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Here you are my Main code: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| CloseAllPositions.mq5 |//| Copyright 2016, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|
I create a new script using the wizard and save and compile it but it doesn't show from the insert, scripts dropdowns on the charts. Some others that I have made are there however. Does anyone know why?  Thanks.  
Hello, can someone help me in coding an EA from this indicator? I would like the EA to open a sell trade when a red arrow appears and a buy trade when the green arrow appears. And I would like it to set TP and SL and lot sizes. Thank you very much! DECOMPILATION IS FORBIDDEN
Hi! *** To make it quick, I'm a newb on mql but I can manage few things. I already have an EA but I want to change the indicator it uses and I ran into an issue where I have an indicator that prints arrows (that are not objects) and I want to base a signal on those arrows. When the arrow appears the
Hi All, I''m interested in testing an EA that goes long and also goes short, I downloaded the demo and found that for whatever reason it only went long, back testing I messaged the author who sent me a set file, that didn't fix the issue, I also sent the author my set file and he said it works on
Windows 7 will stop having technical support at the end of 2019 and Microsoft is recommending installing Windows 10. Following this advice, I am thinking of upgrading my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10... but... I have several EAs purchased, what will happen to the 5 licenses of each
I am finishing building my first robot, but I find the following problem, I have the code written in python (IDE pycharm) and I don't know how to place the orders from the same code, I tried it with 0mq but it was not possible. If someone can guide me where I am wrong, I would greatly appreciate
hello I have an EA that works on a single pair but it is good in different pairs. I can test the EA in each pair each time but I would like to see the behavior of it in different pairs at the same time running all the good pairs (maybe 5 for example) in order to analyze the global drawdown. is it
I'm building a tool based on Alerts and the problem is that's continuously repeating alerts in loop, just need to know if there's a way to keep them stopped till change their values
Can I have more that one signal service for the same MT4 platform? I am subscibing to a singal service already but I would like to subscribe to another as well. Thanks!
Hello, I got this odd warning with build 2174 during beginning of the backtest: 2019.10.14 06:18:12.405 FX5 'C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\E23367DD11DBEB0EF97D08185EAB7295\MQL5\Experts\EA\FX5.ex5' is not 64-bit version I did recompile the EA with the latest build of the
Hi I try to test Telegram example from article: an get error message: "'SendPhoto' - no one of the overloads can be applied to the function call Telegram_Bot_EA.mq5 117 24" where is the problem?
I hav been using trailing stoploss coded into the EA. Works fine. The only catch is that if  contact is lost it does not work. The trailing stoploss can also be set manually on the terminal. As I understand it it is then handled by the server, which means it will work even if contact is lost witht...
Hi anyone that can help. I have been trying to code this EA for a while and getting there slowly, however I am stuck with deleting previous pending orders before opening the next one. Below is the code I have just before entering either a buy trade and sellstop trade or the other way round. It works
Hello, I want to use the data of a market indicator for an expert advisor, is it possible without the source file of the indicator
Hello everyone. I started learning mql5 just last week, I've come a long way though. However, I'm having trouble writing codes to close buy orders when sell signal is received, and vice versa. Is anyone kind enough to help me out
Greetings! I have a Ruby / Python background so it is a little bit hard for me to switch in C++ way. I'm working on EA which selects some symbols based on a specific criteria. In Ruby I will make a hash like this: {symbol_name: "GBPCAD", action: "SELL", spread: 15} and then sort it by "spread"
Hello, please I have a problem with my ea, being that when the ea opens for example buy orders, lots increment from 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc and buy is not closed, however if there is a sell order, instead of the ea starting the sell order lots from 1,2,3,4,5 etc it continues from where the buy order have
Hello, greetings to everyone. I'm new to metatrader 5 and been testing/programming some EA's. My last EA is based on Buy Limit Orders, scrapped from other EA's in the Code Base. I've been struggling with things like this and I would really appreciate if someone could shed some light on this to me: I
Hi, I would like to just get the value of a custom indicator in an Expert Advisor, here is my code : double   IndicatorBuffer[]; int      HandleIndicator = 0;int OnInit(){   HandleIndicator = iCustom(Symbol(),PERIOD_CURRENT,"MAindicator","EURUSD",PERIOD_CURRENT);      Print("iCustom HANDLE...
double currentPrice = Open[0]; double lastPrice = Open[1]; if ( (lastPrice > 52.75 ) ) Alert("Hello"); Hi. I am building my first EA. I want to trigger an action in this case an alert when a candle closes. Exactly: If the price was at e.g. 52.75 at any point during the most recently
Hello there, I would greatly appreciate if you could suggest me if I'm missing something before going REAL. I would like to point out that I am using a Demo Account of the same Broker I would like go REAL with, and I emulated an average Slippage based on my connection. Also, from what I saw, -Spead
Hi All, I have an EA on a VPS, it seems loaded correctly, but it doesn't start properly because of the error: "cannot call dll", can someone help me to load dll in the correct path? PS: EA is coded in MQL4. Thank you very much! Francesco
Hi there, in have a Comment at the end of each module of the current code I'm working on, and I like to display each one below another. Tried by adding +"\n" at the end of the line but don't actually working, must say it's not a single comment of several lines but some Comments at the end of each
Hi, I wonder if there's any tool out there that can help me accomplish the following. - I have 3 trades going off on the same signal, trade 1 has a target of 30 pips, and when the target is hit I need stop loss moved to the entry for the 2 remaining trades and then trade 2 have a target of 50 pips
Hi All, I'm backtesting my EA, and have been trying to drill down on getting the right entry and exit points. Quick background on the strategy: its a band system based on a moving averages, So when the previous candle straddles the lower band (high inside, low outside), buy on the next candle open
In the thread Standard way to detect stop loss transaction executed on a position it was suggested to catch SL and TP events by waiting for TradeTransaction a event for the "opposite deal, with the same volume and your sl price" as this "means stoploss has been triggered" The thread...
Hi guys, I'm new on MQL programming and just tried to make an EA with an moving average applied to an RSI. Before I continue, I'd like you to check the code and tell me whether I did it right. Not sure whether I have to build an array, hope not... TIA double RSI = iRSI(NULL,0,14,PRICE_CLOSE,1);
Is there a way to set the StopLoss of an order to the take profit value of another order when it closes. I would like to set multiple orders with different take profit values, but with the same StopLoss value. As the price changes and the EA must change the StopLoss of the remaining order when the
Has anyone ever used the porotection balance of <productname removed>? I set it (parameters attached) and it didn't work, my account burned ... Can someone help me on the settings? Thanks