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hello good day, i´m trying to send some simple data from my EA in mql5 to an API. i wish send the follow string "id_ea=2&symbol=EURUSD&operation=SELL&value=1.3142" a my index.html void Enviar(){ string url=""; char post[]; char result[]; string headers; int res; string
HI, I tried using the cloud network to optimise my EA. I have 29USD in my balance and I start the optimisation, enter the password and then it says "processing" next to MQL5 Cloud Network Europe. Then after some time it says "failed". It tries the same thing with the same result with MQL5 Cloud
This message appears several times in the journal during the backtest: Core 1       cannot generate history data, check disk space [1] / [2] Core 1        xxxxx bytes not available   What does this mean? I have 120 gigs free diskspace. 
The demo version ii made by MQL5? does go jus in demo version or accedentally who tray the demo version takes the real version without my dill
I have tried to test some EA-s in mt5-but none of them worked. for starters I have tried with that: <Deleted> I have downloadaed to the terminal, seemengly the test is completed but it haven't opened a single position. I have clicked to the input tab, but I can't find this EA in the list. Why is it
Hi experts, I have been interested in statistical value that accompany with trading system. Unfortuately, in mt4/5, the tester doesnot provide the value/graph I want to see. So, Is it possible? to make an script/ea to create these thing especially. 1. generating 2D-3D graph/Distribution bell
Hello guys I'm wondering if is there an EA to automaticaly calculate Break Even and Take Profit on manual trading. Let's say I open a BUY position 0,01 Lot on eurusd at 1.10000 and TP 1.10500 (50 pips) and the trade goes against me "X" pips, then I open 0,02 Lot at 1.09700 (-30 pips), 0,03 Lot at
Hi everyone, I'm currently having some problems with the installation of an EA. I've downloaded the free EA "Martingale VI Hybrid.mq4" from Codebase. I tried to add it to MT5, but it didn't show up between my Expert Advisors. I installed it in the correct folder (AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\...) I
I'm getting a constant error with the MT5 Python implementation. My "order request" looks like this: order_json = { "action": mt5.TRADE_ACTION_DEAL, "symbol": symbol, "volume": 0.1, "type": mt5.ORDER_TYPE_BUY_LIMIT, "price": round(mt5.symbol_info_tick(symbol).bid - (point * 10), 5)
I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this but it does contain the code for an EA so here goes. The attached EA for MT5 is designed to be back-tested and will output key information about your broker's configuration in the journal window. I was thinking it could be a useful tool to compare
Hello, i want to catch market orders in OnBookEvent(). But all i get are limit orders of the market depth. My Code: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                     testbook.mq5...
This is what I'm doing int OnInit() { COG_handle=iCustom(NULL,0,indicatorName,bars_back,mm,ii,kstd,kstdinternal,sName); ...} Now every time I change somethign while the EA runs (Time frames etc..) it loads a new handler. how can I stop the indicator from running and reloadit in order to have
Is it possible to run many EA in MT5 simultaniously (connected differenct currencypairs and timeframes)
Hi Friends, Im trying to upload a Trade Manager ( Utility ) and I get the following error message - What can be the issue ? Its a Utility and not an EA . test on EURUSD,H1 (netting) there are no trading operations test on XAUUSD,D1 (netting) tester takes too long time strategy tester report not
I have purchased and EA - [...] - [...] but I cant get it working. I've tried to contact the author, who has just ignored my messages. Has anyone else had this problem, or has anyone got this EA working? The author has posted on his profilethat the EA took trades and made decent profit on 4/4/20
Hello friends, So for the last few years, I've dedicated myself to create a successful trading strategy that took many sleepless nights and iterations of the strategy. Now I did all that work always thinking that I wanted to automated in the future. Now for the purpose of this post: Quite honestly
Hi, I'm trying to use this library for python. I've successfully connected to my account and placed an order with this code: request = { "action": mt5.TRADE_ACTION_DEAL, "symbol": pair, "volume": 0.02, "type": mt5.ORDER_TYPE_SELL, "price":
Hi I'm trying to publish my EA to the market but the automatic validation gives me an error, in metaeditor its all ok 0 errors and 0 warnings. Can somebody help me? Thank you test on EURUSD,H1 (netting) 2016.04.01 18:59:40 failed instant buy 0.01 EURUSD at 1.13853 [Invalid volume] 2016.04.01
Is there any way to know if the EA is running on Strategy Tester? My EA uses the symbolInfo.MarginMaintenance() to make some equations to trade but these values are zero in strategy tester. To work around this problem, I created a parameter to set the margin (to use in strategy tester only) and I...
When I click on the market tab I see the EA I purchased and it says "Product is purchased, but not downloaded yet" but when I click the blue "Install" button, nothing happens? Tried restarting my MT4, logging out of the account under tools->options->community and logging back in but still nothing
I'm looking for a solution. Which makes it possible in the Strategy Tester.Trendline, rectangle can be retracted manually. What I found an indicator doesn't work either. for example: Can I find a solution? Any ideas
Hello everyone, I do not know how to write a dll for mt4? When I write a DLL in C# and export it for 32bit or 64bit it do not work. C# Code: using System;using System.Net;using System.IO;using System.Runtime.InteropServices;namespace ClassLibrary1{ public class Class1 { public static
Hi all, I have a boring issue with the execution of order (Buy or Sell) that use the TP. I know that's a common issue reading others threads but the code seems correct so don't know what i have mistake. I'm going crazy because the error happen when thet TP is lower than 120 pips. :( I paste function
Hi, I’m wondering if there is some way get an EA to disable auto trading when it’s current trade closes, and to have it send me an alert so I can perform necessary actions to it once it has stopped trading? I have a few EAs that have gone into undesired drawdown, and fully expect that they will come
  MT5, mql5 bugs to be fixed. (25   1 2 3)
As suggested by James Cater, I am opening this thread to centralize bugs reported on MT5 and mql5.  You can report what you found, ask for confirmation of the community, and report it to ServiceDesk. The goal of this topic is to effectively have bugs fixed, if you want to ask for improvements,...
I was wondering the use of slippage and what value to specify? MT4 documentation uses 3 for slippage. Can slippage minimize the annoying requote when trying to place an order? What value of slippage can minimize 'requote'? Can I use slippage as large as 20 or just use 0? Thanks in advance
hi every one I write below code in expert to show current candle time in chart and it works in all time frame M1,M3,M15,.... void OnTimer() { long time=TimeCurrent(); long ekh=(Period()*60+Time[0]-time); if(Period()==1) Comment(ekh," s"); else
Hope everyone are keeping safe during this time. I have a question regarding copying trades. I have and mt5 account with a signal provider. He enters the trades into my mt5 account from his own VPS and EAs. What I want is when he enters a trade into my account, I want that trade to be duplicated in
Hi Everyone, I just found attached MQ4 code for Swiss Army EA v2.01 an account hedge equity protection Trade Manager type EA - found it on forum dated 2015. Can coders please kindly check whether it needs updating to latest MT4 build or not and if so please provide updated working version
i would like to know which of below codes better to use in EA ? is there any different ??? code 1 double haOpen= iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Heiken Ashi",Red,White,Red,White,2,1); Code 2 double haOpen=iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Heiken Ash.ex4",2,1);