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Hi guys, I am trying to do a strategy optimization for my EA, but I notice that the optimization doesn't balance good between the 2 PCs I am using. Here is an example: From what I understand, this means that some cores are not being used, while the other cores have a lot of
Hello, I am using MT5 to program my EA. I am trying to trail a pending order however I struggled a lot since I am using MT5 and not MT4.. Many of previous solutions for previous problems didn't work with my query.. My code for trailing a sell position is: #include <Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade
Hello everybody. i made an EA that one of functions is trailing stop. when i work with fix lot size 0.01, every thing is ok. but when i use floating lot size according equity, i get error 130 for sendorder() and modifyorder()! my STOPLEVEL in 0.01Lot and 0.1Lot is 50 and Point is 0.01. in this
I need some good brokers recommendations who support EA, MT4. Thank you
Hi.. I am creating a dashboard for my totals. I have 99% of it working. Just having issues with the OrdersTotal for the daily and weekly figures. void DrawCurrentTrades() {//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int buyCount, sellCount = 0; double buyProfit
Hi experts, I am currently trying to get my first function to be compiled. But I got some error. any idea how to fix them? I created 2 mqh files and want the second file calling the struct of first to make a function. //test.mqh#include <test2.mqh>struct ex { int a; int b; ex(){a=0;b=0;} };
Hello, need help: if I create and save a file with FileWrite(), I can read it out with FileReadString(). This wokrs als long as the EA is running properly. My problem is that I cannot call the generated files when I stop and start the program. There is data that i would like to load after restating
hi...trying to master mq5 i have made some research but not a single forum about calling a multi color indicator buffer to EA how do i call it.. DeepPink=Buffer 1? LimeGreen=Buffer 2? is that right? if(CopyBuffer(hma_handle, 1, 0, 200, hmup) <= 0) return; ArraySetAsSeries(hmup, true);
#property copyright "Frobo"#property link ""input int MAPeriodShort=9;input int MAPeriodLong=21;input int MAShift=0;input ENUM_MA_METHOD MAMethodS= MODE_SMA;input ENUM_MA_METHOD MAMethodL= MODE_SMA;input ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE MAPrice= PRICE_CLOSE;input double
Hi! For an EA I use a custom indicator with iCustom. It works fine so far. But for the strategy I need to change the indicators parameters at some point of time. I can get a new indicatorhandel with iCustom(...) with the new indicator settings. this works fine too. But then I will have two...
Some said every tick based on real ticks is the most accurate data collection rather than every tick. By that, I tested some EA that I purchased before, and some stated they will have massive profit, however their report was based on every tick only. After that, I used every tick based on real ticks
Hi I have ExpertAdvisor (mql5) wich sometime crash and terminate! How to find bug? Thanks to all
#include <WinUser32.mqh>#import "user32.dll"int RegisterWindowMessageW(string lpString);#import //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| script program start function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int start() { //---- int
Can anyone please help explain what might be causing the following errors when under verification test for uploading the EA onto the Market space. There seems to be no definitive answer to this, to my knowledge. test on EURUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on NZDUSD,H1 there are no trading
Hello, how is it possible that i see trades on the chart that are not done in backtesting. For instance, the highest trade number in my backtest report is #13 but on the chart opened after backtest i see trades #313 etc. with a size nowhere used in my strategy. All my trades have no stoploss or
An order becomes a deal. A long deal open or increases a position. A second long deal increases the position since in MT5 there is only one position per pair. If I use POSITION_PRICE_OPEN (Position open price) from which...
I'm trying to convert this code from mql4 to Mql5 but id does return the desired result; MT4 code-  if(!OrderSelect(i,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES)) continueMT5 code Im using:      if((ticket=OrderGetTicket(i))!=0)    continue; What is the mistake?
Help : i need help on how to clear the messy digit all over my MT5 trading platform, it has created a mess all over my platform, i cant even view my candles again pls guys tell me how to clear that stuffs. i have attached 2 pictures of the platform with the mess, i suspect its EA setting but dont
Does anyone know an indicator that gives an alert when the EA closes a trade at a loss? And can that indicator run separately from the EA on the same chart? Edbeleg
Hi, It seems that my broker use some suffixes with the currencies names (instead of EURJPY they use EURJPYm) I guess that is why the signal did not work with my account :( do you have any solution for this issue? Thanks
Hello,  I made a simple EA but to speed up optimization I want to make the EA opena new trade only when the indicators are right and only when a new bar starts. The EA has to wait until the bar closes and then opens a new trade only when the new bar opens. Could someone tell me the code...
Hi everybody, I'm working in a project wich I created a custom object list, but after close de EA I get the message "...undeleted objects left". My code is very big and complex, so I created a very simple one with the same logic, so, I can reproduce the exact same error and I can share the
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I need to know how to make a Payment for Freelance work that has been completed. I've searched the site and haven't found directions for this
Hi I created a simply EA mt5 with wizard. Optimizing from 03/02/2020 to 20/03/2020 max profit is 295 €, optimizing from 04/02/2019 to 20/03/2020 max profit is 306 €. What is the problem? Thank you at all
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Hi.. been getting this error on mt5 cant get it working searched for many ERROR 4807 solution..cant get a solution "code" played with it for while still cant get it working //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
When I attempt to backtest my EA it does not generate any results, message in the journal ' There were 1 passes done during optimization, 1 results have been discarded as insignificant' Does anybody have any advice or solutions Thank you
if using agents or multiple cores for optimising parameters, more than one year. Mt5 generates \tester\Agent*\temp\bar*.tmp files. every run. It slowly gnaw/nibble SSD storage. In mt4 read only fxt files was a solution. How about mt5 ? if using multiple cores,mt5 generates files for every local
I want to prepare an EA that will send limit orders as market orders whan price is rached. Example.In Eur/USD price is 1.16593 and is going down and the EA want to buy at 1.16574. When price reaches that price, the EA sends a market order. The problem is to avoid ANY negative slippage even if there...
This is my line of codes. However it is not working, any help would be greatly appreciated
hi I've wrote a simple expert that runs(buy and sell) correctly on EUR/USD backtest but in mt5 strategy tester when I change the symbol to Iranian stocks symbols it doesn't work and I can see in visual mode that the price and RSI and CCI go to buy or sell condition but it doesn't do the job! I've