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Hello, I'm trying to get the balance return of the Deals History, but I'm having some issue, because, sometimes at the same order, there is more than one deal. I'm using the code below to organize in 02 arrays. One for time and other for the profit. Is there any way when it is copying data if the
How can I draw inside CAppDialog using CCanvas, for exemple
I'm having an Expert for copying Trades, but when trying to migrate all experts,etc. it wouldn't allow me to migrate that one, due to "not allowing dlls", because the expert is running"quickchannell.dll". It tells me to remove the expert in order to migrate, but I need this Ea to be migrated too. If
Hello everyone! Is it possible to count the number of symbols opened up in market watch in an EA? Is yes, advice on how it can be done
I make an EA, on D1 timeframe, sometimes when Open Order or Pending Order Error: failed [Market is closed] error = 132 I know Market is Closed can be caused by various things, but as we know, that the EA is run if there is a new candle that is formed so the EA certainly will not be run if it is a
Hello, Getting inspiration from the source example Controls.mq5, I created my own CDialogApp panel. It works, but I'm not wondering how to distinguish between events ocurring in the panel and events ocurring on the chart. To make it simple, I need to intercept both clicks on the chart and clicks on
Hi everyone,  I have already been helped by members of mql5, so I try again with an other problem.  I want to add Trailing stop in my EA but I don't know where I can put the modification without break my code.  For exemple, this is my part of 'Order Close - Buy' :  double SL_Buy =...
Hello! I would like to change martingale function to make my EA open lots adding just 0.01 (0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04...). Could somebody help me with my code? int f=0; if(Martin==true) { if(total==0) { f=1; } if(total>=1) { f=total; }
Hi, Please help me find my paid robot and my robot rent. They are not appear everywhere in my terminal. After instal to terminal from community market, nothing happens Thanks
Hi everybody, in MetaEditor, is it possible to loop though enumerations as per the below parameter info (I don't mean switching between overloads 1 and 2, but looping through all possible ENUM_SYMBOL_INFO_DOUBLE values in the below example)... ...or do we have to open and consult the documentation
(<Deleted> ) are these overly concerning? Will it slow down my EA? Both errors and warnings
Is it possible to write an EA that will copy trade details from WhatsApp message and open trade in mt4/mt5? Or are there restrictions within WhatsApp that prevents this
Does anyone know if MQL5 EAs require additional activations when I upgrade CPU+RAM of my VPS (not a new VPS, just upgrade)
Hi There ! Can someone please help me getting more information about this message ? JG 0 22:10:32.215 YouBotG2 (WINQ14,M1) OnDeinit_Uninitalization reason code = 9 DH 0 22:10:32.215 YouBotG2 (WINQ14,M1) OnDeinit_UninitReason = Another reason DQ 0 22:10:32.215 YouBotG2 (WDON14...
MqlTick Tab [] ;ulong d = (ulong)(D'2019.12.17 10:00:00') ;void OnStart(){ CopyTicks(_Symbol,Tab,COPY_TICKS_ALL,d,1) Print(Tab[0].time ); } I'm trying to get a tick but when i check it by printing tick's date i get 2011.12.19 00:00:08 and if i replace COPY_TICKS_ALL by COPY_TICKS_TRADE i get
I think I am having issues with magic numbers and reading them. I need multiple EAs are running on the same symbol(s) and therefore need to distinguish between open positions based on Magic number. The code I've used is failing and I've copied similar solutions found on this forum and it's still not
Hi, I'm converting my EA from mql4 to mql5 and I'm stuck with Bars function please help, I'm going mad... int cntFromNow(datetime barDate) { return Bars(_Symbol, _Period, Time[0], barDate); }
Hi everyone, My MT5 Expert works with many symbols simultaneously. EA doesnt support multiple symbol testing. I've tested all symbols separetly. So, is there a way or a sofware to combine multiple MT5 backtest results into one? Thank you very much.
Hello, does anybody knows or have any idea how to.. compile indicator and EA as one compile(indicator.ex4+EA.ex4)=newEA.ex4 OR compile(indicator.ex5+EA.ex5)=newEA.ex5 Thanks :)
Hi everyone, as refer to the picture below, i had purchase a copytrade from signal area and when it come to fill up for the "Deviation/ Slippage" column, i not sure what is the numbers should i fill or pick? what is the number should i filled up in the Deviation/Slippage column? Thanks to anyone who
Hi, I'm looking to make an EA works with multiple currencies, there's a lot of indicator that show a meter based on a score or a index. Unfortunately, none of them's code is available. I've googled to find the formula, but ... didn't find nothing. Anyone knows such a formula please ?
Hi all, I am a beginner here and new to EA. I have a third party indicator and would like to make auto trading based on the signal. However, I am not sure how to get the value in EA. From doc, I know there is function called iCustom to get indicator value but I always get 0 from the return
Hi, does someone has information about the possibility to load the Event Calendar from MT5 into an EA Script? Would be nice if anybody could help me with that.   Thanks. tMAE 
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Hi, I'm a beginner here. I started trading and I'm trying to have auto trading. I don't know how to set it up? I click on the icon but I can't set anything else. Can you help me? Thanks
can you please assist me on howncan I get a robot software that will help to trade. I am trading under XM
Hello, What is the correct way to proceed if you have several strategies that can be applied to the same symbol? How to distinguish a purchase or a sale related to this strategy or to this other strategy? Thanks, Pierre8r
Good morning :) One (not really easy) question about protecting expert advisors: I have developed some EAs and now I want to rent them out. Therefore, these EAs should be controlled via an online system, so that I have the possibility to give and remove the functionality of the expert advisors (e.g
Hello, Please could someone advise me? I have an EA running on a chart, it has a magic number: "100" I rename the EA in Data Folder > MQL5 > Experts folder while the EA is still running (no code is changed) I refresh the Navigator window and the name change shows up I drag the EA with the new name
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| PivotPointUniversal.mq5 |//| Copyright VDV Soft |//| From the doc, I can see there is no timer ID. No way to tell which is which, so there is only one timer is allowed in each EA?