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Hello guys, I'm using CopyTicksRange function in my EA to get MqlTick data for some calculations, but CopyTicksRange doesn't work when back-testing. Any solutions
Hello.. i cant figure out whats wrong with my code.. the lot decreases on next signal instead to increase input string MartinGale = "===< MartinGale Settings >===";input double Risk=1.0; input double Multi=0.5; double MinLot,MaxLot,Contract,lot;int
Hi all, I am still working on an EA that I am translating from MQL4 to MQL5. But I keep getting the same issue. So the goal is when an order gets executed (is a position) I play a different sound. I use text to speech instead of the standard alerts MT5 brings. The code itself runs well. The trading
Hi, When I run my EA on strategy tester, the indicators of that EA are not showing (sometimes they show like 1 in 6 times), and I stop and restart the strategy tester again and again until it shows. . . Clearly there are some problems, can anyone tell me why this is happening and how can I display
What it is: Below, you'll find my Swiss Army EA. I've designed it so that it can manage orders in your MT4 terminal using a large variety of methods. Features includes breakevens, trailing stops, setting/removing for takeprofits and stoplosses, and many close-out conditions; you also have ability...
I cant found the error, here is the code. i want to use this file to import in another string CheckSignal() { MqlRates PriceInfo[]; ArraySetAsSeries (PriceInfo, true ); int Data = CopyRates ( Symbol (), Period (), 0 , 3 ,PriceInfo); string signal= "" ; double MiddleBandArray[]; double
Hi, It suddenly appear that on my MT5 with a new adviser, after fast test, I got a list of optimization results, when I double click one of it, the result on backtest and graph doesn't match the profit result on optimization results. Here is the backtest result when double click above Pass:4 504
hi guys, Is it possible that I get a tutorial, training or article that deals with the intricacies of developing a market scanner. I am new to developing in MQL5 and have written some EAs but a scanner will help my general productivity and I want to embark on that. I am still trying to get some
Let's say my EA is not performing very well and losing too many trades in a row, is there some way I can tell it to go sit on the bench for some time, like one hour or two (specifically) and try again later? Of course, I want to do that programatically, so it can always run unattended. TIA
Hi there, since a few days I recognize that if I run a backtest there are more objects (= trades) in the backtesting chart than the EA generated. It seems that thee EA uses a different template than the "tester" template. If I apply the "tester" template manually to a chart window, then all objects
Hi all, I'm completely new to developing EAs so hopefully theres a simple solution to this problem that I just can't see due to my inexperience. The EA should open a position if there is a new candle on the 5 mins timeframe, if the trend on both the 15 mins and 1 hour timeframes (based on a
Hello, for my daily trading, I am using one expert advisor as a trade assistant. Calculating the position size and the SL. Furthermore I am looking for a possibility to additionaly use an ea sending my trades as a signal to a telegram channel. I do have for this also an EA, but I can't use them
can i ask that if my ea place some orders and then i addientally close the chart tgt with the ea, when i load it back agn, the orders is still there, but will my ea recognise those previous order
Hi Guys long time I am looking for a way for hide and un hide indicators are on chart but couldnt find a way , and now it is my quastion , can we change Visualzition of Custom Indicator from all time frame to Monthly with script ? with this way custome indicators will be hidden in 1M - weekly time
I took a 3 months VPS subscription and have also subscribed to a signal. When trying to migrate my signals and chats I am getting an error that Migration is failed. Attaching screenshots for your reference
I designed a simple EA using Moving Average Indicator. I want to find out the best MA Period which my EA gives back better results
I've looked into TimeCurrent() as well as CDatetime and I can't seem to figure out to determine the number of seconds elapsed in a day. I like TimeCurrent(), but I would prefer to have only the time without the date. I need to obtain the number of seconds elapsed as opposed to just the time as a
In MT5, there is a checkbox to select the "Show trade history". It is the last item on the tab "Show" of the properties window of a chart (click F8). I would like to know, how I can (de)select this property by code (in mql5)! - Usually, I would expect to use the functions ChartSetInteger() and
Hi All! Drazen Penic said in Drazen Penic : Stop loss and take profit in the MqlRequest struct are prices, not a number of points or pips. sl Stop Loss price in case of the unfavorable price movement tp Take Profit price in the case of the favorable price
Hi, I was trying to optimize my expert advisor. I was surprise to see the results i got were absolutely nonsense (the optimization results were showing no case could bring profit despite the fact i know a parameter that should be tested is making profit). So i noticed the optimization was "stopping
Hi All, I want to adjust my code to reference a past time and date. Is it possible to reference the last open? So Today -1 and server time = 16:30. I currently am coding it manually. Current Code - extern double BuyPrice=2972.10 Ideal Code - extern double BuyPrice=(Today -1 - 16:30) Thanks
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| buytest.mq5 | //| PAOM | //| |
  EA opens only Buy Orders (13   1 2)
Hello, I coded a simple EA based on one indicator which uses inidcator values from the current chart and the H4 chart. During the Backtest it came to my intention, that the EA only opens Buy Orders. When I change the code to only Sell Signals, it doesnt open any Trades. Does someone have an idea why
Hey, I have an EA that gets the Stack Overflow error if I don't put a Sleep of something like 1 second. I do have a loop that calls itself (something like an infinite loop) but I need to find a way to do this and not get the Stack Overflow error. The infine loop is something like this: My EA...
sI wanted to launch my product, but it cannot pass verification. The test run my robot on NZDUSD and failed by having no operations. However, my robot is designed for EURUSD. How can I have the test run on pair EURUSD only? My Error file is attached. <<<<<<<<<<<<< Updates I added the following code
Hi. How can i get the ticket of an position and close a the position? whats wrong in Code ? InThe Code, I Open a position and immediately (after 10 seconds) i want to close it. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                           test...
Hi all, I try to (partly) code my manuel trading strategy to be automated, but 1) it doesnt open any trades 2) with the backtest it opens two charts H1 and H4, but for the stragey it only needs to check the value of the indicator on a H4 chart 3) during the backtest I get the Errorcode "OnTick
I've experimented a strange behaviour on VPS side upon EAs migration. Actually I don't know whether it is an issue or the normality. In few words, I've an EA which create many files if and only if they do not exist and it works fine locally, i.e. if I start it twice, the first time the files are
Let me ask my question with an example, Let's say the current price of EURUSD is 1.09000 and I want to buy a long position when the price hits at 1.09100. In point of view of slippage, which of the following two options would be more advantageous on the average? 1. Entering a pending buy order at
Hello! I started programming a few EAs some days ago, and I've had no problems so far, except for one thing. I was testing the robots with a 1:500 leverage. When I wanted to try it with lower leverages, I noticed that, the lower the leverage is, the fewer orders the EA opens. In fact, with a 1:10