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Hi; anyone know how close all graphs at same time? tks
void Long() { if(MathAbs(MaxLossPerOrder) > 0) { for(L_Count = OrdersTotal(); L_Count >= 0; L_Count--) { RefreshRates(); OrderSelect(L_Count, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES); if(OrderSymbol() == Symbol()) { if(OrderType() == OP_BUY && OrderMagicNumber() == LongMagicNumber && OrderProfit() <=
Good morning I started studying MQL about a month ago and I have had a problem in which I have tried to solve in many ways and not succeed. The problem itself would be to make the arrows plotted on the chart (with the market open) track the candles when these are in the opposite direction (image
I want to get price of last order to calculate something, how to get that price of last order (ticket)
Hello everybody i was creat EA and try for run in all pair in MT4 but EA only show text (Drawdown ) calculate in 10 chart and no more. anyone explain to me and how to fix for all pair ? CALCUL button blue is working , red is stop . when (Total playing now ) is counting so (drawdown ) calculate
I want some suggestions from developers.I can make EA profitable by Grid systems but I not get profit conditions in indicator EA.What concepts need to build profitable EA by these **** indicators.Do you have some references links. Thanks
Hi... Mt4 to Mt5 conversion... where the integers are variable counts such as, if(varA/(VarA+VarB) >.95) {VarC=-5;}     ( integer/(integer+integer) )  Or (int)Mathround (integer/(integer+integer))       always gives zero in Mt5, How do i get the double solution?      
How to Code OrderDeletion on Specific Pair!! PLEASE HELP!! I am trying to code a break out EA that uses a BuyStop and a SellStop 1pip away from price. The problem is once one of the orders gets triggered I would like the other order to DELETE. This is what I have so far: //Close All Other
hi all pro coders, recently my telegram EA got this problem :"HTTP request falied", but it worked well before :? I check the Options (webrequest) already,,, How to fix it please? Thanks
Dear brogrammers, For my optimization I would like to use .%.input as a set maximum drawdown input. So not with the custom criteria but with my regular optimization input settings. Anyone can help me out? Thanks in advance <3
Hi, i'm a developper who work on an mac. Previously i used to develop on a window VPS, but i sucks. So i've decided to give a try on MT5 on a mac. Everything fine, except a little detail. Strategy tester simply not working. When i hit start nothing happen. In the journal, i can see that there is a
Hello coders, I am using since at least one year a simply EA : it is based on Parabolic Sar , so I can follow easily graphically if there are conditions to enter. It's since the 10th of February that my EA is not placing orders. (it has always worked fine til now) But I am going crazy because I see
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Hi, I've developed simple EA for HullMA's lovers. Also I've optimized this EA for period 2006.01.01 - 2007.01.01 (MQ Server). Kind regards, Igor ----------------- Edited by Newdigital. - HMA_v2 indicator is here. - HMA_Expert_v1 EA: post #1 of this thread. - HMAExpert_v1.1 together with...
Habe einen MT5 VPS sowie ein automatisiertes Handelssignal abonniert. Die Orders werden aber nur ausgeführt, wenn ich den MT5 Desktop offen habe. Hierarchie ist: Konten darunter mein Broker darunter das Konto beim Broker darunter dann auf gleicher Hierarchie das abonnierte Signal und der VPS MQL5
I have a situation where I open a chart and 1 minute Bars for APPL are shown back to August 2019 ~6 months plus of data. Great!! Strategy Tester (ST), only find around 700 bars of 1 Minute time frame? Not Great! The data is obviously available on the brokers server but not being downloaded or made
Hi All, Please advice me about this. I subscribed to a signal provider also paid for it. But the subscribed signal is not displayed in my BitRixTech Live. Please advice how can I get signals from my subscription
Hello friends,I am with the follow problem running EA on All Tick mode. When I run it for 1 year backtest, its lates about 1 minute, however running the same for 2 years back test it lates about 10 minutes.... Besides that, the time to start a 2 years back test lates a lot to start. Some examples
Hello, Thanks in advance for even taking a look. Super Trend Hull by Mladen EA by VR---BUCH(barabashkakvn's edition).mq5 Copyrighted to Voldemar227. I have been trying to do this with my limited trading and coding knowledge. Buy when the super trend hull indicator is limegreen and sell when
I need someone to edit my expert adviser, I will happily pay and we can set up an actual job on here but before I deposit funds that I can't recover I'd like to communicate with the person who will help me one on one. I am not a coder, I only have a strategy. The basic entry trigger for my strategy
Good evening, I am learning MQL4 and testing an EA. I have a problem: some orders come in at a price actually never reached! Is it a programming error? Is it a DEMO ACCOUNT problem? There is some screen-shot
Hello all, For some unknown reason, the signal tab in mt4 is not displayed correctly anymore nor working on Linux Ubuntu with wine. But it used to, around 2 weeks ago. Attached are 3 screenshots showing 3 tabs : 2 tabs are working fine (market and articles) and the "signal" one doesn't. We can see
Hello, I have some big problems subscribing to a mt4 signal with Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I had succcess a month ago but now not. In fact, it would be so great if we could subscribe directly via mql5. Without a Windows system it's rather difficult to install a working mt4. And via the Android app it is not
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Hi all, Just wondering if there is an option somewhere that affects the use of multicore/thread CPUs in the MT5 tester? I ask, as previously - up until yesterday my MT5 tester would stream through testing using all 8 cores, now it only does 1, then it might start using another core 3/4 through...
Hi guys, I'm with a problem here, I tried to search for a solution but didnt see any other cases like mine. Attached is the trade result graph and a piece of the history result in pips ( I checked the box "profit in pips for faster calculations" ) and in money. The results, as you can see, is that
i have a problem with this EA and i can't find it.... #property copyright "Copyright 2019, MetaQuotes Software Corp." #propiedad enlace ""#propiedad versión "1.00"#propiedad estrictadoble en15min, en30min, en60min;doble en15min1, en30min1, en60min1;doble en15min2, en30min2
Hello, I would like to have a rational explanation on the loss of earnings. There are two big issues: 1/ The first is that there is a mismatch between the subscribed signal and the positions that have been opened and closed on my side thanks to the signal subscription (running on a MQL5 VPS). 2/ I
Please watch the video Thx
Hi everyone. I'm using the StopsLevel() and FreezeLevel() methods of the CSymbolInfo class to help calculate the minimum stop-level for an open position. I'm getting 40pips returned in StopsLevel() for EURUSD so I'm subtracting 0.0004 from the ASK price before placing a BUY order. My problem is that
Hello,  i want to code an Indicator with buttons. The buttons should do an OrderSend and Order Modify function. When ich try to test this, there comes the Error, not possible to send an OrderSend() from an indicator.   is this true or is this only a warning?   amando 
Does anyone know of some code that will amplify the size/lot of a signal? There's a reliable signal I'd like to subscribe to if I can automatically open an additional, larger trade on the same account. Thanks, Richard