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Sometimes an order get executed on the server-side while my EA is on the way of processing a modify on that order. Everytime that happens it needs to wait full 3 minutes until a 'timeout' error returns, because I figure my server is simply not good on handling that. What I need is setting a way for
There was a way to set min margin level for optimization passes in MT4: However, in MT5 I don't see such a possibility. Could you point me to the equivalent feature in MetaTrader 5? If there is no such feature, then please consider the following use case. During the optimization, some passes (sets
Hi guys, today I experienced a very strange EA behavior when i tried to read from a txt file in the MT5 tester. The file is located in the "normal" terminal folder and should be loaded by using #property tester_file. Since it did not work with the txt file I also tried opening a csv file. Now the
Hello, i hope you can help me because i have a strange problem, my idea is to open a buy order whenever the ADX value is greater than a preset ADX value and the D+ value crosses the D- value of the ADX. This works fine in the simulation, but not in the live account. I do not even get an error
Are there any rules of where one can place a PRINT statement and where not? I find that sometimes the ST does not see the PRINT statement until I move it to another position. But that presents a problem because I want to see the values of certain variables st a particular place in the execution of
I have written an EA and it seemed to work just fine until i noticed some wrong trades when tested or run on a demo account. I have put a delay on the next transaction after one has been executed by using a variable int HoursDelay. The value of this variable is set as HoursDelay = 4. The variables I
I have written some code that uses CTrade to open a buy or sell trade (only one trade for now). I want to know the type of trade before I close it and from what I've read it seems I should be using CPositionInfo to determine whether it's a buy or sell. How can I use this CPositionInfo to check the
I'm hoping someone can help. This array was fine but all of a sudden I get this warning: possible use of uninitialized variable 'candles'. Not sure why the error. int getPattern(){ if(Bars < 4) { return(0); } int candles[4]; for(int i=0; i<4; i++) { candles[i] =
Good morning all, i have a question. I have made 3 expert advisors that works with different indicators and strategy. Everything works fine, but if i want to let them work on a single pair, actually i had have to open three charts for a pair. I was think to build a framework, but what is the best
hello need help to fix these verification errors
Tried some codes I got on this site but for some reason they don't run at all, would really appreciate it if someone could send me a sample to look like, I'm probably making a rookie mistake somewhere. Thanks P.S: I'm a newbie at MQL5
I am new to mt5. I am looking to buy robot
Hi. Im building an EA that should ideally work on multiple charts simultaneously. When the EA is loaded onto a chart it first checks to see if an order has been opened already by looping through the order pool, obtaining the OrderSymbol and putting it into an array. Then i loop though that array and
Hi guys, I'm a newbie struggling with this problem: I want to create a signal for expert wizard to operate on daytrade. The standard library has a "intraday filter", it limits trades but doesn't close open positions after period, so it is useless for my purpose. I've tried to implement Long/Short
I try to tarck EA trading detail. I put flag in OrderInfo class . Test result : 1.As buy ,put an flag. Check modify okay. 2.Check the flag later ,it come to unknown state. It's look like orderinfo just a copy of trade operation.Want to know is PositionInfo or tradeinfo class keep trade data
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Hi all, I'm hoping this is a simple question. I am writing an EA that gets indicator values from multiple currencies. The problem I face is that the handle is created, the values copied to a buffer correctly for the first market in the loop but when it moves onto the next market, the handle is not
Hi, I cannot start the Strategy Tester because there is no Start button. Pls see the attached JPG. Where am I wrong? Thanks in advance, Janos
Hi all, I'm trying to understand the feasibility of creating an EA (or hire someone to do so) to trade STOCK SYMBOLS that are provided periodically from emails. The signals from the emails are very simple. In fact, it is only either BUY or SELL and the STOCK SYMBOL itself. There is no quantity, no
Please I have two EAs I did for mt4 and I want to convert them to also work on mt5 platform still new to mql5 programming. One of the EA is based on every candle breakout and the second is based on CCI and EMA filter. Help guys thanks a lot
The DD% in the tester optimization is "Equity DD% Maximal", but I want to see "Equity DD% Relative", what should I do? please help, thank you
I have created a Fibo retracement object but I need to use customized levels, I use below code but all lines are showing beside each other. if(Fibonacci_Retracement(0,"fibo",0,fibtime1,fibprice1,fibtime2,fibprice2,clrWhite)) { ObjectSetInteger(0,"fibo",OBJPROP_LEVELS,fiblevel);
Hello everyone! I am entirely new to trading, MQL5, or coding in general. Trying to learn something new during the lockdown days so please excuse my ignorance. I am basically trying to code an EA that will open or close positions based on the profit of my most recent open position. I have found that
I need an ea to open the opposite of the position I opened at the same timeand it will provide this for all parities
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When i shutdown my laptop and i check my mt4 on my phone my account gets disconnected, sometimes no connection even i have internet. I check my vps and its all migrated but when i shutdown my laptop i cant see my trades on my phone, any settings that i need to fix before shutting down the laptop
hi I put together this EA using code from this forum (mostly) and am trying to implement my strategy...the strategy is roughly the lines I intend to use are any of the following string buystop[] =
I just created a simple indicator with two moving averages, but CopyBuffer for the second indicator keep failing, so the terminal shows only the first moving average line instead of both. The code is pretty simple textbook example: // Configuration.#property copyright "<COPYRIGHT>"#property link...
hi experts, i'm new programmer in MQL5, so if my question is very easy i'm sorry. i'm create one EA and i use one custom indicator with a function ICustom, this indicator change candle color. I need to know what the candle color this so that my EA can take the decision to buy or sell. Tnks...
hi every one I used below code in my expert in MT4 now I want use it in MT5 what should I replace instead of iMAOnArray in MT5 SignalBuffer[i]=iMAOnArray(MainBuffer,Bars,DPeriod,0,MODE_SMA,i); best regrads Neda
I bought the <Name Removed> through MT4 platform where it is supposedly automatically installed I cannot see but only a blank row with <Name Removed> and 0.000 values, no graph lines nothing. Can anyone help