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Hello! First, I'm new to MT5. I encountered OrderSelect and OrderSend on my sample code I try to study. I have no idea how to fix it it show "return value of 'OrderSend' should be checked"    "return value of 'OrderSelect' should be checked" Thankyou       OrderSelect //OrderSelect warning...
  Hedging EA (9)
Is there a hedging EA that can work with manually opened trades or those placed by another EA that will automatically open a hedging position if let's say trade went -20 pips to prevent further loss?
i want to I would like  Auto Trading  an expert on a other meta on a other system that controls please help me Thanks a lot
hello i am coding on OnTick() function. my main problem is i cant save a number e.g. after  100 ticks!! e.g. i want to save value of one candle an i want to use it after 100 ticks  , but the value will reset after each tick and i cant use it .
Hi, I am currently building an automated trading system and I would like to resize the size of the positions regarding to the capital value every week.  For instance, for a 10000 euros account, the first week positions with 1.0 lots are opened. However the second week, the account's value is 12000...
Now  My EA has Activations left: 8 of 10. If I want to have Activations left: 10 of 10 again How can I do Thank you 
All, Would I be correct in saying that all trading robots and technical indicators developed in MQL4 FROM trading terminal build 600 (.mq4) in ~feb 2014, would be fully functioning when re-compiled in MQL5 (.mq5) via the unified MetaEditor development environment? From build 600, I understand that...
Hi, I have a very profitable expert adviser that has been worked on and programmed over the past 4 years. It has been tested on live accounts and the strategy tester for several years of tick data. It works on all major currency pairs. The results are not unrealistic. I am not claiming to turn...
I want to modify a EA so every trade will close at "X" ammount of minutes. how do you recommend going about this? what command would i use to make the program wait (e.g. 5 minutes) and then close position? maybe Sleep(300000); what is the command to close a position? 
I've wrote an Expert Advisor to execute a simple two moving average crossover strategy, as follows: - When the fast moving average crosses the the slow MA up: go long; - When the slow moving average crosses the fast MA down: go short; - When price reaches take profit price: close position. Notes...
Is there an equivalent to the C exit command in mql5? the nearest thing I have found is the  ExpertRemove command but when I try to use that I get a compiler error saying the function doesn't have a type. could anyone enlighten me please?       Steve. 
Can I not use SendOrder() in the OnTimer() function? I want to look for a local file and then send an order when it appears.  I have the code, but the function returns 4014. Thanks.
Dear all, I am a very newbie on EA programming, I would like to implement a simple EA operating on JPYUSD  based on what is happening on GOLD. A friend of mine developed this simple code in Tradestation for EURUSD in correlation with USDJPY, can you please help me converting the code to Metatrader...
After I run an optimization.. Is it possible to somehow sort the optimization results my trade success rate?  It would be very usefull.   thanks
I want to make robot what makes multiple positions simultaneously. They are with StopLosses ant TakeProfits. How I can with robot check what position is still opened and what position is already closed (price passed SL or TP) ? PositionSelect(Symbol) selects as if only one position.
MQL5 - Pair Trading: When the condition is met, how do I do this simultaneously? 1) Close the LOSING Position immediately (Position could be a Sell/Buy order of any currency) 2) Set Trailing Stop to WINNING Position immediately (Position could be a Sell/Buy order of another currency)
MQL5- Loop to check if position is profiting or losing? How to look for profiting and looking positions? Returning the ticket/deal numbers
Someone they know if they exist a real and profitable EA robot trader, without all <Deleted> and the stories I see like gain 1 million in 3 months? I try many EAs in the last 9 years and they all <Deleted> all my account. So I wait for good recomandation from some the have, use good ea. Thanks for...
Hi, Why this code draws vlines only on history in MT4 tester? I'd like to it worked on new data.    void OnTick () { for(int j=0; j<=100; j++) { for(int i=0; i<=10; i++) { if (Close[i+1]>Open[i+1])  ObjectCreate(0,"pionowa"+"_"+i+"_", OBJ_VLINE, 0, Time[i+1], 0); continue; } } }
Hi, I'm trying to modify my MQL5 Wizard's Expert to allow position increasing on hedging account.  Can't find anything on this subject, unfortunately. Will be very grateful for any useful articles or forum posts describing hedging with MQL5 Wizard's experts. Eugene 
Hi Is there any EA that could change every trades SL and restore it after certain interval? For example increase every SL by 20 points at 20:00 and restore at at 21:00? Times and SL pip change would need to be adjusted from EA parameters.
i have FX Choice mt4, FXCM mt4, and mt4 general, and im trying to make an expert advisor robot but when i press new, in the pop up window i only see expert advisor (template), i dont see expert advisor (generate) and i check they aren't the same thing. How can i make an expert advisor/robot?
  vps trouble (6)
Hi guys I have a ea that I want to run on a vps but I am having difficulty setting up the vps. I went trough all the steps to migrate and to synchronize the vps with my mt4 account but it does not seem to be working. The EA works when my pc is on it enters and exits trades but not when I turn the pc...
Hello, Can any one post a mql code on how to create a box on chart (for lot size..) and how to get that value in the EA. Thanks
Hello together, I have a simple question. Is ther in mql5 the possibility to see if it is doubleclicked on the chart or on an object (similar to CHARTEVENT_OBJECT_CLICK) ? Regards Klaus
Hello Is it possible to make a EA/indicator that shows average spread for for at time MT4 has been running or just the last 24 hours ?   /zippiz 
Dear all, I am trying to migrate to MQL5 and have some problems with getting indicator values. Whenever I am attaching this EA to a chart, the Alert function always returns 1.0 as the indicator value  ----why????? Please HELP me to write the correct code to get the indicator. Thanks in advance....
Hi....are there any brokers that have lower Mt5 Strategy tester real tick spreads  than the metaquotes demo version for eurusd....being 0.00007 or 0.00008 average.
Hi,   I have an expert advisor on mt5 that is doing well, now i have the version for mt4 and i put in the same variables and it behaves totally different. Is there any way to save the one from mt5 to mt4 or to convert it?   Thanks! 
Hi Team, I am new on here and my apologies if this information already exists or has been asked in the recent past. Is there a monthly or annual rating done on the various FX Trading "Robots" available to the public based on past auto trading performance. I currently use the MT4 Strategy Builder and...