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Hi, I have read this topic that deals with using OPENCL to use gpu for computations , However , it has been written in 2013 , so i guess supported hardware is not up to date, My graphic card is a RTX 2060 , i have downloaded latest drivers but mt5 do not
I have an EA in the market for sale. I want to offer it for rent too. But can't seem to find how to do that. I see other EAs in the market that are offered for sale and for rent as well. How do i achieve that? Does the EA has to pass certain amount of purchases for example for it to allow me to
Hello All, I`m a new member and I`m busy creating an EA, that is able to determine the slope of the EMA in between the opening and the closing of a candle /bar. To do so, I was thinking to just subtract both EMA`s values. After doing some research, I`m wondering if it is even possible, to link a
Thank you in advance for helping me! I'm coding automatic trading system in python. I'd like to get positions and close them automatically. However, mt5.order_send() returns None(not any errors but 'None'!) if request['position'] is input from pd.Series data. When I directly input position id code
What kind of data should I be putting in the property? Is this the number of shares I wish to buy? In some of the MT5 code I see values like 0.10 but I don't know what that means. Thank you
Hey guys, I have been a longtime lurker here. I have an EA that trades (open/close/modify) on a demo and real account, but when I try to run a backtest on it ,it gives the following error : Initialization Failed (1). The file is ex4 and i do not have the access to the source code. Does anyone has an
i'd like to access the last three fixed values of ZigZag Highs indicator (standard one) i have seen other threads discussing the same problem but they are all in mql4 and i use mql5 Here's my code ,but no matter i change the indices , it only produces the last non fixed value of the High
  OnInit() execution fail (16   1 2)
A very serious bug is, that MT5 (MT4 maybe - not debugged) stops execution of EA without any any error message, the EA is just gone from the chart - OR - MT5 freezes and with this freeze, the whole Windows instance freezes as well. In case of last, the only way to get out is using the task manager
Hello, I have a thought that blocks my heart. like I have an Buy Order here, then I want to add a Horizontal Line to modify the Buy Order earlier. I want my Buy Order to close the order if the length of my Order Buy has reached 5 minutes, and crossed the line that I made with the condition that when
Hi, I recently uploaded a Expert Advisor and I changed the code on my local copy now, I want to know the original code that was uploaded to VPS. Can someone please help? Is there a way to export you expert advisor or something
I'm learning how to program with the MQL5 language and I'm running lots of strategy tests with my EAs, for long periods of data it takes a lot of time even with multiple computers in local farm. I was wondering if there was a way to automate or queue multiple tests so I could set up the queue and
An EA that will not allow you to open trades for a day if you lose 3% of your account for that day. The EA prevents you from overtrading.It will block you from taking any trade till the next day. If you have an amount that you can't lose more than that in a week ,it blocks you from trading till next
Happy and successfull new year, fellow Traders! Did anyone yet have the problem of the Strategy Tester giving you zero trades / zero results in the overall optimization window? When I start the optimization (as seen in the screenshot below) it does some optimization step and instantly finished with...
Hi all, I have a sample EA with the following OnTick() logic getting a Custom (or any build in indicator like iMA(..) ) with PERIOD_D1. However, running Strategy Tester with Period set to "Daily" vs "M1" or other periods gives DIFFERENT Trading Backtest results. (I somehow felt that we should stick
Hello everyone, I've been coding an EA to automatize my daytrading strategy, and i've run into an issue I cannot seem to solve. The EA runs smoothly and executes the trades automatically in the Strategy Tester , but when it comes to real time trading it doesn't do anything. I have a variable to
Hi All, I have been optimizing Expert Advisors and I noticed it takes an awful amount of time to optimize them! It takes me few hours for a full optimization. I realized this has to do with my processors and RAM. Can you recommend me some PCs or specific processors or RAM specs I should look for? My
i`m having some trouble with a piece of code for an EA after changing the original code generated by MetaEditor the tester kept giving error on the periods, so i changed the code to: //--- Creating filter CSignalMACD CSignalMACD *filter1= new CSignalMACD; if (filter1== NULL ) { //---
I found this Expert in Codebase ( ). The author has not been available since 2019. I love the expert for all its features: works on all active charts from a single chart; it is able to treat each chart separately; and very simple. The only set back is it does not
On my brokers trading account I have a 50% stop out call, meaning, that when my DD will reach 50% of my balance the trade will be closed with 50% account loss. When I am back testing Expert Advisors in my meta trader I can see a position called Equity Drawdown Relative. QUESTION: if my Equity
Good night people, I am developing a robot to read the last closing value of many assets. Test to obtain or close 1000 different assets, but the MT5 is very slow and uses 100% of the CPU. Even stopping or robot, the MT5 continues to allocate 100% of the CPU. If you run a test with 200 assets, it
How to read value of the function CheckPatternAllBullish() in class CCandlePattern ?I want to read it inside in void OnTick()// Print(fican.CheckPatternAllBullish());Error is invalid pointer access in 'candlepatterns.mqh' (162,20)Thanks...
EXPERT ADVISOR IDEA USING FRACTALS This idea i a very simple idea which needs someone who understands coding EA's to a degree. The EA Uses Fractals and thats it. The Only Difference is that it doesnt trade tops and bottoms but trades every candle after the Fractal has painted. Example. Price is
I'm consistently receiving error 5273 when invoking SocketRead MQL5 API. I connect to the server from an MT terminal and would like to check periodically if some data have arrived from the server. Here is my code: if(client==INVALID_HANDLE) return false; uchar rbuf[512]; uint rlen=512;
Hi guys. So ive been trying to get the total loss/profits of my executed trade and i don't even know how to go about it. I thought i could modify this code. I got it from the mql5 codebase but it only gives the total loss/profit for pips. I need the total loss/pips in dollars
I'd been currently been testing ea to trade, but I do not want to open new one after passing certain price. Is there an ea that does not affect my other ea except stop opening new trade after certain price? Or maybe stop auto-trading ea in certain chart
Hello, maybe someone can help me with extraction of data from ZigZag indicator? I tried this, and it gives Handle=10, bf=-1. zig=0, zag=0. double            array[];                                                 //data array...
EA may have several market orders open at any time, each order has its own indicator set stoploss value. To trail the same fixed distance from market for an order with SL = 10pips, and one with SL = 150pips is just "stupid". Trailing must be done proportional to the order's initial SL. Problem is
Please advise me how to use 2 Average True Range indicators for scalping on short timeframes. Suggrstions welcome. Thankyou
I've been looking for a few hours now but I cannot find documentation on Selection of Input Parameters when testing my EA. See attachment. Where can I read about these individual settings so I can understand if I need to use them in my testing? Thank you
Hi guys, I've been stuck at this problem of Icustom in MT5 EA returning 0 values all the time. All i wanted is to call previous Bar value from a indicator buffer . The indicator data window shows accurate values but when called using Icustom in EA it returns all 0. Ive read and studied on using