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Hi guys, I'm relatively new the world of MQL4 and can't seem to wrap my head around why my array won't work. It just simply isn't alerting me to the colour of the specified candle! Any ideas why this won't work? void OnStart () { int shift = 20 ; string candleColourArray[]; while (shift > 0 )
Hi everyone I was wondering if when using the same EA in several different pairs, will I have to change the magic number for each one? In other words, each pair would have its magic number
Good morning, I'm looking for an Expert Advisor who works on the correlations between forex currencies. Can you give me directions please? Thanks. Peter
I dont understand the whole invalid stops thing. This is my code and output. Im using a multiplier of ATR added or deducted to ASK. if ( PositionsTotal ()== 0 ) // buy when candle is bullish if (PriceInfo[ 1 ].close > PriceInfo[ 1 ].open) { // buy trade.Buy(
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Strategy1.mq5 | //| UJE | //| |
Hi guyz, in my chart, i used the green color for bullish candles and red for bearish candles, so i need help getting the current opening candle colors to use with my EA but i dont seem to get a way to code it. i tried to use the chartgetinteger but it now working as i want it. Let assumne am in a 5m
Hi fellow traders.I am trying to write an Expert and saying under specific circumstances, place an order and take profit or stop loss. But sometimes it opens and closes under the same candle. And because in this candle the situations are still valid, it opens a new trade. How can I say if it already...
Hi I've done a lot of digging around and can't find anything similar to this - which may mean that either my understanding/coding ability isn't good enough (I'm a 'cut and paste' coder) or this isn't possible. What I'm doing is building an EA which uses a series of boolean to determine whether
Hi i'm new to mql so sorry for my question if it is a dump I want to know the current time of broker server in miliseconds How i can do this? Can i findout server time when market is closed? Thanks For reading this
Hi coders, Need to save set files of inputs parameters when remove it form chart and then load it. Is there any functions in MQL4 to save inputs param (.set files) upon deinitialize the EA and also apply the set file when I initilaize the
Having checked and seen no obvious lack of support other than for DLLs, I have just improved an EA to save some state information periodically to better handle a VPS server restarting unexpectedly On migrating it to VPS it gets a spurious error message saying it is using an obsolete ex5 format and
Hello dear MetaTrader Users, Can anyone please share the idea of using Machine Learning and Deep Learning in MQL5 Programming language to create EA for Chart Patterns and Backtest the results
Hi, Im after some advice please. I am using an EA which sets Buy Stops and Sell Stops, however when the price gets near the Buy and Sell Stops it seems to move so I cant actually take a trade? Is there a setting that can be changed to stop this? Thanks, Dave
Dear Programmers, Please I am still learning to code EA with MQL5 language however I wrote a code that involved selection of current order. There is no error when I run it but the implementation is different from my intention. My observation was that this code always referenced the first opened
I'm new and I'm trying to move forward. Please help me. 1) I want to open only 1 position for this signal using "void " but I couldn't. :( 2) I have more than one signal. and I have a separate close signal for each signal. So I think I need to record the magic number and I need to use this magic
Greetings fellow programmers; I recently have coded a bot to trade XAUUSD and it has a 90% win rate but the few bad trades it does get itself into it seems to hold on to them far too long and it is causing major draw down. How can i effectively show the bot that it is in a bad trade and either
Hi, it's a stop and reverse system, the moving average on the TR True range must be calculated: (high-low). + ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------- + Input: Lenght ( 1 ), numARTs ( 0.2 ); var : atrs, upper, lower, trueran;
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Input variables | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ input int Stoploss = 50 , Takeprofit = 100 ; input double Tradevol = 0.1 ;
Hello All, I've got a system that I'm trading manually called MacFibo 1.2, just the main entry setup (created by Sufian Said) and featured in BabyPips. It seems to be playing along nicely on EURUSD H4. I'm using a selection of indicators to make the strategy a bit more automated. I can't seem to
I have several custom indicators that I like. They all work great when attached to a chart and do the job they were intended to... I am new to the world of creating an Expert Advisor, I now want to build my own EA that trades the world based on my selection of custom indicators. So... How do I...
Hello everyone, I was wondering if its possible to receive some of this events from Python code using the Python Integration . I've searched in the docs but found no clue of how to do it... In the case of not being possible, is there any way to redirect MQL5 events to trigger Python code? If so
Steps: 1. Define the property like this: #property version "1.00" 2. How can I get version from code? Like Print("Current version: "+property.version)?
Hi, I was hoping somebody might be able to help me please. Is it possible to create an EA that takes trades when a different pair moves in a certain direction which will then start a trade on another pair? For example say if EUR/USD moved up and a few minutes later another pair moved in the exact
Ehlo, I have created a network miner, which uses trading flow to find financial signs (trader[s] buy/sell signs). I have success of 83 % confirmed and 91 % not confirmed success rate. I need a [ wo /] man , possibly develop er or just an age nt which will direct me in using trade techno log y
Hi, I have the majority of my EA set up but the only piece im missing now is the part where "if this pair drops then take a sell trade for this different pair". Is this some thing someone could help with please? Many thanks David
Please, anyone can direct me to install the <Deleted> to meta trader 4. I'm new to all the whole system of how it work for trading
Hello MetaTrader Users, I have 3 queries on the subject of Chart Patterns; (1). Is there any resource to learn how many Chart Patterns exist "Till This Date"? (2).How to create EA to trade those Chart Patterns? (3).Can we apply Machine Learning Algorithms in MT5 to detect Chart Patterns? Thanks
wondering if anyone here knows mql5 programming. I have seen many scripts which deal with these two part individually but not together. I need an EA or script which is ON all the time on one chart, for, let say 7-8 major symbols, it should do the following: 1) There will be pending orders already
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Hi how can I add a filter to my Hedge expert Time filter start form 04:00 to 16:00 if there order found after time ended the expert still work and take orders as hedging until to take profit Regards Bassam
Hello First, let me express my apology if I post this topic in the wrong place of the forum. I hope if it is the case you will let me know. I really not have much time to look arount in the community. I check the forum every two weeks or more. I turn to you for help since I dont know other