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Dear all, I have been able to retreive the swap fees from a closed deal using this little code: void OnTradeTransaction( const MqlTradeTransaction& trans, const MqlTradeRequest& request, const MqlTradeResult& result) { ulong dealTicket =; if(dealTicket != 0) {
I have a nice EA and would like to add the function where an order will close when it gets to a specific profit (dollars). I am trying OrderProfit() but have no luck in getting the EA to respond. It's pretty simple. I want to enter a dollar amount into the EA settings, and when the profit reaches
The code works in strategy tester, but when using in real trade, I get Error 4756 (Trade request sending failed) and retcode 10006 (Request rejected). Anyone has any idea why this could not work? the SYMBOL_FILLING_MODE is 3 and the SYMBOL_EXPIRATION_MODE is 2. I can buy and sell normally if I use...
But are we really sure that the funds deposited on the signal providers are real? These figures are far from credible. I believe there is a way to fool MT4... This provider have 3 signal, with total funds more then 100 MILLIONS. And he need to sell signal at 30USD? FAKE
Hi, First, I am an algo trader not a programmer. Saying that, I am using multiple EAs to execute multiple strategies. I called API EA because it is the best definition to my knowledge that describe what I want to achieve from this EA so forgive me if my definition is not accurate :) Saying that, I
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The idea of the trading system is as follows
Hello all, New user here and i've just subscribed to a signal, however i get the following message in my 'Journal': ...: Signal - connecting to signal server ...: Signal - symbol archived not found ...: Signal - different specification of symbol EURUSD, signal provider has maximal volume 1000.00
Hi, I am new to coding in mql4. Can somebody tell me how do you take the variable that tell if the expert advisor will send only short orders, only long orders or both(the one from Common tab)? Thanks
{ OrderClose(OrderTicket(), Lots, Bid, Slippage * Gd_156, CLR_NONE); continue; }
Dear all, I have a problem with a signal I am subscribed to. The opening trades arrive with a delay of 20-30 min while the closing arrives immediately. I contacted my broker, but they could not find anything from their side. The signal owner did not respond yet. I increased the slippage requirement
Hi, I'm new to both Metatrader and BO trade and I'm struggling in one specific point. How do I get the payout information to provide for the EA? The only way that I found was through the MT2Trading platform. From what I understood about it, it's supposed to allow me to create any EA I want for BO
Hi I'm sure there's an article out there but I can't quite find the appropriate reference. In the documentation for OnCalculate()(, for the price[] parameter, the documentation mentions "One of the price timeseries or a calculated indicator
Dear experienced traders, I ran an EA for around 1 month, and I did a back test for last 1 month. What I find is the back test result is different to real trade history. The author's ac and both of my friends ac didn't get the trade which shown on the back test result. I have no idea how could it
Does anyone know of any EA that has Breakeven and Partial Take Profit? Example (Initial Lots 0.05) when I reach TP1 (20 Pips) he does Breakeven and partially closes 0.02 lots, then when he reaches TP2 closes 0.02 lots and when he reaches TP3 closes the remaining 0.01 lotes , for MT4
Good day everyone, I'm new to MQL coding. The code below if I run in Strategy Tester, the ChartOpen returns value 0 and no new chart is open. But if I ran in live chart in demo account, new chart GBPUSD is created and the new chart ID is successfully return as non zero value
Good morning, I have tested a robot and I would like to test it live without risking real money with the MetaQuotes Demo account, I have virtual Balance but the Diary keeps posting "Trade Disabled"... Any help would be very appreciated, thanks in advance! -- S-
Hey, ive developped a simple EA based on ema's cross-over strategy and, even if i noticed a good efficiency reading these indicators on live market, ive tested my EA on XM MT5 with the backtesting to figure out that the results are pretty bad, because of opening trades when it shouldn't be the case
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I want to withdraw money
Hello Everyone, Please I am still learning to code EA with MQL5 language however I wrote a code that involved selection of closed orders. There was no error when I run it but during implementation the EA failed to open buy order while opening of sell order was okay. The position select for sell is
Hi, everyone,  I'm a programmer and I normally consider I know a lot of MT4 and MT5 already, but encounter something new today. I have a new project that potentially can have thousands of inputs, client insists to define parameters as inputs compared to other means. I don't think I know of a limit...
Hi there, I am trying to established connection between MetaTrader 5 and Python using socket. Server part written in python and client part written in mql5. also client is Expert Advisor not a indicator. problem is when i run both server and client ,client gives me "error 4014". I'm very thankful if
Dear experienced traders, I'm planning to run several different EA in one ac. I want to run them in fixed-lot and in a relatively large balance. Could you list up any reason EA could affect each other? Thank you in advance and best wishes, Sky
Hello, I'm currently confused as to why I keep getting this error when I compile: 'RSILength' - access to non-static member or function line 32 Maybe I haven't looked enough but I can't understand why it won't let me enter this variable into my RSI Handle. Thanks
bool buy=false;// sadece bir defa buy işlemi açması için sınırbool sell=false;// sadece bir defa sell işlemi açması için sınırvoid OnTick() {//---double ask=SymbolInfoDouble(NULL,SYMBOL_ASK);// symbolun ask fiyatını verirdouble bid=SymbolInfoDouble(NULL,SYMBOL_BID);// symbolun bid fiyatını
Hi,  i want to use mql5 cloud for backtesting. I started the agents manager and enter my details and als give my agents to the cloud. my balance is 10usd. now i want to test an ea with cloud. In the strategy tester in agents are 18000 agents available. i disable my local cores and enable mql5 cloud....
Hello, I have a problem. I purchased the monthly subscription to a signal. Normally, when I buy signals, I first try them on 3/4 different brokers in order to choose the best one. So yesterday I changed brokers to the signal I bought and the message appeared that for a week (!!!) I will no longer be
Hi, Is there a way to show in the optimization results the Profit Trade %, without running the expert advisor on the individual currency pair
Hello, I want to apply a trailing stop to my oco ordes, could you help me please, because it doesn't work. #include <Trade\trade.mqh>CTrade trade;void OnTick() { double Balance=AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_BALANCE); double Equity=AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_EQUITY); double
I found this Multimartin MT5 EA for free here and the results are amazing. Could anyone be willing to add an equity guard feature to it? The feature is that once account equity falls to a specified amount, the EA should stop trading,close any open trades and send an email alert. Also,when the
Hello, I'm pretty new with this programming language , I've searched answers to my questions on the internet but couldn't find very clear answers; 1) Is the ontick function launching at every tick ? Basically , if i want to count number of ticks that appears as a example, i would simple have to do