learn how to earn money villagers [Episode 2] !

I ask the village party to post here, because your old branch is very slow.

Guys, I'm not really on the topic...

Everyone here is using the attached tipsters, but HOW to use them is not at all clear.

There are two of them:

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Constantiminus.mq4 (11.00 KB)
DoubleMinus_1.mq4 (22.59 KB)

I need to open the pair USD/EUR in two charts. What should I add to each of them as an Expert Advisor?

If I throw Constantiminus.mq4 into each of them and set one of them to buy parameters and the second one to sell, it won't work

If I put DoubleMinus_1.mq4 in every other EA, everything works, but they don't have settings for buying and selling.

Or I'm in the tank? If you are a human being tell me to try what I should really do.

How can I get DoubleMinus_1.mq4 to trade Buy on one chart and Sell on the other? Or it works automatically in one window?

I just had a thought :-) So these are just two versions of the ONE EA that trades in the negative? Where are the pluses then?

OH-OH-OH-OH!!! There's still gunpowder in the powders, it turns out! :-) That's encouraging - I'll have a look...

Because of the failure of GBPUSD to fall into the abyss the real account was drained because of the third owl (settings were aggressive)...

The first two in the test at the moment are showing good results - all order bindings are closed in profit.

After filling on my account - I will give full info with pictures, owls and their settings... And I'm not going to change the owls and their settings, because everything is well chosen on the history and the average working parameters of each owl for a given instrument, I just did not expect such a crisis with the euro, particularly with Greece, Spain ... etc. In such a period - Avalanche TS (breakout and exit to profit of order packs) - rules, but not averaging on ILANs waiting for price returns...which trade well when the market is relatively calm!!!


Roma, what other powders there are :))) but it's not here.....

That's a treat!
I see... :-)

Please ask the villagers party to post here, your old thread is slowing down a lot.

Sorry about the off-topic. Is it really slow? Just checked a few times - 800 page thread, and 10 page thread, either thread opens with the same speed, regardless of how many pages are in the thread. Didn't measure it with anything, purely visually.

Sorry for the offtops. Is it really slowing down? Just checked it a few times - 800 page thread and 10 page thread it's opening at the same speed, irrespective of the number of pages. I haven't measured it, just visually.

:-) The fact - "...[Episode 2]!" - is already worth a lot! :-) So the business is booming! :-)

Reaching the level of theEuroflood series... "Keep it up, gentlemen of the countryside... :-)

Reminds me of something: "Star Wars"... episode X... :-)


That's good... But PLEASE tell me how to use it? Two windows of the same pair?

Which toggle triggers in the advisor? Right?

In the first window of the chart:

NewBuy = true;

AddBuy = true;

AllBuy = true;
NewSell = false;
AddSell = false;

AllSell = false;

And in the second vice versa?

NewBuy = false;

AddBuy = false;

AllBuy = false;
NewSell = true;
AddSell = true;
AllSell = true;

Or is it enough to have one window and one option?

And it is best on which pair in USD/EUR or other?

And it is better to put it on M1l; M5: H1 or what?

And thank you...


One window, it is better to use only one pair in trading. You can use any pair, but pay special attention to the opening lot

and lot size that your broker allows working with. You can use any frame, but it is better to open transactions on M1.

All parameters seem to be described in the board, so what exactly is not clear please let me know....

First I don't know what an owl is? Is it the description of parameters in the text of the Expert Advisor?

Secondly... It means that this EA works by itself, not in pairs, one variant for buying the second for selling?

And I ran it disabled in one version of the sale in the other buy )))). As it says at the beginning of the thread, thought it was the same )


Owl is an Expert Advisor in abbreviated form.

The parameters are all described.

Works for both buying and selling at the same time when a signal is received. All in one and at once.

Thank you very much for the competent explanations and advice.

One more lamer question. What should I do in the middle of the night when I go to sleep )

What should I do when I go to bed at night ). What to do with them, to close them all at a loss, or to leave them until tomorrow, because you may end up with a zero account?

What is the tactics with this EA in this case?

And why does it not close many profitable positions, say by 60 pips, they are hanging and hanging and often go in the red as a result?

You can turn off the owl and leave the positions for the next week, so you don't have to worry about zeroing out your account,

you have to take the initial lot in accordance with your money. As for the positive 60 pips positions,

If you have not, you may use handheld method.

I am showing a little humour on my demo account with 100$ balance and volume 0.01 as in the settings.)

If i had a real account i would ask how i got started and what was the result. For how long could we hear it's not a secret?


Yes, it was a powerful village branch episode 1. All leaked, I guess.

Tricky thing these Ilanians are.