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I need someone to make a local MT4 to Ctrader trade copier What i mean is that there should be interprocess communication between MT4 and Ctrader through a socket and not having to route through the internet. I intend to use the MT4 and Ctrader on the same Computer. i will share with the programmer
Hello Dear Trader, I have 4 account and it is so hard to trade with each one. Someone who can help me with an Ea Copy Trade? I try to trade just on the first account and with other 3 copy from the first. How can I resolve that problem? I have 4 account with 4 different brokers Thank you
hi guys, i want someone to help me with this very simple code (make for free) :'D ea with time filter to trade in certain hours when attached to a time frame it opens 2 pending orders with each candle opening buy stop and sell stop at a distance (pip step) from the candle open price with the end of
Hello, I have an EA, that uses an external indicator to trade. Now it seems, that DLL import is activated in the EAs code. Can I turn it off (in the code)?! thx
When I am running a visual backtest on my EA, I can look at my chart and see orders being opened and closed. It's very helpful. However, once the backtest is complete, the order markings (on the chart) have disappeared, so I can't scroll back to review them. Does anyone know why this would happen
When I started EA optimization Test on " Every tick based on real ticks" using MQL Cloud Network , somehow these errors came and Cloud Network turned off. '''2020.05.24 06:53:21.651 Tester Cloud servers switched off 2020.05.24 06:55:02.977 Tester real ticks optimization not allowed in Cloud Network
Hey guys, I am reprogramming my MQL4 code to MQL5. I do have a question about the indicator change. So in MQL4 it simply looks something like: void OnTick() { double movingAverage = iMA ( NULL ,PERIOD_CURRENT,13, 0 , MODE_EMA , PRICE_CLOSE , 0 ); } So the variable gets updated every tick. But in
Hi When I perform an open price backtest, i got a difference between the ask and bid of 20 points, even if i set the spread to a fixed smaller value in the settings. this is disconcerting, as you would expect to have the set spread and not a big unmodifyable spread is there a work around that
Hi everyone I work with the strategy tester and an expert and I see 2 problems that may perhaps lead to solutions, but I am not a programmer. 1) one method for testing expert advisors is to optimize various time + forward periods within a large period of time. The analysis of the results of all the
I`ve been able to make my EA work, it should trade haramis, but it`s not trading all of them, sometimes i get the INVALID PRICE error Could someone help me please? The code places a buystop and a sellstop order at the high and low of the harami void OnTick () { CopyRates ( Symbol (), Period
Hi, When I start folowing a signal it also opens the trades that are open which already excist for some time (sometimes months) and are in big losing position. Is it possible to start following a signal without copying the current open trades, so just accept new trades from then onwards?...
Hello again! Analyzing my EA I think that Direction function from ExpertSignal.mqh has a bug. At the begining it states that if the result from checked signals for long and short position for a specified Signal is 0.0 (Ex.: SignalAC.mqh) this should not be conted for votes number at var number. -...
Why can't I select the variables? See screenshot Thank you
Hello folks, I'm trading at a brazilian broker using VPS and sometimes I'm facing some delay (more than 5 seconds) to complete a deal. The ping is less than 1 ms. I don't know if the problem is with my EA, maybe some processing overload or if the problem is with the broker that I'm using. This
Hi! I need help placing a buy order and a sell order at the high and low of a candle, the EA already recognizes the candle pattern i want, but i dont know how to place the orders. I really need help. This is what i have so far #include <Trade\Trade.mqh> CTrade trade; MqlRates rates[]; int OnInit ()
Greetings I recently purchased an EA but when i try to migrate to VPS it says EA is an old version i should recompile and try again. I don't have the source files for this EA, How can i fix this? or which other option can i go for if i'd like to use my EA on a virtual server ? Please help! Regards
Hello i am copying signal i have enabled auto trading , and showing signal logo in my Mt5 . ( full signal provider history and runing trades can see in Mt5) but when i open mql5 website and trying to see histroy and runing trades from my sisgnal provider its showing Enable copy trading in the
Hi to all. I'm trying to make an Expert. In this expert, I'm trying to send a picture to telegram bots. - But I don't know why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't works. In other words, sometimes send me the correct pic and sometimes I just see "sending a photo" in Telegram Bot. And I didn't...
Hello dear Traders! Who can help me with an script for one click trading, or something help me? I Trade index and Nasdaq with Us30 go in the same direction. If I am on the nasdaq and I click buy on the 'one click trade', I need in the same time, an script make click buy on the US in the same time
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Hello.. does anyone knows about this.. possible or not.. to skip previous and wait for another condition to happen.. example if a D- cross above D+ .... condition one then D- crosses the level line .. condition two <open a sell order> the second time D- crosses the level again is ignored.. had to
Hello People In my recent project, I tried to call an indicator, which uses chart event and button objects, from EA using iCustom function. After EA is loaded, the indicators are also loaded as the indicators are compiled as the part of resource of EA. However, when I tried to click on the...
Hi, I am looking to test individual EA's on their own Demo Accounts and I have setup 3 Demo accounts in my MT4 and For eg. when I launch 1 EA on 1 Chart in account_01 and switch the account to Account_02, the same EA also gets Launched on Account_02. It seems like because the chart is open and I am
Hello, i have a problem that i can't set the text for an OBJ_EDIT when being within chart event.  The goal: When the edit field is clicked, i want to set a new text. This is not working. Please check the script.  How to accomplish this ? Thank you #property copyright "chinaski"#property version "1...
I want to download and run an EA that i bought here, but it wont show up when i log in on metatrader 4. Anyone else have this issue
hi guys i just want to know whats the ticket of last closed order i wrote this just want to know if this way is correct or not and one more thing why tickets are different in terminal than actual reports or in mql5! tnX for help in advance void OnStart() { HistorySelect(0,TimeCurrent()); ulong
Hi everyone, I am experimenting with a scalping EA that I found online, but I am struggling to find the answers to some of my questions. Any help is much appreciated as I am pretty new to this side of trading and don't have much coding experience. A couple of the settings in this EA are
Hello first of all thank you for read my post. I wrote EA at mql5. How to insert indicator when running strategy tester? Another problem is i can not make strategy test result more faster (not use skip to button)like mql4. Scroll button touched limit but it does not reach more fast that i want
Can i upload an Expert advisor written in python using the metatrader 5 library here on the market ? since i can't find any other experts currently there in python And what should i do regarding backtesting? as strategy tester on the mt5 won't work for a python script ?! i have made my own
Hello, I've wrote expert advisor. What could be a reason that my EA works fine on every forex pair but doesn't make any trade on US30? I use IC markets
Why is it that any first order I open always has ticket number "2"? I open my orders with this (relevant) code: #include <Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade trade;void onTick(){ trade.Sell(lotsize, Pair1, BidPair1, ShortSL, ShortTP, "1S"); trade.Buy(lotsize, Pair1, AskPair1, LongSL, LongtTP