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Hello, I have a problem. I purchased the monthly subscription to a signal. Normally, when I buy signals, I first try them on 3/4 different brokers in order to choose the best one. So yesterday I changed brokers to the signal I bought and the message appeared that for a week (!!!) I will no longer be
Hi, Is there a way to show in the optimization results the Profit Trade %, without running the expert advisor on the individual currency pair
Hello, I want to apply a trailing stop to my oco ordes, could you help me please, because it doesn't work. #include <Trade\trade.mqh>CTrade trade;void OnTick() { double Balance=AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_BALANCE); double Equity=AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_EQUITY); double
I found this Multimartin MT5 EA for free here and the results are amazing. Could anyone be willing to add an equity guard feature to it? The feature is that once account equity falls to a specified amount, the EA should stop trading,close any open trades and send an email alert. Also,when the
Hello, I'm pretty new with this programming language , I've searched answers to my questions on the internet but couldn't find very clear answers; 1) Is the ontick function launching at every tick ? Basically , if i want to count number of ticks that appears as a example, i would simple have to do
Hello I have an EA that I have been testing for a couple of months and would like to make adjustments to it. The EA buys gold with a set TP with no SL. The EA I have does not have options to make the lots smaller and would also like options to choose grid size and TP
Hello folks, as i see here are a lot of developers for eas and other tools for trading and mt4 .... I am testing some Tools at the moment which copies signals from telegram groups directly in my mt4 as a trade - and also does the updates.... I have some problems witht he tools out there: 1. what is
There is a way of turn off the screen update while i open and close a new chart inside the script? For instance, in VBA there is a propriety named "Application.ScreenUpdating" that, for instance, i can put a bool "false" if i want to turn off the update of screen (frozen the screen) I want to reduce
Good day, I am trying to transfer elements from one array to another but only if the values meet specific criteria. (E.g. If the value is !=0). Can someone please point me in a direction of how to approach this. Below are some thought I had but I have no clue. Please keep in mind that I am NEW TO
Hey guys, I've been searching all over the forum for an answer to a specific issue in trade copying; I have multiple subscriptions spread across 5 different mt5 accounts. The only trades being copied appear to be from the account I have open on the PC. My question: Do I have to keep all accounts
This EA is here Please fix it to work in Metratrader 5.
please help me with an ea of this indicator to automatically open orders on blue arrow/red arrow order should close automatically on next blue/red arrow at the same time open a new order.. Thanks the indicator is the white zigzag line on this picture below.....
Hello, does anybody have experience by using a highly multithreaded cpu for back testing? For example the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 2990W with 64 threads? Can MT5 handle 64 threads in strategy tester? Thanks in advance! Viper
I wanted a simple, clean and trustworthy method of trading and I have found one so I figured I would share what I am doing and maybe someone that knows how to code can update the publicly shared EA for all to enjoy this trading method. I am using the Heiken ashi smoothed oscillator indicator
Hi there, I'm still new to OOP and MQL5 in general, and I'm trying to find out a way to use arrays and comparing their different "i" values . The idea is to create a "tickcounter", and for every "last tick" compare it to the "previous tick" and see if they were different (bigger, smaller) and...
Dear all, From MQL5 documentation about position properties, I can read this: For each financial security(symbol), only one open position is possible. I have written the following code : int OnInit() { CTrade trade; MqlTick tickInfo; MqlTradeResult result; SymbolInfoTick(_Symbol, tickInfo);
I do not know how to save a variable outside of my if statement in my code: the variables I wish to save are double buyzone; double buysl; double buytp; double sellzone; double sellsl; double selltp; Code is: void OnTick() {//---// Ask & Biddouble Ask=
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Good day, May i just enquire if i have a string sent via Pipeline where said string goes as ""EURUSD",OP_Buy,0.1,Ask,2,0,0" How can i split it into using String Split Symbol="EURUSD" cmd=OP_Buy volume=0.1 so on so forth using the following codes void OnStart()  {string...
Hello, I'm receiving twice phone notification for same trade transaction, how can I fix it? 
hello, I have a problem with the NormalizeDouble statement. employed on ACCOUNT_PROFIT doesn't always work, I see some bugs. Could you help me understand the mistake?. My code string: double float_profit=NormalizeDouble(AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_PROFIT),_Digits); attached error image
I have a couple of expert advisors stored away in a single profile on mt5, while using other profiles for different analyses. Since they are using OnTick function, do they work in the background or do i have to have the charts they are attached to on the foreground
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How do I write an EA so that a buysignal generats an open trade when Moving Average 1 cross Moving Average 2 and a sellsignal when MA2 cross MA1 how to write the cod so that I trade for 10 % of the capital on my account
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Copyright 2020, Anonymous3. |//| |//+------------------------------------------------------------------+class CBase
Im getting an error from MT4 platform when i tried to subscribe a signal which my friend published. We are trying to automate our trades therefore firstly we published a signal by a demo account. After that, i tried to subscribe this signal from another demo account but system gets me this error
Hi guy before you all yelling @ me to search i did that i always used OrdersTotal to get Opened Orders! "of course not pending ones" but on V2398 when i try to get that i always get 0 returns i checked with older version it works just fine! tried with MT4 work fine what's going on! 2020.05.04
Hello! I recently switched to MT5/MQL5 in order to be able to easily test my EA over multiple currency pairs. I have ported my code and everything works great but I am having a really mundane problem now: I just don't seem to be able to actually get the Tester to test over multiple currencies
Good evening everyone, I'm new, I would kindly need help with the following trading system: it starts from the false break out of a level, for example for the short, if I have identified a resistance on the nasdaq at 8840, I would need that the price exceeds a few points (for example 4) the level
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Hello. I am not a programer so I don´t know how to write an EA that works after this. Open a by when LWMA 5 cross LWMA 1 it shall be on Weighted Clos (HLCC/4) Close this when LWMA 1 cross LWMA 5 And I want the LOT size be 10% of the capital on the account. I have tried to read text on the internet
Hello traders! I hope someone can help me with this... I'm a supply and demand trader with a fulltime dayjob. I finally got the hang of my strategy but the problem is, I don't have much time to watch the charts because of my job. Now, what I want to do is create an Expert advisor that will open
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