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Mr Google says: Hi there, I have a problem and ask for help in the solution. I want to run an EA simultaneously in two charts. This goes not, they influence each other. What is the correct selection-value for each individual. (I have already made ​​a copy of the EA and used in both copies of...
 whether OHLC, or everytick mode, the mt5 strategy testing is very slow than mt4. is there a good solution? 
I heard that there are EAs that can do all currencies especially using the enhanced features of MT5?  Anyone tried?   Or is there any for MT4 that has a real forward account?  Do recommend,  Cheers
Hi i have a MA indicator with alert i want an EA for it, i just want Ea to open buy when colour changes to green and close open trades and open sell  when colour changes to red . 
Hi guru, New to MT4 EA and MQL. Just a quick one, has anyone got EA implementation for HOLP & LOHP as in John Carter's book Mastering The Trade? Thanks, FXD
Hello, I'm looking for the statement to retrieve the PayOut percentage for a Binary Option. Thanks for your reply.
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Hello, This is my first post on here. I'm looking for way to enter position that will allow me to scale out at certain TP levels. I will scale out 25% of my position at 3 TP levels and trail completely the remaining 25%. If I have missed any info you need to help please let me know. Thank...
You can share your experience about EAs you are using/watching in long term that is more than 1 year. Lets see what we have.
Just wondering how this is possible: There's a nice looking signal (MT4|Real) that has history going back to November 2013 but if you click on the providers profile it says he's only been a member since last Sunday??
That can place multiple hedged order, with configurable orders, and group close all.
Hello Do you know where i can find an example of code to determine the resistances and supports x hours slippery. thank you for your help
In MT4, we can call MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MARGINREQUIRED) to get margin of 1 lots. In MT5, I try to get the value by SymbolInfoInteger(Symbol(),MarginInitial()), but it return value is 0. Who can tell me how to do it? I'm MT5 build 965 thanks
I am trying to down load the EA from this site but could not succed any reason
Hi there ! Does any know how to remove the 1.#J symbol when Profit Factor is NULL running Custom Max Optimization Type. I have placed my OnTester() code below but it is not working at all and picture is attached. double OnTester()  { double param=0; double...
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Am I right in understanding; Any MQL4 or MQL5 EA will work on both metatrader4 and metatrader5
Hey everyone, is it even possible to wirte an EA based on technical indicators, that generates profit over a long period? i don't mean that every trade is a success but that it generates a profit over several years. Looking at the Championchip 2012 i realize that only 20% of the participants...
I am looking for a good News Trading EA that can load the events from some of the major sites and automate this process, as the time duration is very short and such events spans a lot of time zones.
Hello all, I have an ea for pending orders .. and i want to add one feature to it, so please if anyone can help me to do that i will really appreciate that. 1- the ea is in the attachments. 2- the required feature :- this is an ea to put pending orders .. i want to be able to define a price for...
The EA should start with a 0.01 lots BUY, with 40 pips TP and 40 pips SL. If reaches TP, another BUY 0.01 has to be launched, again with SL and TP @40 pips. If reaches SL, opens in SELL with 0.02 lots. Always 40 pips TP and 40 pips SL. These are fixed. If the SELL order reaches TP, open 0.01 lots...
In the document of Position Properties, identifier POSITION_MAGIC has a Discription of "Position magic number (see ORDER_MAGIC)", What will POSITION_MAGIC be while many EAs work on the sane symbol? Since one symbol only has one position at one time.
if(EmailON) SendMail("Signal : BUY signal on "+_Symbol,"At "+(string)SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_ASK)+" Date="+TimeToString(SymbolInfoInteger(_Symbol,SYMBOL_TIME))); Hi, Can't figure what's going wrong in the syntax used. The test mail from MT5 settings works. Any help ?
Hi guys Just logged on to my VPS and noticed all of my signals had been disconnected and don't show valid subscriptions. For some reason, my broker changed their server names over this weekend (IC Markets) so the signals database doesn't recognize that I've already paid for subscriptions. I've...
How can I use this to check the profits of a position that is about to be closed by tp, in case the broker widens his spread?
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hi all,anyone know how to create own ea?plz guide me.
Hello Everybody. I am messing around with my first EA but I do not have the knowledge to do what I am trying to do. I am trying to add a section to my EA that will do the following action: Look at all open trades (All trades are long, no short positions in the EA) If the trades are showing a...
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hi i am upload Scalping EA please use it on demo and check result ....
Hello , im searching feedback for one of my first EA's . The report : As u can see i have non lots optimized and im going first long only with these method. Whats most importent to read these reports well and fix these problems ? It is better to...
Ok, I cannot get self-motivated enough to complete this project on_my_own and thats why I'm starting this thread. The Objective: Create an MAE( Maximum Adverse Excursion ) generator which reads mt4 && mt5 report. The mql_code will utilize || test the new OOP features being incorporated into the...
Hi there ! Can someone please give me a hand with this message error ? Sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not ! Regards, MRC
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I have to Introduce MetaLang.exe File to Etasoft Program. does anybody know where can i find it?! Thanks.