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Hey there, I have a algorithm that I need to get information from the Bid/Ask book from two different stocks to trade them. The issue is, that I can run that algo in the function OnInit(), which requires me to keep replaying the EA. I would like to use the function OnBookEvent(), but when I try to
Good morning all, I have a small question, I have my EA that works very well with the strategy tester but in reality it has bug it does not open a position when it should. my question is that an EA works better with a powerful computer or the power has no influence. thank you all
Hi all, I usually download demos of EAs in order to test them and see how they perform in the strategy tester, most of the times they don't open and close a signle position. Can someone help me understanding why this is happening? Thanks in advance
I have an EA that draws rectangle on a specifically defined bearish pinbar followed by a bullish candle. Please see the code below. It basically shows the rectangle on the timeframe displayed on the chart. How can I search for this candlestick pattern on timeframes within an H1 candlestick down to
Somebody asked me to make an EA which can use the signals coming from an indicator. The problem is Indicator doesn't send any useful data as out put so I can't use iCustom. And it also doesn't draw anything on the chart so I can not work by its objects too. the only thing we have is the signals of...
Hello guys. I am having a problem compiling this code. When I leave out the closing parenthesis I get only two errors. But when I include it I get 26 errors. Could you please help me by going through it and highlight for me anything that I may have missed? thanks! PS. "Createtline" is a function to
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Hi there, the title says it all..In my EA (MT5) when the robot is closing position I want to check the profit of current position properly. I know there is a function "PositionGetDouble" but am not sure about how to use it properly. On my ECN account I pay commisions for each position opening cca....
int PORBullishBars(int i) { int POR_Bullish_Counter = 0; for(i = 1; i < Bars - 100; i++) { (this is 694 line where error occurs: '-' - open parenthesis expected if(Bullish_POR_LevelBuffer[i] != 0 && Bullish_POR_LevelBuffer[i] != EMPTY_VALUE) { POR_Bullish_Counter = i; break; }
My code is the following ... and I'm getting an error saying that "array out of range in '1.mq5' (23,13)" , when use it. How can I correct this error? Thanks a lot. #21/06/2020 2300 //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|
Hi, can someone give a review to my code? It's so long to post in the topic but's just the problem of open parenthesis expected x4. Would be very helpful to me, thanks in advance
Am learning python programing to program MT5 trade copier but I want to know if fluter or react programing language can also be use to program a trade copier, the reason I want to know is because flutter comes with front end development in the back end Your answer will be highly appreciated
Hi, I have an EA running on remote desktop. The EA keeps getting upgraded from time to time. What is the best way to push the new version of the EA to all the remote desktop also loaded them on a new chart programmatically
I'm starting to experiment a bit with a neural network library in MT5. The library has some handy load and save methods which are useful to retain the network weightings between separate runs of the EA. I'm about to implement the load/save functionality but this leads me to my problem; Normally EAs
Hi everybody, Im developing an EA, but i' having trouble at understanding how I can get the value of the RSI at the current Tick. Im using the iRSI function, and I'm able to get values out of it. The problem is that I need the RSI value of the current tick and not of the last closed bar. Do you know
Hi all, I ran optimization with MQL5 cloud network and I got this error: OnInit returned non-zero code 1. Can someone help me? Full log at: 2020.06 . 19 20 : 36 : 33.874 Tester Experts indicator and trend 23 .ex5 on EURUSD,M5 from 2020.06 . 15 00 : 00 to 2020.06 . 19 00 : 00 2020.06 . 19 20 : 36
Hi all, What's the best way to find the length of a trend in an oscillator? For example when macd moves below zero for 4 bars the length of the trend will be 4
I want to use the bollinger bands as normal, just with one exception: For the newest, the current candle, the bollinger bands shouldnt move as the price changes. I want to set a certain value, and the bollinger bands should form as if this value is the price of the current candle. Is that possible
If I cannot do it from same platform then I need to have 2 MQL5 accounts and being log-in from 1 MT5 platform to 1 account and from another platform to the other account? Is there a more simple solution? Thanks for your answers
Please I'm a beginner in python programing language and my mission is to create a trade copier for MT4. So I want to know if it is possible to use python and create mql file
Hello I'm building multiples EA for EURUSD, but there are some conflicts when they open a posiition. How can I filter to see if my current EA with magic number x have a open position? PS: There are more than 3 EA's. I didnt put all together because I wont be able to backtest . if (temosNovaVela
Hello there.. I'm new in MQL5. I'm planning to migrate my MQL4 file to MQL5. I wanna create objects that exactly point to price and time like DASH SYMBOL in MQL4 that are not supported in MQL5 anymore. I just found 2arrows that do that things in MQL5: OBJ_ARROW_LEFT_PRICE, OBJ_ARROW_RIGHT_PRICE I...
I paid for a new EA, but I can't install it. It appears a button saying "install" but I the button doesn't work. What shall I do? Shall I return the EA
Hello admin, Does signal subscription mean copy trading? If I join a signal subscription, do I only see the trade taken or the system will automatically take the trades in my real account for me via the signal subscription I have. With the same logic, if I start to provide signals through my real
Hi All, I have a problem disable the signal that I am currently subscribing. I have unchecked all the box but the account won't stop trading
I can create a "dot" object just fine, the problem is that the dot shows up around 10 pips below the bid price, I would like for it to show exactly on the bid price line. void DrawDot( string DotName, double LinePrice, color LineColor) { if ( ObjectFind (DotName)< 0 ) { ObjectCreate ( 0
Need a broker with 1:5 leverage to backtest an EA. Tried XM, Admiral, IC, Pepperstone etc but in the strategy tester there's only 1:1, 1:10, 1:50 etc
Hi excellent people, I am using this indicator (Kaufman MQ5) I tried this code to print the function to the chart but I only got -1 -1 -1 0 do you know what I'm doing wrong? This would work in MT4... Code is below and here is the chart and data window (which shows
Hi, some of us use the timer to check chart settings for synchronizing etc. I figured out, that some simple executions of ChartGetInteger() can produce a drastic delay of up to 100ms already already in this simple sample. Problem is as usual: Once you use such a timer and you have 10 Charts opened
Hello guys, i have a problem. In fact i created and ea that's supposed to analyse previous candles(starting from rates[1]) and send a signal(push notification) but i want the ea to send the signal once and wait for the candle to close before trying to send one more time not on each tick movement of