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I have this situation where I exit on a bar that even exceeds its high/low on the tester. (See picture for reference). M5 Timeframe. Here is the code on how I exit trades. I have been using it since a long time. Its just accumulation of codes i read here and inputs of my own preference. void
how to add a daily profit script code if reached will stop and will open tomorrow ? I included the file. mq5
Hello, first of all thank you for reading my post. I am new at MQL4. I can not write code at MQL4. but I can write code that makes statistical analysis at Python. But writing code that makes statistical analysis at MQL4 is very hard. I want to create my own EA. Is there any tool that converts python
For the past few days I have been unable to install the product below. I get the message "MQL4 Market: failed download product <Deleted>" in MT4. I talked to the author of the EA and he said other people are experiencing the same issue. I just want to verify that MQL5 is aware of the issue and
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hi, i'm searching an ea that when i insert a limit order, it place a take profit just one tick or pips near the limit order. i have one on my mt5, the 'session take profit stop loss' expert, but it place tp @ market. this isn't good becouse @ market, price will not be good. someone can help me
Hi All, I'm looking for a bit of code which I could put into my EA which would stop trading if there's a certain date and start again. I would have a remote text file with these dates. Does anyone have anything which i could use
Greetings Everyone, I have been trading for a while and would like to know about the world of EAs. A little explanation would really help me out . 1. IF I use an EA running from the VPS on a certain pair, do i relinquish control of my entire Client Terminal and other pairs not connected to the EA
Hello, Does anyone know of a good EA analysis tool that you can see the performance of your EA's by magic number or EA name? Preferably an indicator that you can drop on a chart that will show how all your strategies are performing. I know there are good MT4 options for this but I can't find
HI When I transfer EA MQL5 to vps in a journal he writes it to me "initializing of 'My expert" failed with code 1", "Expert "My Expert" removed"What I do wrong, on my computer EA worked fine. Mathi
Hi, I'm a veteran programmer but relative newbie to MQL5. I have written my indicators and now need some documentation, help, guidance etc on writing an EA for strategy testing and automated trading. Please can someone provide some links for articles (or documentation) on placing trades, stop
Hi there, I know this may sound insane but I'm so paranoic that I'm wondering if this option actually exists (Unfortunately I don't have yet a tested EA strategy that will make my rich but hopefully I'll have one in the near future :)))) Is it there a way to create all the login in OnInit() method
Hello everyone, I have some small shadow on the "Activations" parameter. when you rent an Expert in the market, what does it mean when there is for example (Activations 12)? This means that you can activate the expert 12 times a month, or throughout the rental period. if i take 3 months is what i
Hello dear forumers, I'm a new member in this platform and want some help to code a methedology in forex trading using the recovery zone trading concept, I wonder how to code an expert advisor based on simple trading rules with this concept, I would like to adopt an EA that work by opening pending
In Mql5 tester after optimization I run a single run test with selected optimal parameters. After that I run the same EA with the same parameters in visual mode. Obtained totally different results (different trades, different results). What was wrong? It shoul be the same, I think. Any idea? Marian
I used MarketInfo(_Symbol,MODE_TICKVALUE) in MT4, but can not found equivalent in MT5
Hi, I'm developing an EA. Part of the EA is to check if the price is closed above a particular EMA. I declared a 'double' global variable as 'EMA34'. Everytime a new candlestick is generated, I reset the value of the variable as follows: EMA34 = iMA(NULL,0,34,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_CLOSE); When I test
Hi everyone, I would like to start an EA that will allow me to automatically start a Buy and a Sell positions at the opening of each new candle (on each time frame) in a specific time slot, but under certain conditions: Buy and Sell only to tot. pip. from candle opening price + determined Stop Loss
I try toget line value from this object .I tried by ObjectGetValueByShift But return value is zero. #property copyright "hapalkos"#property link ""#property indicator_chart_window extern int NumberOfDays = 50; extern string periodA_begin = "02:00"; extern string periodA_end =
Hi ! im totally newbie here, and this is my problem i want to subscribe at a XYZ Signal, but my balance is different with him. my balance : arround $1500 and signal provider balance is : arround $15000 so, the balance ratio is nearly 1:10 my question........ if the signal provider open position at
...I have an IG account. Have been using demo mode with VPS. When I transferred my VPS from demo mode to the live account it would no longer start. i.e. Double click on the MQL5 London 02: 6085662 link (sub-menu under 108774: IG MT4 CFD), and click on 'start' for the VPS. It never starts. Changes
Hello Guys, I am a beginner in MQL5, I am still in the "testing phase", I did something very simple to start practicing, I have the following problem, I made a calculation for the batch that will be applied to each trade, I am currently testing with EUR / USD , on a demo account of 5,000, 1% risk
I tried to use an expert advisor on vps. I selected dll and my vps disappeared. Please how can I connect my account back to the vps so that I can use my ea. Please help me quick. I am losing money. Thank ya
Hi, I have an EA that I bought from MQL5 market but it isn't placing any live trades. The EA shows the smiley face and auto trading is enable. There are no errors that appear in the journal. When I conduct a backtest the EA registers the history of trades but doesn't execute any on my live account
Hello everyone. I am trying to write an EA that has a loop and for each iteration I want it to run a different function. Each function contains some criteria to be checked and its operations are irrelevant to each other so calling function(i) will not do anything. Naturally I could use a switch
Hello. Can an exported function continue to exist even after the source EA has been deleted
Hi to All, I've been starting to use the Metatrader VPS to run my EA 24/24 for few days and all seems to work fine. However, I noticed a strange behavior of my EA that is not related to it but to the server. My EA prints a "EA START" message at the beginning and a "EA STOP" message at the end, i.e
Guys i finally made a robot that buys whenever a bullish candle open but now the problem is my trailing stop, for example the robot place a buy order and i'm trailing in profit but when the market starts going against my direction the trailing stop doesn't close the locked profit ending up in a
Hi! I have an EA and It does not allow a Buy or a Sell order if spread is high, but problem is that EA only limit the spread in pips and I need to limit the spread in points. Could someone help me? 😀 Thank you! Text("Current Spread: "+DoubleToString(Spread(),1)+" pips",3);double Spread(string
Hi there all - I am looking for a working SSL Channel EA - despite finding this one which looks 90% there it just doesn't seem to work right - it creates many trades on a signal and gives a lot of errors. The system should be very much as the link suggests: Detect SSL change based on SSL Channel
Hi guys, New to algo trading still learning day by day :) Thanks for stopping to have a look at this. the code works fine for most the securities I look at and investin with the expection of the index UK100......why is that? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|