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Hi, I have an EA which places a SELL STOP order together with a SL at a distance of x points above the trigger price. Now the bid price of the traded symbol (e.g. USDJPY) reaches the trigger price of the pending order (from above) but the spread is more than x points. Nevertheless I observe that the
Hello, little question is what an EA works better with MT5 than MT4? because with my EA sometimes the orders do not open while all the conditions are ok. and at times everything works very well it's just now and then. thank you
I'm trying to code a London Breakout strategy, i have to open two pending orders at 3am and see which one's hit first then delete the other... I can get the program to open the trades but can't quite figure out how to make it cancel an order after one's hit first.. Someone on here gave me the idea
I converted the following code that I was using in mql4 to mql5 but it doesn't show the rectangles on the chart. The mql4 code is working perfectly. I get a warning " possible loss of data due to type conversion" on the set integer/double lines for OBJPROP_TIME and OBJPROP_PRICE. bool
Hi. Coders. After back and forth on this project, I need to download exe file or dll file from website from my Meta Trader indicators. I am talking about simple http website. My code is able to download any other file types including pdf, jpeg, txt, csv, xml files etc, but I can't download exe...
I am getting timed out with no result when calling the function CalendarValueById(). Previous to this I call CalendarEventByCurrency(), which returns an array of events. But when I am trying to get the values for any event the debugger hangs and when it eventually responds there is an empty Value
Hello, I want to get current profits on positions on the same pair. #include<Trade\Trade.mqh> CTrade trade; void OnTick() { double Profit_1, Profit_2; double Ask_EURGBP=NormalizeDouble(SymbolInfoDouble("EURGBP", SYMBOL_ASK), _Digits); double Bid_EURGBP=NormalizeDouble(SymbolInfoDouble("EURGBP"
Hi, for my EA, I need to constantly check if a given price level was crossed. For example, if the current quote broke out the established value for a partial exit and, therefore, a market order needs to be executed at that moment. The most obvious way of doing this is constantly checking if the
Hi, I'm looking for a free EA that closes all my positions if these are together reached a defined profit. Example: Defined profit is: 100 Now: AUD/NZD: + 100 USD/JPY: - 50 EUR/USD: + 25 Current profit: 100 - 50 + 25 = +75 Still waiting Later: AUD/NZD: - 100 USD/JPY: + 250 EUR/USD: -50 Current
i test this code to serach in all my symbols and find ichimoku crosses but i have error #include <Indicators/Trend.mqh>#include <Trade\PositionInfo.mqh>#include <Trade\Trade.mqh>#include <Trade\SymbolInfo.mqh> CPositionInfo m_position; // trade position objectCTrade
Hello I made an EA (MT5) by EABUILDER site, it's conditions are very simple But does not open any positions can anybody help ?! The EA is attached Thanks
All I have noticed so far is that virtual hosting is all about getting signal, auto trading, hosting indicators and copying trades. But I want to host my own EA on a remove server so that I can trade using my EA on a hand held device. My EA has trading buttons as well. Where can I get such service...
Sorry for my bad English. I built an expert in mql4 that creates more than 200 objects on chart and in 'onchartevent' event and 'ontimer' event change the objects properties like width, height, color and... it works like a charm in mt4 without using of ChartRedraw() or WindowRedraw() functions
Trying to update EA which has already been installed on terminal (on my VPS so same terminal etc) and says it's going to use one of my activations any reason why
Hello Forex World, How are you everybody? I am new in this world. I am learning about Forex everyday. During learning period, I have found an IDEA. It is very simple. The IDEA is, in a single candlestick I want to open a trade if this candlestick goes up or down 10 pips from it's open position
Hello everyone, I am completely new at programming in mql5 and unfortunately I have some problems to build my code based on a simple moving average. I am basically trying to : buy the position when the closed price < SMA sell the position when the closed price > SMA When I compile my code, there is
hello i wrote an EA that opens positions based on signals from a custom indicator (icustom function) but once one position is opened the rest of the currency pairs stops showing the custom indicator and the EA cant get anymore signals until that position is closed. I tired using multiples of the EA
I developed an EA and tested it on 1 minute time frame, it worked perfectly well and obeyed the rules programmed in the EA. But when i tested it using the Strategy Tester and i tried to trace the result with the chart window (ie when it open sell or buy and close same), i discovered that it wasn't
Hi everyone, I've been using an EA generator to test different strategies. One problem I have come up against a few times is when the EA gets in a trading loop. It enters and exits hundreds of losing positions in the space of a few minutes. This happens because there's an overlap between the entry
// DECORATOR// A way of sub-classing more functional objects, dynamically.//// RULE// Open classes for extension and close for changes////
Take a look at this photo We sell about 5 candles, but Expert also sells the next 5 candles. When the sales signal is issued, this code covers 10 candles after the sales signal. Even when the sales signal runs out I would even get 4 if we put 10 candles in the box (MathMax(10,Orders())) if the sales
Hi all, I developing an EA and I am using multiple currencies in it and I want to show arrow object on each chart for which I need chart id. The problem I am facing is I am unable to get chart if of the chart other then first chart while back testing. I am using following script to chartid of the
  VPS: No option to sync (11   1 2)
Hello! See the pic. When try to sync the vps, there is no option for me to sync it. Why not? How can I sync it? thanks for your help
I am trying to capture Price from the Previous SMA cross and use it as a variable. I know how to program to test WHEN it crosses. I am aiming for the exact price. Anyone able to help here
Hi After i use "PositionClose()" and my open position get closed, I want to know ticket of the last order and use "GetLastOrderTicket()" Functionas below: but the ticket returnd is for The last one left. How can i fix it? ulong GetLastOrderTicket() {//--- request history for the last 10 days
Hi, Could some one please kindly assist with an MT5 MQL5 Wizard module to force BUY only or SELL only of trades? If not, then can you show how to modify codes of an MQL5 Wizard generated EA to ONLY perform BUY or SELL trades? Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance. Sincerely, TN
After running the strategy tester, it gives you the number of winning and losing trades in the Report tab, but I want to know how many trades have hit my stop loss and how many trades have hit my take profit. Because some trades will close without hitting SL or TP, like for example when reverse
perhaps you can help, the following function usage works properly on my local pc but fails on my vps: #import “urlmon.dll” int URLDownloadToFileW(int pCaller,string szURL,string szFileName,int dwReserved,int Callback); #import I am trying to use it to read a price and display it as part of an
I have a basic Expert Advisor that uses: ATR for setting SL and TP ( ATR*1.5) 2-5% risk atrPip converts the atr to pips and rounds up. I use the atrPip to calculate the perPip value for my risk and calculate the lot size I need to trade I am testing with a $1000 account in a micro account. However I
is there any code to identify range and trend market? i used to identify support resistance for some bar...but not perfect all time input int x1 =50; // bar countPHighest1 = Close[iHighest(Symbol(),0,MODE_HIGH,x1,0)];PLowest1 = Close[iLowest(Symbol(),0,MODE_LOW,x1,0)];