( POSITION_COMMISSION )); } ...and POSITION_COMMISSION seems to no longer be a member of
Hi all, I have a slight technical issue with my VPS and just looking for any advice. My EA is synchronised to the VPS, and showing the smiley face on the chart, but when I turn off my laptop it doesn't execute trades that it should be. It runs perfectly on backtests, so I'm presuming it's an issue
I am new to MQL5, and I'm just coming back to trading after a few year break. I figured this time I would like to automate my old strategy and have it send me prompts to set orders, and then send me the results of those orders. I've been able to program most of it already, but I keep stumbling over
I get this error when trying to compile my EA file: 'vsl' - undeclared identifier 'vtp' - undeclared identifier It's for this part: { if (USE VIRTUAL STOPS) { sl = vsl; tp = vtp; } What do I need to do to make it work? Anyone?
Hello everybody.I am new here and am discovering mql5.I tried to open mql5 wizard on my mt5 account but automatically the assistant mql5 dossier opens.Can you help me
Hi! Let me quickly explain what I am trying to get by showing an example. The plan is to invest in an Index such as USTEC or US500 etc. Because I don't want to risk losing too much money if this doesn't goes as planned, I don't have a lot of money in the account, the problem then is that if I invest
Dear All, would need some advice for my codes as im trying to write an EA for Executing a Buy order whenever the previous Lower High is broken and vice-versa for Sell Order. The code works and orders are executed as expected in default MT5 terminal. However the issue is when i started to backtest
Does anyone know how to test EA for binary options on mt4 strategy tester with one of these brokers CoreLiquidityMarkets or Grand capital ( they have binary options based on mt4) ? Thank you in advance :) 
Hello, Please, I'm using ZeroMQ bind to MT5: But after version MT5 build 2375 31/Mar/2020 I get a compilation error to the same project (compiling and working before build 2375) because the method HandleManager::detroy() can not be decalred/identified. Please
How can I fix take profit level in Trailing Stop Function? Thanks
How to write this on MQ5? if (Spread<MaxSpread&&Hour()>=StartHour&&Hour()<StopHour){ Thank you in advance
In my EA, there are certain circumstances in which in clone orders, and will have to later identify them as cloned orders. I thought about using an array to store the order Ticket Numbers of the cloned orders, but this comment functionality seems like it might be simpler and more efficient. I can