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When a time is hit, I want to store the current price in a attribute. That attribute does not change. I know to use datetime, and Bid. But Bid will refresh on every tick, I assume. It is for data release buy/sell stop strategy. The second data is released, store currentprice. Then set sell/buy...
Hi Is it possible to take on a piece of data and simulate a buy/close order and know the profit ? Thanks in advance
Hello, I am trying to validate an EA but received message from automatic validation, but it did not mention what are the errors. Anyone could help me how to pass for the automatic validation? I had developed an EA just for Brazilian Market but here we do not have many EAs published and someone to
Hi there, I have a custom indicator that is drawing objects on the chart (support and resistance) but there are not helpfull buffers and I don't have the mq4 code for it (only ex4). My question is if there is a way to find if the price is inside an object from the chart. I'm adding a picture as it
Hello coders. Please help me understand how to draw a line joining the 10th candle close price with the last candle close price in an EA. Thank you in advance. MT5 user
I have an EA that is designed to only trade right before the close of the NY market. Majority of my code is in the OnTick function so it is unpractically slow when trying to backtest it in the Strategy Tester. My goal is to make my EA more optimal so that the code isn't being run through each tick
I have an EA that uses virtual trades as part of it's method, before following those by opening real trades, and have been told by the developer that this makes it impossible to run backtests. So, this got me wondering, firstly if this is actually always the case or if it is just a matter of coding
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Hi all, I am rather new to this activity and I have a fondamental question here. In order to trade with fully automated expert advisers, is it absolutely necessary to use a VPS? Turning this around, is it possible to be profitable from home with a computer running 24/7 and a latency of about 110-120
Hi, I want to get the history of the stop loss for a position. Example, I buy EURUSD with a stop loss at 1.1000. Then after one hour I move it to 1.1050, and I move it again at 1.1100. How can I get the list 1.1000, 1.1050, 1.1100? I read the documentation but didn't find anything. Thanks
How can I store the Ask price, then add 10 points to it, and when this new level is hit, store that, and then add another 10 points? It would need to be something like, stored Ask price, plus 10 points, then make this the target price, in which the alert will be triggered. So, I need the Ask to
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Insert this EA to the chart and you will have the automatic trailing stop for all the orders opened. You may have two kind of T/S: - S/L is moving on the value of T/S from the beginning when the order is opened; - S/L is moving if the profit is more than T/S. Note: Put this EA to the one chart only....
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Hi, To gather ticks infos, I use the code provided by mql5 with the strategy tester on EURUSD, M1, quality 100% : /--- the array that receives ticks   MqlTick tick_array[];//--- requesting ticks   int copied=CopyTicks(_Symbol,tick_array,COPY_TICKS_ALL,0,ticks);//--- if ticks...
Hello all, This is a very straightforward question. How much do we need to pay to get a very profitable fully automated EA right from purchase already optimised? What I have in mind is at least 10-20% profit per month from the available capital while combining 2 or 3 robots of different strategies
Hello everyone. I'd like to learn how to set a signal's expiry in EA's. Such that the signal is nolonger traded after, say four bars. I will appreciate your help. Mt5 user
hello, I have purchased (rented) an EA today, but the final process of downloading was not successful. Now the money was withdrawn from my bank and the rental time is passing by. The seller tells me he cant help me, I should contact mql service. I dont get any response either. I am a bit...
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Global Variables |//+------------------------------------------------------------------+#include <Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade
Time Current () and StringToTime () send me the same thing. What is the mistake ??? Print("CloseTime:"+HistoryDealGetInteger(ticket,DEAL_TIME)+" Time current:"+TimeCurrent()+" Time Convert:"+StringToTime(TimeCurrent()));
Hi all, I've read lots of conflicting information about this question so i'd like a clear and simple answer if possible. Are commissions and swaps taken into account during the MT5 strategy tester and optimization process? I see a column for commissions in my final backtest report, however it is
The Forbidden Fruit EA This EA is very profitable when the market is ranging. It can achieve more than 95% to 100% win rate (long & short). This is a semi automatic EA. The user must manually enter in two prices inside a range (highest price range, lowest price range) for EA to trade. I just
I have managed to read this thread: and not know how slippage for the OrderSend() function is defined in index points since it's about currency pairs in there. For example: with my broker I am able to trade 2 symbols for the german DAX index (or Ger30, if you...
Hi guys, I get zero values in the Strategy Tester result page: Did anyone ever face such a "funny" result page? What I did: 1. Select ranges for the parameters of the EA so I get 20 combinations. 2. Press "Start test" and watch the progress bar working slowly through all 20 combinations. Checking
I can't understand why tutorial about custom module of trade signals works and can be found in the wizard, but my module can't. This is my custom module of trade signals. Include\Expert\MySignals\KeltnerChannelSignal.mqh //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
somebody help me with the code of an ea based on two EMA where they meet on an uptred a buy order is placed and on their next crossover the buy order is crossed and a sell order is open and vice versa
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Hi, I´m trying to understand how I can now if I have one position open like. Because If I have a open position I will wating the stoploss or takeprofit close the order before open a new. I´m using this code in the backtest to see the result, but all the time the PositionsTotal show 0. Example: void
Please assist, I want to get a notification if the price touches the trendline If anyone knows a script to help please assist thank you
Please, how I can check if market is open or closed in MT5, I cant find answer. something similar to MT4 - MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_TRADEALLOWED) this command doesn't exist in MT5 anymore. Thank you
Hellow everyone. I have added the handle of my custom indicator to my EA. As a result, the EA draws arrows in strategy tester.Problem is, I cant figure out a way of using the arrows drawn as buy and sell signals. Please, I need some help
Hello there. Is it possible to calculate the moving average of an RSI. please show how if it is possible
Hello everyone. Please help me figure out the best approach to calculating the open price of every new candle. Thank you in advance
Hi, I just finished watching this video: and I found it would be good to have anything like this new C++ string_view in or MQL5. My question is: is such a feature already implemented? Or is there any library that implements that