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I'm using MT5 hedging account and I'm trying to open an opposite market order (hedging order). I'm using MT5 hedging platform. The problem is when I open the hedging order the existing order gets closed, why is that? Here is my order opening code. // Open buy market order   if(close[0] > ma[0] &&...
In the back tester, I switched from H4 to D1, and the EA died. So, I dug into the problem. It turns out that I have an iMA I use for determining trend with a period of 320. Granted that 320 hours is very different from 320 days, and I would likely scale this value back for logical considerations, I...
Im looking for someone how can program several EA/Indicators for MT5 - Firts one to create 10 seconds charts -Second one to know the price equivalance between the spot and the futures , you can add the desviation value and see it in the chart, -3's one EA to place limit
Hello everyone, I have tried researching this, but didn't find a solution that works. I am using a 16-core AMD CPU with 64GB of RAM. The problem with the tester agents is that it feels like they never release any memory and always take up all the available memory until the PC crashes. Aside of the
Somehow I got logged out of metatrader. I cannot remember my username and password. I can't find anything to reset or send email to reset
Hi, all I have problem with optimization , problem is when optimization good setup value is start from 30,000 passed tasks example , I start set value everyting from 1 to 1000, then when optimize every thing start from 1 ,2 3, 4 right, that make 30,000 passed tasks, then after 30000 start got
how can i do that . after closing the candle
Hello, here explain how to overload operators in MQL5. For example with the first example (suppose I use a class instead a struct) in the link I try: class complex { double re; // Real part double im; //
I know this is probably a long shot but here we go. A while ago, i found a simple lot size calculator script (which was only over a line or two) but after having my computer die, I can't seem to find the original post so I'm wondering if anybody has something of the sort. Cheers TomCallan
Hell All . i am trying to install some indicators to MT5. But all time these indicator does not show on MT5 Chart. Here are indicators links bellow,
Hi, I was wondering if there is an EA out there that can calculate my lot size based off where I want to put my stop loss for trading on the 1 minute chart? If anyone has used Forex tester I would like it be similar to the "droplet" button where you can place you stop where you want when you go to
Good afternoon everyone. I am seeking for someone who can put a system together that can trade SPECIFIC formations automatically with my own personal set of rules based of my trading strategy. i.e. W and M formations, Head & Shoulders, U and Cup formations ? Is there something out like this already
Hi guys :) I'm looking for EA like this: I take BUY and EA take BUY's on every next bullish candle. The SELL trades works in analogic way.  Excample: Thanks for help :)
Dear experienced traders, I subscribe a signal, but the signal works exactly same as one of a EA I bought.... What should I do? Is here any rule for that? Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
Hi! I'm trying to build a system with multiple EAs and want to limit the loss that every EA can perform in a specific period of time. Let say I want to limit an EA to lose up to 1% of the account balance in a single month (if the EA loses already 1% of the account balance, it will not be able to
Hi    I am writing some code to try modifying my order , I keep getting this message in the strategy tester failed modify order #2 buy 0.00  at market sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 -> 1.28769 (1.28669), sl: 1.27452 tp: 1.29569 [Invalid request] the trade is being opened normally but modification fails...
Hello, I have seen that you bought an EA. I have a question that I can't find an answer. There is a new EA update.How can I update the EA without spending an activation? The update button does not appear in the market and if I delete it and download it again, an activation is spent. Nor was it
Hello everyone, I stumble on a very weird behaviour when trying to get my EA to implement a custom indicator. As said in title, when hitting play, I get a new indicator window every time iCustom is called. Is this the expected result? iMA, iATR, iEnvelopes, etc don't have this behaviour. iCustom
My EA places multiple trades in a row, thus adding to an open position. Let's take an example: First trade: open a sell position of 0.01 lot EURUSD Second trade, some time later: open a sell position of 0.01 lot EURUSD Third position, some time after the second trade: open a sell position of 0.02
Hi there, Complete beginner here... so a few weeks ago I'm trying to make a simple Crossover MA EA using MQL5, everything seems fine and I got no error message, but after I try it on a demo account, I start having a problem. so I want to make my EA open only one position for each market/pair, but
I am trying to connect to mysql from an expert advisor using the libmysql.dll library but I get a strange error 'Access violation read to 0x000003B0'.Can anyone tell me how to solve the problem?
hi, so I implemented this strategy of mine where I draw some sloping fibots starting at the open of the day or week or month, and then track the sloping lines and place pending orders on the two lines that bracket price, both orders in the direction of the slope(bullish/bearish) and I do so through
Dears, kindly note that after my PC windows updated I lost an activation and i hope you can help me regain my activation as it was mentioned on forum by metaquotes announcement regarding windows 10 updates. Regards, Mohammad Aqel
I have coded my first EA and am now running it on a demo account. While doing this I noticed an effect which is undesired: I have a chart opened (e.g. EURUSD, H1) and have started the EA on this chart. Autotrading is enabled and the EA seems to be doing what it is supposed to be doing. In order to
Hi guys, does anyone know a fast & simple way to access the current iteration when you run the Strategy Tester with a set of parameter combinations? Cheers, Marcel
Hi guys, I'm using this code to fetch the close price of the previous candle MqlRates mrate[];double Close_Price;Close_Price=mrate[1].close; Sometimes I get the correct price (1.12086) and other times I get a wrong price (1.1208600000000001) How can I remove all of these extra digits
Hello Team! I wanted to create a Signal with an account I have already used in the past. Now I get the information, that this signal was already been used. If I look under Signals (archive etc.) ... this signal is deleted already ... Can anybody give me a solution how to create a signal for an
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Hello, I am looking for a EA that will help me to avoid setting a Stop Loss order in the market Instead, it will close the position if the stop level was touched. Is there such a EA for downloading
Hello guys, I need some help getting my EA to work properly. The thing is, he can modify positions, but only if I assign the EA to my symbol chart with autotrading ALREADY ENABLED. If I assign the EA to the chart while autotrading is disabled (disabled via the button) and attempt to modify position...
Hi, Wondered if someone could help, I subscribed to a signal a couple of days ago, but it isn't copying over to my account. At first I assumed it was due to slippage, but there has been a number of trades now and still not copied. My account is MT5 and running on the MQL5 supplied vps