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Just want to know if anybody here might know the reason why many of the source codes for Experts featured on this site won't work in strategy tester, when backtesting on futures. I've got an MT5 demo account through AMPfutures. Got about 6 months of futures data to backtest. I tried about 9 or 10
Hi ,  I bought an EA on the market. This one didn't work at all ( zero trade ) . this EA was deleted from the market 2 days after publishing it . The name was "Removed" .  I can see my purshase pending for 6 another day . After that the seller will have my money.  Any refund in this case ? MQL5...
Every time I load an EA into a chart, a dialog pops up. I don't need to add any input, I just want it to run right away without my clicking OK. I can't find any way to achieve that in the documentation. Is there a way? TIA
When I try to create a BuyStops of BuyLimit order which is too close to the current Ask price (even though the price I want to buy at is the correct side of the Ask price) I get an invalid price error. Is there any way I could detect when this will happen before attempting the order
I am learning MQL5, i have a small expert that buys with a tp and sl, i want the ea to buy only when the time is between input time 1 and input time 2, it s simple, you only have 1 trade at a time and once closed by tp or sl open a new one if the time is still in the range but still the ea is buying
While testing an EA, I've got the following results. It's completely unrealistic and it mirrors a HUGE flaw at strategy tester, using every tick based on real ticks: when testing limit orders, orders are always placed at first at the book, so it's gets immediate execution. At demo accounts too. As...
Hello. MAy be in this forum have expert advisor for indicator which use simple arrow. Just add indicators name in expert advisor. And in strategy tester EA trade with TP, SL, may be trailing and chase profit settings
Hello everyone, Ever since build 2345, I have not been able to use the optimizer with my EA. The tester works fine, but if I select "Slow complete algo" or "All Symbol in Market Watch" there is no trading at all. I finally got around to explore why that was the case. And after some troubleshooting
I've been using resources for a long time in mql4/5 programs, but lately I've realized I keep getting the 4802 error for all new programs, surprisingly old programs still work correctly. At a point I had to copy paste the code from an old program to a new one, and while the issue didn't occur in the
Guys, I am trying to code an indicator for D1 charts, which uses M1 price/volume/spread/etc. data to calculate the indicator daily values. I use this code to copy rates: MqlRates       RatesM1[],RatesD1[];datetime       first_bar_date=SeriesInfoInteger(_Symbol,PERIOD_M1...
Hi,I got EA that sends me email alerts and executes external exe/bat file via code when TP/SL is reached. So alerts are not triggered thru alerts created in Alerts tab because it has to be created manually. Problem is that mail sending is not reliable on my VPS. I was told reason is VPS is slow/ 1
Hello! I'm just wondering if anyone had the same problem... I would like to know what is wrong: script or backtest:p Well, i have written a simple bool for trading: bool buy_pb = velas[1].close >= velas[1].open && velas[2].open >
Description: Telegram 4 MQL was made to make the life of an automtic trader a bit more convenient or better to say it was made to spare nerves. Suitable questions while operating an autotrading systems are: Was the order correctly executed?Did an situation change an unusual way so that I need to...
Hello everybody, I have a question for you: Has anybody a code that allows me to setup a take profit based on the whole basket of buy/sell orders open? Let me explain... Let's say I have 1 buy order with TP se at 20 pips, the market goes against, I open another order and I need to setup the TP for
Hi All, Can anyone here please tell me why the PositionSelect() function is returning false when I create 2 open positions(1 Buy and 1 Sell) for the same SYMBOL.. My objective is to manage each position's profit individually. I am unable to do so as the function PositionSelect() is returning
Hi, I want to come back to hedging mode, what should I do
Subscribing a signal and config 0.5 deviation/slippage means the order will not be copyed if difference betwwen signal provider and signal copyer is not bigger then 0.5 , thats right ? Thank you!
I want to write a code (for an advisor) which closes all open trades at the end of the trading day. So for example if the market for US stocks closes at 16:30, all open APPLE orders must be sold at something like 16:29. I tried to look this up on the internet but I couldn't find any specific answers...
My EA sends orders with this line which is present only once in the entire code, so I am sure the error can't be elsewhere: orderTicket = OrderSend (Symbol(), orderChoice, orderSize, orderPrice, 2, 0, 0, NULL, 0, 0, CLR_NONE); Debugging with Print right above that line, I get this string: OrderSend
Hi all, I wrote a EA using the event OnTradeTransaction. While running my EA without optimization its works fine. If I run my EA with optimization enabled the OnTradeTransaction is not called. Someone know why? I'm using build 2345 Best regards, Fernando Ribeiro
My thought is like AC1 --> EA1 ( EUR/USD H1.....etc) AC2 --> EA2 (EUR/USD M5...etc) I've tried this before, and when I click to AC2 after setting up AC1, the EA1 will follow me into AC2
I love MT5 but there are some problems that does not allow me to switch from MT4. 1. The spread in the backtests comes from the data and we cannot define a value. We know that spreads change a lot from broker to broker and having a fixed predefined value does not allow to test certain strategies and...
Dear Members, I am trying to write an Expert Advisor with MQL5 that initiates buy limits based on certain EMA values. Here is the code that I have written in OnTick() function.    MqlRates priceData[]; //create a price array      //sort the array from the current candle downwards...
Hi can someone help me to solve this problem on meta4 I had an expert who worked on some graphs since he did not work well or removed the expert and then deleted the graphs but I see that he continues to open positions as possible? can someone help me thanks
Hi there all I'm looking for a way i can use my lot Size with 0.1, I tried using the code below it works but I'm not satisfied with it. Below $100 it wont trade at all. I want my Lot size to trade in 0.1's. When i change the "riskpercent" to 0.1 it's risky but will trade below $100, i don't want
Hi, i want to test my expert advisor with optimization over all the market symbols. But when i start the test, i get the error "optimization cannot be startet". Thats all.... Am i missing something in my expert advisor? What is needed to run the optimization? Kind regards, Robert
Hi, is it possible to resolve own ENUM's in the exported data of backtests/opimizations? Now it will be exported the INT values. BR BTW: I use MT5 with Linux (Wine)
Can you please help i keep running into this problem and cannot overcome it? declaration of 'm_position' hides global variable supersbbstops.2.mq5 1009 25 see previous declaration of 'm_position' supersbbstops.2.mq5 9 16 declaration of 'm_trade' hides global variable
Hi All. I need help with this EA. I got it form another forum om MQL and have been playing around with it, but for some reason i cant figure out make it work like i want. It uses a short and long period ma, and the idea is that it opens orders once price crosses the shorter MA. It has a lot of extra
Hello I am new to developing EAs I am developing an EA that Has Sort of Martingale in it so sometimes it goes to high drawdowns in equity but most of the times eventually close in profit after looking at the test report i cannot figure what is the minimum balance needed for the ea to run smoothly...