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Hi Everyone, I would like draw rectangle on everyday, im looking for your kind guidance. below are the code i wanted to draw rectangle for H1 based on D1 value, but im not able to draw anything on the chart. int dayOfWeek = DayOfWeek(); datetime tomorrows_time = iTime ( NULL , PERIOD_D1 , 0 ) +
Hi everyone, Excuse my questions but I am new to the MQL languages. I am trying to make an EA that will use the highs and lows of the ZigZag indicator(attached). My questions: 1)How can I include this indi to my EA? 2)How can I store the values of highs and lows from ZigZag to an array? Thanks
what is code for closing all trade at specific time. for example start time trade at 7 and and end time 23 and close all trade as well. what will be the code for that
Hi MQL5 experts, I'm trying to retrieve the dynamic array values for the Open and Close values in MQL5 - the equivalent of Open[] and Close[] in MQL4 Here is my attempt which is not working. Do you guys see any obvious errors in my code? Or is there a more efficient way to retrieve the values?...
I need to attach an EA to a template that I am creating using the ChartSaveTemplate function, but I don't know what function is used to attach the EA. For example, I have seen indicators are attached using the iCustom function, but I have not found any indication to do the same with expert advisors
Hello, good day to you all.. am trying to make the code place trades on all selected pairs eg. buy signal from XAUUSD place XAUUSD buy, buy signal from GBPUSD place GBPUSD buy, etc.. the code.. its reading signal from selected symbol , but will place trades on first symbol eg. EURUSD,GBPUSD,XAUUSD
Hi, does someone know the difference of the VPS that is provided by the MT4 on the Virtual Hosting Wizard and any other VPS that I can choose on my own? It seems that I do not need to remotely connect to the VPS using the Remote Desktop Connection tool from windows; the EA will automatically be ran
I am trying to write an expert advicer but I am stuck with a simple problem: How do I get the type ( buy or sell) and price for the last executed order in the trading history? Thanks in advance.
Hello All, I've tried to find the developer for this Trend Dashboard indicator but with little luck. I find it to be very effective. However I have no idea how Trend 1, Trend 2, Trend 3 and Trend 4 have been calculated. I assume it's 4 different ways of measuring. I have now decided that it is so
Hi, I was "playing" with hedging to explore possibilities : it's very tempting, since it allows purely & simply to recover from a bad position taken. The risk of these strategies is well-known : lot management. Comes ALWAYS a point, where the margin is stressed, the logical solution being to accept
Hello. Hope you are well. I am trying to use figures from a switch operator elsewhere in the program but i am having a hard time figuring out how to do it. To properly explain, here is part of the code: break ; case Peak: // search for peak if (LowMapBuffer[shift]!=
Hi! I have a profitable grid strategy and would like the help of a developer/programmer to turn it into an EA for MT4 or MT5. Preferably, MT5. Thanks. Please reach me for more info if needed
I've come across an issue that's a bit strange, the code below is able to tell anytime a pending order is deleted/cancelled on the chart. Outside tester the result.order field carries the ticket of the pending order that was cancelled, but if you run this same code on the strategy tester the
Hi All, I am looking for existing EA script to a martingale consecutive trading in 1 direction (no hedging). Here are the requirements: 1) Sell/buy direction to be initiate manually where the automated trading is triggered with the same direction (sell or buy) as the initial order. 2) Lot size is
Hi everyone, im not sure is this question is raised by other fellow community. but i would like draw rectangle everyday in Period _H1. However, my coding just stop at first rectangle on the first day.. but the switch case run perfectly if it is use to send orders. Any help from anyone is high
Hi, anyone have or know how i can get a simple time expiry ea or indicator? All i need it to do is close trades that i have open manually at a specific time and date.. Like for example if i open a trade manually at 3:40pm but i want it closed automaticly at 7:00pm Thanks
Is there any way of Mocking or injecting known / controlled data into MQL4 (or even MQL5)? From time to time I have certain conditions I'd like to check, or a method I want to test. Right now all I can do is to pull the method out to a new project, and replace any inbuilt functions (OrderOpenPrice()
Hi all, I am using an EA that is using Values from indicators of the last closed candle. So I expected that I can backtest it with using the "Open Pricy Only" Modelling because this is way faster. Specialy in the Optimazion. But the results made by this method are very different to the OHLC or the
Why most indicators that I put in graph stay with aleatory arrows when I alter symbol and change the timeframe in same window? Its any garbage that going accumulating in the buffers? Can you explain why it ocurrer? and what I can do to solve it? Thanks! Sample
I need an expert code that reads the bid price and stores it. When the next qoute appears, if the same price has not changed, an alert will be issued, and so on until this price changes every second
Hi, I have programmed a neural net backpropagation EA and just would like to share what I have learned and get some feedback hopefully from others. I've found that it works quite well on EURUSD and GBPUSD on higher timeframes but on other pairs it's not so good. The accuracy of the training is quite
Hi, I am new to Metatrader 5. I've got kind of a weird problem: I am using an EA which is working completely perfect when I attach it to the symbol ENQ. After detaching it and attaching it to the symbol DD, the German DAX future, it doesn't execute any trades. There is enough cash in the account
Hello, I want to save data between two starts of the same EA. I hesitate between using the Global Variables and an ini file. What solution do you use in general? Thank you,
I am using ctrade for my programming right now but as I want to expand my capabilites / possibilities, I am wondering if it is possible to set the position_id of an order? In the MqlTradeRequest struct there is the MqlTradeRequest.position member - is this there, so that my EA could set the
Hi, I did not see any example related to how to pass parameters to a .bat file. With the following code: ShellExecuteW( 0 , "open" , "start.bat" , "123" , "" , 1 ); I get the following error: Access violation read to 0x0000007B in 'shell32.dll' However, the following works when I do not pass any
Hi, I've created a custom EURUSD-M5 dataset which I've imported into MetaTrader 5 and want to use with the Strategy Tester. The data set loads fine into Metatrader without any problems or errors. The strategy Tester works fine with this data during the trading simulation processing stage. However
Hello Community, The problem is shortly explained on title. So I have this EA that basically acts as programmed (bug-free, optimised etc... took me some time but it goes VERY well). It is programmed to follow certain signals/arrows from an indicator. I need both Indicator and EA to be in existance
#include <Trade\Trade.mqh> //Create an instance of Ctrade CTrade trade; void OnTick() { //we calculate the ask price double Ask=NormalizeDouble(SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_ASK),_Digits); //we calculate the Bid price double Bid=
Hi everyone, I am new to coding and was trying to make an EA just for Backtesting some CustomIndicators. It is a little Patchwork of all the Informations I was looking at: It is testing 28 currencys with one Indicator running over all of them on the D1-Chart. Well now I want to test it or want to
Hey there, I have a algorithm that I need to get information from the Bid/Ask book from two different stocks to trade them. The issue is, that I can run that algo in the function OnInit(), which requires me to keep replaying the EA. I would like to use the function OnBookEvent(), but when I try to