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my purchased EA can't be loaded in MT4 account folder. Visible in mql5 browser tab but not in MT4 application after login to mql5 community
Hi there, would like to know if it's posible to test only M15, H1, H4... through a piece of code in the function OnTest. Thanks in advance
I'm looking for an EA that I can turn on once I've already manually entered a trade that will close my position based upon the W%R crossing the signal line from a specific direction, does anyone know where I can find something like this
Hi there, I'm testing my recent translated advisor but I suspect that orders count function is not working properly cause it isn't closing orders. Here I count Buy and Sell orders, code: //---------------------------------------------- Internal loop ---! double BuyOrders=0,SellOrders=0; for(int
hi guys, i got an issue with MQL5 why it draw indicators i use in logic of my EA on strategy tester! "work normally in actual chart doesnt draw anything there, just in strategy tester" make it a mess hard to read the chart and analysis anyway to make it stop?! to be honest compare to easiness of
Hello everyone, I am making my own robot according to my strategy. Do I want to know how to make the bot make a pending order? What is the function? Greetings
Hi, i´m trying to get the volume in the DOM at an open position price. I'm quite new to MQL5 and could not find a way to just get the volume of that specific price. Any idea would be very welcome thank You
Hello, I need to stop sending orders to the server for 3 minutes during the daily trading break (23:59-00:02)? (which depends on the broker) Market opening time is different in winter and summer, so I can not use local system time while comparing. I can not use server time as well. I guess each
hi! im writnig a kinda expert that get every price change and store it to a array and export it to a csv file! i have some problem to not too copy duplicated data, but i dont get it why its happening can any one help me pleas double m_open[]; //Open double m_high[]; //High
The following EA Closes all open positions on account with magic number related when reaching profit target. Problem I am experiencing is that the EA at times do not close all the open positions when required. I can't find the problem. Can anyone point out what the problem is and how I can solve it
Hi, been working on my first EA and it presents this problem, sometimes, the price is moving wildly and, it matches the EAs parameters to open trades (since the price is passing the same bid or ask multiple times in a matter of minutes) So, i was thinking of a way of programming the expert advisor
I would like events to be triggered the moment a deposit was made into the trading account that the EA is currently active on. Any help
Strategy Tester does not show all the symbols in Market Watch, what should I do?
Hello guys I have an EA analyser that analyse the performance of my trades by magic number and group them by magic number separately so i can analyse each strategies separately on the same terminal. I am running 5 different EA strategies on the same terminal. My question how will i calculate the
I haven't really searched but, I was trying to think of a way to detect the most recent peak on a chart. A solution that I believe would work involves using a For Loop to check "x" number of periods previously. The loop would just check previous values and compare which of the values was greater. If
Where do I send my EA for backtesting by other developers and users
Hi, I am using the following MQL5 code to fetch data from a web service: string cookie=NULL,headers; char post[],result[]; string referer = NULL; string url=""; int res=WebRequest("GET",url,cookie,referer,500,post,0,result,headers); However, I need to specify the user agent
Hi, I'm having a problem with the strategy tester I'm hoping I can get some help with. I'm new at this, so I may be missing something really obvious. I've read a lot of data on this website but still can't see where my problem lies exactly. I was trying to test a very simple MT5 EA using the
Hey, from time to time (yes I love this sentence too), my EA causes "Invalid pointer" errors when a pointer is just assigned to a variable. Like this: CVObject *ptr=(CVObject *)m_invalidupdates.At(i); m_invalidupdates is an CArrayObj object which is part of the MQ library. CVObject could be any
my forex robot launches trade slow. for example ; new bar open price 1550.00 long position start. robot needs to initiate a purchase order. but, until the robot starts, the price is 1550.15. what is the reason of this
If I am trying to output multiple lines, how do I do this? Comment("Apples");Comment("Oranges"); The code above will only output: Oranges As if it is being re-written on the same line again
Hello I just compile an EA i am getting one error : '1' - expression not boolean When i go to line this is the code causing the error : if(IsStopped())return(-1); How do i fix this? I appreciate the help
Hello ! I Want that my EA open trade after every 5 pips move . let's suppose GOLD Current Price 1550$ , when it touch 1545$ , then my EA open Trade Buy Automatically & Auto Take Profit Set , Which i Want..... Just Simple .Anyone Please Help me & Give CODE . Thank you in Advance
Hello esteemed experts! I have created an expert adviser but have a little problem here. I would like to use the 3rd candle low or high to trail my open positions. Attached is the code for the high and low. I also need the trailing to start when break even has occurred. The system is promising. Your
If 1% damage, position is closed. I wrote the code, but it doesn't work
I wrote a super detailed post about this problem on Rather than re-create the entire thing here I'll just post the link: Basically, I'm having a very specific
There's a popular belief that trading robots "don't work". I know they can be profitable but how much really? For a few dozens of dollars you can buy EAs that theoretically perform several times better than the best stock market indices, but if they were doing really well in live trading, the
Hello, I have written an EA that should trade 36 symbols of the market watch at the same time. This works in the strategy tester exactly as expected, so it executes exactly the program. However, when I want to run the program live in the demo account, it stops at a certain point. Basically, the
I spend quite some time developing an EA that is reading the Forex Factory Calendar (FFC) HTML. I’m stumbling now on an issue that I did not foresee and I’m unable to solve. Hopefully you can help me. When the news event occurs, I want to extract the Actual number, and compare it with the forecasted