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Full time Algo Trader / Trading System Developer at
Programmer, researcher and algorithmic trader on Forex/CFD. I am a computer science graduate and for 7 years I worked in the I.T. field as a systems engineer: telecommunications, servers, firewalls, computers, computer security and networks were my bread and butter. In 2018 I became interested in the world of Trading, preferring from the beginning a quantitative approach given my educational and professional background. In 2021 I decide to devote myself full time to my passion for Systematic Trading.
I studied in depth MetaTrader's proprietary language,MQL (C++), developing automatic algorithms on MT4 and MT5. I also operate on cTrader. I have studied the theories and strategies of top international systematic traders including Andrea Unger, K. J. Davey, Scott Welsh and many others.

My approach aims at maximum diversification both at the level of strategies and markets combined with a conservative risk profile for as steady growth as possible over the long term. My automated systems exploit various types of logic: dollar-cost averaging, trend-following, mean-reverting, BIAS, scalping and are based on different types of concepts: patterns, indicators, breakouts, stop & reverse, volatility and more.

In April 2021, after 7 years of working in two different companies in the IT industry, I decide to devote myself full time to my passion for Systematic Trading.

Since the beginning of 2022 I have been collaborating with one of the most important Italian companies in retail Trading, with more than 5,000 clients, creating for them ad-hoc software such as Trading System and Indicators.

In October 2022, I obtain management of a capitalized account from Prop-Firm Savius, reaching Step 4 of 100.000€ from Limitless Forex Pro, after successfully passing the evaluation steps.

In 2023, I will participate in the World Cup Championship of Forex Trading® consistently ranking in the Top 5 (Ongoing, end 31/12/2023).

In June 2023 I will start a collaboration with an international service provider for quantitative hedge funds.
Also in June, I am registering for the Global Cup Trading Championship Forex™️ 2023-2024

In August 2023 my flagship easylife original Trading System celebrates one year of certified Live use with myfxbook.

In September 2023 I launch my new Trading System easylife infinity, with the aim of offering more diversification to my audience, easylife becomes easylife original.